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10yr Old Niece Kaylie Spends The Night Alone With Her Uncle

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Unexpected over night stay from my little niece I just started molesting a month ago.She sees my cock get hard and watchs me jackoff.

Today is going to be a great day.My wife Kaylies Mommy and 2 others sisters to my wife are going to a resort .Its 11am on a Friday and they won’t be back till 1pm tomorrow.The best part is , I’m watching Kaylie I have her to myself for just over 24 hours I’m horny already.Kaylie is my just turned 10yr old philippino great niece.She is beautiful long jet black hair black eyes , flat chest no breast buds yet and her little pussy is wet dream.

Every time Kaylie comes over she goes straight to our bedroom and watchs TV.So I stayed down stairs till the girls were gone , waited about 45 minutes to make sure they didn’t come back and up the stairs I went to tickle her.Yes the perv tickle I tickle every part of her body.I already changed in to my big basketball shorts and no boxers on so she gets a peek when I’m able to flash her.So let the molesting begin I can’t wait to cum on her again.

Kaylie has on a little white sleeve less top, and denim mini skirt that just does cover her butt cheeks if she’s standing.I lock the front door and head up stairs to get a feel of that little bald pussy and see if I can get her wet and horny.I also bought a back massager last week for my wife she has a curved spine I thought it may help .

I open my bedroom door and there she is on her stomach legs spread just enough I can see right between her legs.She looks back says high uncle , Hi Sissy..Then I attack and start tickling her ribs she’s laughing and trying to get away.I grab her roll over sit on the bed and roll her up my lap and tickle her belly.Still she’s begging stop please and laughing historically. As I tickle her belly I grab one her feet pull up so I can tickle the bottom.Grabbing her foot and pulling it toward me spreads her legs wide open.The skirt she’s wearing is covering nothing I can see her pussy slit in her panty material.As I tickle her foot and hold her down with the other hand I work up to her thighs she is still laughing.Yes I gave her breaks I didn’t just tickle torture her.I leaned over on her chest looking at her laughing and said I’m tickle those little butt cheeks , but what I did was went right to her pussy found her clit and flicked her clit up and down for like 15 seconds then back to her leg.Then back to her pussy ,after about 5 times of doing that I let go of her foot to see if she closed her legs and she didn’t, she moved her other leg back making her completely spread open so I went back to her clit again.Every time I go to her clit I stay a little longer each time.I watch her face and the affect is working she is liking what I’m doing.

The anticipation of seeing her little 10 year old pussy cum took control of my fingers.I went back to her pussy as I did I slipped her panties over and my index and middle finger were laying flat on her little clit firmly pushing down rubbing back and forth super quick.I rubbed he clit for about 30 seconds and ask Kaylie , do you like that, she looked at me so innocently and said yes , do you want me to stop, she shook her head no.So I sat up never stopping rubbing her clit and pulled her panties over completely exposing her little now dripping wet cunt.Kaylie looks Down at her pussy her hips are kind of twitching like she feels little small electric shocks.

I can see her vagina opening and it’s very wet and has a small stream of her lubricant leaking out running down across her little ass hole.Then I hear a smal uuaaaannnn, and she lays her head back and her belly starts to jiggle.Shes about to cum.Do you want me to stop Kaylie, she shakes her head no.Then she looks back up her belly is heaving up and down her hips are pushing up and has her little ass not even touching my lap , her toes are curled and her feet are twitching she is cuming hard.She let’s out her breath and takes another in and another uunnnaaaaa her little flat nipples are hard and poking up I see them threw her shirt.White creamy stream of cum is running down past her ass and dripping onto my lap.Then she says it’s tingling so much stop and she pushes my hand away from her little 10ys old clit that is hard as my cock , bright pink , her vagina his opening and closing she came for a good 30seconds.The twitching slows, her belly has sporadic jerks,that make her take unexpected deep breath and looks at her pussy.

I wasn’t sure what to say I know if she tells anyone it’s bad but I couldn’t help myself I had to see her awake and cumming.I really wanted to scope up her cum and taste it but I didn’t.I was waiting to see what she says .She just laid there looking at her pussy for maybe a minute then sat up , felt herself , pulled her panties back where they belong and rolled off my lap.

