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Never Steel

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I made a with draw at a gas station with a private ATM machine, I dont normally use any of those, but I was new to the area and had no cell service to speak off, so I pulled out cash and finished my business in the area, I got home and checked my bank account I used with the ATM, I found that someone took more money from my account, I was not happy at all, I looked up the gas station and found out who the owner is, I also looked up the ATM machine as my account showed the machine and the company that owned it and how many they owned, the owner of the station owned both, makes it so much easier,

I pack my bag of tools, I watch my account and again money is pulled from it,

Next day I go to the station and walk in the same woman is working the till, I walk up to her and ask is her name is Lei tan, she looks at me wide eyed, she said no, I look at her and tell her dont lie to me, she said in Taiwanese fuck you why loe, I tell her in Taiwanese to come out here, she looked scared and walked out from behind the counter, no warning from me at all, I punched her hard between the eyes and down she went, I jumped on her and handcuffed her arms behind, her and then hogtied legs to her cuffs, shoved a dildo gag into her mouth and tied it behind her head, I then locked the door and turn out the lights, put up a sign on the door, closed because of illness,

I pulled her into the back room and the family house area, I look and find the recorder and pull the tapes and bag them, I take her little body and throw her onto the floor in the kitchen, I look over the house part of the station, I found her bed room and pics, I look them over, husband, and child, girl looks to be 14 15, I go through her bedroom and dont find any male clothes, figured he is dead, I find childs room, definitely teen girl, clothes all over, makeup hidden, and girly panties, and bra, looked deeper and found Tee back and lacey bra, found pics on her computer and all her media,

I hear the mother moaning and try to cry out, I go the the kitchen and walk up to her and kick her in the guts, she pisses herself, tears filled her eyes, I pull her to her bed room by her hair, I lifted her up by her hair, the throw her on the bed,

I pull her hair and twist her head so she can look at me, I ask who owns the ATM in the station, is it yours, blink once for yes and twice for no, she blinked twice, i told her if she lies to me I will make her pay, I hear her girl come in the back door for the house, Lie starts to make more noise, I turn and pull her head off the bed by her head and then punch her in the head and out she is out,

I walk back into the kitchen and find a girl standing there, she turns and see me, she asks who are you, I go the repair man, and walk up to her before she can react I put my hand around her throat and choke her out, she goes limp, I ties her up the same as her mother, and gag her with a cock dildo, I take her to her mothers room, throw her on the bed,

I piss on the mother to wake her up, she came too, her eyes went wide as she seen her girl laying in front of her, I ask who owns the ATM, do you own it, she blinks no, I take the girls limp body and untie her legs then yank her her pants down and find she has a Tee back on, and I yank it off of her, I show her mother, I take them and sniff them and she is a sweet smelling girl,

I put then to her mothers nose and tell her to take a deep breath, I tell her if she does not tell me what I need to know her girl will be punished for her to telling me the truth,

I asked her do you own the ATM, she blinked no, I took her girl and laid her on her back and then ties her legs wide with her knees forced wide open as well, her bald pussy was on full display, I started to rub her pussy, she was getting wet and mt finger slid in and out of her body, she moaned softly and then she jumped as she cam awake, she tried to fight and get away from what I was doing to her

I pushed my finger into her pussy and found her hymen was still in tact, I worked my fingers in and out, the girl moaned and was crying and begging for me to stop, as best she could with the gag in place, I grabbed her head by her hair and asked her does your mom own the ATM, she looked at me< I told her to blink once for yes and twice for no, she did nothing, I pushed my fingers deeper into her and she yelped, I asked again, and she said yes,

I let her head go and pulled my fingers out of her, I took my finger and rubbed them under the mother nose, I pushed her head to one side and whispered into her ear, if you dont want your baby to be raped you will tell me what I want, I will rape her cunt and then her ass, then I will take her apart inside out

Did you take money from me, she blinked no, I went to the girl and asked her the same question, she blinked no, I slapped her cunt hard, she howled at the pain that shot through her body, her guts tightened and she tried to buckle over

I hit her cunt 6 more time in a row, she pissed herself and all that did was make the smacking stink more, her cunt lips swelled and turned a dark red, she was balling her eyes out and panting, I told her never lie to me, I told her I would kill her as to look at her, I told her that her mother will be hurt as well if she lies to me again, I tied her head to that she had no choice be to look at her mother laying down between her legs, I take her mother and move her so her face was about 5 inches away from her cunt and asshole,

I tie Lie face down with her legs spread in a hogtied style, I take a knife and cut off her pants and panties

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    Oh god… I highly recommend that you DO NOT fap yourself while writing, or it’ll end up something like this.
    Rushed and full of errors.