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Too far with step-daughter

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Step-daughters bath time turned in to sex time. I was sex deprived and couldn’t control my male urges when confronted with her naked body.

I finished bathing my 11 year old step-daughter, she’s a bit old for supervision but she’s quite immature for her age and we have to battle with her in order for her to get in the bath, her mother normally does it but she was out and so it fell to me.

I lifted her out of the bath and she just ran off before I could dry her, she’s far too hyper, I chased her all around the house until eventually catching up to her in her bedroom, I managed to playfully pin her on the floor and I was tickling her.

Then I put my lips on her arm and blue raspberries on her, to those not familiar with the technique, kids find it amusing when you put your lips on their skin and blow because it makes fart sounds, tickles and makes them giggle, when she was doing like crazy.

I blew on her arm, her chest, her stomach and then because she was still wet all over, she managed to slip forward a bit and I found my head was suddenly above her crotch, I wouldn’t normally have thoughts like the ones I was having at the moment, but her mother and I hadn’t had sex in months, we’d been fighting over money and bills, instead of my parenting instincts, my male sexual instincts kicked in and I was salivating at the sight of her bald wet pussy.

Before I knew what I was doing I leaned down and pushed my tongue in the crack of her pussy and was licking her out, her giggling stopped in an instant and she fell silent, I rolled my eyes up and saw that she had her head lifted off the floor and she was looking down at me with a blank expression on her face.

“It’s okay, baby. Don’t be frightened.” I said, then went back to licking her out.

She put her head back on the floor then her knees swept upwards across the floor as she opened her legs wider, I felt her hands on top of my head, her little fingers ruffling through my hair, she was enjoying my inappropriate sexual actions.

I rolled my tongue up her crack, flick her clitoris, then ran my tongue up her entire body, around the curve of her neck, up her chin and then slid it in to her mouth and kissed her, like a lovers kiss.

I sat up on my knees and slid between her legs, unbuckled my belt, pulled down the zipper at the front, opened up the flaps of my jeans then took out my cock, her little eyes widened when she saw it, I didn’t give her time to look and think too much, I leaned over her and then slid my cock along the crack of her pussy, my tip flicking against her clitoris, her juices began to flow and her pussy turned a light shade of red as it warmed to my cock.

Then I pushed it in to the crack of her pussy and her hole almost immediately opened up and swallowed it, I could only get the tip in at first but the more I pushed the more her hole stretched and I slid further and further inside her.

I enjoyed her facial expressions as her mind tried to process what was happening, I sat back up and pulled on her legs, lifting her butt off the floor and on to my lap with my cock sliding deeper inside her, I watched her moan with pleasure and wonder as I fucked her right there on the floor.

Her little hands clawing at the carpet, her back arching, her tiny chest heaving as her breathing became more rapid, she made the most angelic sounds, “Ungh – Oh – Ungh.”

I didn’t come inside her, that would have taken it way too far, even though I’d taken it pretty far already, I pulled my cock out of her hole and just slid it constantly along the crack of her pussy until I then ejaculated hard, I squirted my come all over her body, she looked like someone had covered her in cake icing.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss, “Good girl.”, then I took the towel and wiped my come off of her.

She was quiet so I blew raspberries on her again, she started to giggle after I did it a couple of times, she was back to her normal hyper self.

I was worried things would be awkward between us after that but they weren’t, quite the opposite, she seemed a lot closer to me and she was hugging me more often and telling me she loved me.

It was just the one time, I’ll never do it again. Although I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

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