We laid in bed for about an hour not saying a word.I was terrified. Then Kaylie sat up looked at me and said can we play tickle again?I said yeah baby we can play tickle any time you want.She laid back spread her legs .Oh my gosh she wants to cum again.I said baby we can play but you don’t tell anyone OK or uncle will never tickle you this way again.Did you like that tickle game ? She said yes it was fun.Did the tickling feel good ?She said yes it fills really good not like when you tickle my foot.Does it tingle you on your pee pee when I tickle you there?She said it tingles me in here and she put her hand just above her pussy mound.Do you like the tingle you feel there because you were shaking when I was doing it.She said yes , i tried to lay still but I couldn’t, it feels really good uncle.Ok we can play this tickle game but if you tell anyone they won’t ever let you see uncle again because they think it bad if uncle tickles your pee pee.Does it feel bad baby?No it feels really really good it makes my tummy feel good and my toes .I said OK so don’t play the tickle with anyone but me because other grown ups think if I touch your pee pee it will hurt you.Does it hurt at all when I touch your pee pee baby?It tingles really good I like it.My cock is pouring pre cum out and I’m so horny my cock is so hard I’m hoping she notices my shorts sticking up.

I get up get the back massager plug it in and tell Kaylie come up here lay by Uncle.She bounces up to the head of the bed lays down flops her legs apart.Kaylie see the massager and ask whats that Uncle?I said I’m about to show you it tickle your pee pee really good.She looked confused I said don’t worry you will like it and if you do like it you can use it anytime your alone OK.She said I can’t use it if Mommy is here?I said oh no only alone or when I’m here watching you if Mommy catchs you ticking your pee pee she will be super mad OK so never ever let Mommy or any grownup but me watch you tickle your pee pee.She said OK Uncle I won’t, which is a gamble and I have gambled before and got caught , like when I got caught cuming on my 10yr old step daughters pussy.But I think in the next 24 hours I can get her to love cuming and that will help keep her mouth shut.

OK Kaylie slide Down and lay back on the pillows, spread your legs open. And boy does she she’s eager to cum again that fucking so erotic.I look down between her legs , then look at the massager ill call vibrator now because that’s what we use it as.I get a puzzled look on my face then look back at her panties , reach over rub her pussy filling her panties and say , I think you should take your panties off it won’t feel right with them in the way.She didn’t blink had her butt up in the air and panties off legs back spread, what a view she’s already wet this is a big win.

I turn the vibrator on lay it on her pussy mound to let her see how it feels.She giggled balled up rolled over said no it tickles to much.I grab her leg spread her back open and say let me do it for one minute if you don’t like ill finger you instead OK.This time I put the vibrater on her clit, her legs flip up , she jerks and says it does feel good.Shes twitching already stomach is giggling her toes are curling and uncurling, her upper body is lunging forward and back like she’s doing crunchs and she says I like it it makes me tingle really good and a lot.Oh my gosh it’s all I can do to stop myself from pulling my cock out and jacking off squirting cum all over her tiny pussy.

It’s only 2pm we still have the rest of the day and all night I’m so excited and horny I need to cum bad.Kaylie is cuming hard aaaahhhhhhookhhhh her pussy is humping up and down so fast I can barley keep the vibrater on her clit.She has cum running out of her little tiny cunt ,after she’s done cuming I’m going to show her the cum start grooming her to watch me cum.

As she’s cuming I said Yes baby girl cum hard look at all your cum coming out of your pussy.My urge can’t be stopped I wipe from her little ass hole up to her cunt scooping up as much of her cum I can and taste it, it’s so creamy and warm she watched and didn’t say anything she’s still cuming.i can’t wait I put my hand in threw the leg of my shorts grab my cock and start stroking as Kaylies orgasm is closing down.She has that sensitive stage now and pushes my hand away it tickles to much Uncle please stop. I’m stroking like hard not trying to hide it. I’m gonna cum all in my shorts.She starts watching me now , are you tickling yourself ?I said yes do you want to watch, she shook her head yes so I move my shorts and now I’m jacking off right in front of her.I reach over wipe some of Kaylies cum onto my finger and say look at your pee pee you see the white stuff coming out?She looked down seen a little white cum drip out of her cunt and said what is that? I said its same as mine watch and I started cuming like it was my first load of cum ever.

Her mouth drops open her eyes are wide she says what is that Uncle?I said just watch baby I’m almost done, 6 really long ropes of cum shot out of my cock all of them landed all over the sheet between Kaylies legs.Kaylie backed up a little bit she didn’t know what was happening.I stop cuming milk out the rest of my cum wipe it on the sheets and put my cock back in my shorts.Kaylie ask again what is that did you pee.

Then I see the wet spot between Kaylies leg about 19inchs round.I say look at this and point at the wet spot where he pussy leaked out her love juices and her cum.I said same thing that I just peed out my pee pee is the same that came out your pee pee.I reach over rub up threw her little cunt and got the last of her white milky cum and said see you have some coming out of you too baby it’s OK.Kaylie ask what is it?I said you know when you start to tingle really hard and it feels like your peeing really hard but it feel so good you can’t stop? That’s what is coming out of you it’s called cum.Girls make and boys make cum when they touch there pee pee for long time.

I think I over did it maybe shouldn’t have jacked off but it is what it is.I got up and said we should go get a milk shake you want one?Kaylie said I wanna watch YouTube can I stay here ? We have a shake shop right next door we leave her here all the time.I grab the vibrater and Kaylie says.I left the vibrater laying on my night stand I hope she trys to use it.I have my old phone hid on a shelf so I’ll watch later see if she used it.

Her pussy mound sticks up so high she has the prettiest pussy I’ve ever molested.

We have all night ill write the reat ofvyhe story tomorrow and so everyone knows this 100% is true.Im in heaven I can’t believe I have her all night.

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    When I was six we were camping my cousin got me alone by the bridge I tried to stop him from pulling down my pants he got my pants down to my ankles laid me down on the ground spread my legs open I kept trying to stop him until I felt his tongue slide across my ass and pussy felt so good I was so wet I wouldn’t let him stop he almost got caught. After that every chance he got he is always touching me.

    • Yrdadaid ID:13tpp8lu7ucr

      Hi that’s so hot how old are u now

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Yrdadaid I’m 58 and it’s been quite a few years since I had a girl this young I’m excited to have Kaylie as my sex toy.Ill write the story how Kaylies mom caught me eating Kaylie out and now allows me to have sex with her all I wish.Kaylie loves jacking me off she thinks it’s cool how the white stuff shots out hahaa.Story will post in a few days.

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    There is nothing wrong with incest it’s the best

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    Tina definitely sounds like a girl that needs to be fucked

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      When her vagina is bigger I’m not going to rip her openFor now she enjoys me rubbing her clit and eating her out.The story I’m gonna wrote when back home will tell how her Mom found out I was masturbating Kaylie and she don’t mind,long as I pay to touch,watch for it.

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  • Reply Keep it in the mind ID:10x16tgzazx9

    I hope you people here don’t really abuse children irl. They can’t consent and don’t know anything except that you’re the adult and they have no power. Don’t ruin lives because you’re horny.
    You can try to lie to yourselves like they love it, but deep down you all know the truth.
    From an abused child who’s life was ruined for many years.

    • Anonymous ID:1coow0awnkya

      lmao that’s kinda funny coming from the person who read this full thing and went to this website

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Says the guy on a sex predominantly about molesting kids.Fuck you your the one that does shit kids don’t heal from you fucking scum bag.Your Mom should have flushed you down the toilet.Your the one that causes bodily harm fuck you.

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    this is basically how my daddy started with me, now I’m completely his

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  • Reply Dripping wet ID:4j4pmft0k

    God your stories are so hot, my husband and I are trying to conceive and we’ve read all your stories so far. I can’t wait to start my family and let my daughters have experiences like this.

    • Daddy ID:1ck7hjbcopi0

      Just love your daughter after she is born and be sure her daddy cums on her as much as he can.

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      More to come,Kaylies Mom caught me eating Kaylie out and now I have to pay to play but its worth Kaylie is the only girl 6yrs old I’ve ever been able to have squirt she can soak a bed and her orgasms are so visual the way her legs twitch it’s amazing.Keep watching for more on molesting Kaylie .

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    I agree do not physicly harm them. Teach the joys of oral and finger stimulation. They love every minute of it. Their little faces look so very happy knowing they have made you feel good.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Brings back so many beautiful memories when I was growing up and my Grandparents looked after me after school till my Mother picked me up, and my Grandfather pumped me with his cock. I thought he was old then as I was only 12, but he was only 58. Love Emma from Aus.

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      Sounds lovely Emma

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  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    So readers know, they won’t publish the true age if the child is younger then 10, Kaylie true is 6 that’s what makes this so erotic.She just had first real orgasm a few days ago and she wants more.Ill keep you updated.Some guys ate saying in the comments fuck her in the ass, I don’t want to hurt I just want to watch her have orgasm and see her naked.

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    Good for you if this story is really true. I wish one of my fantasies would cum true. Great story and thanks for sharing