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Getting fucked by my dog(i liked it)

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So i was in 7th grade and it was friday. And all day in school i was horny and my pussy was litarlly dripping wet. So when i got home both my parents were at work so i quickly stripped down my panties and bra and when i look at my panties the pussy area of them were soaked. I was rubbing my pussy with no bra just panties. Then my dog (jo jo) came to me and started sniffing i said go and he didnt listen he started licking my already dripping pussy. I said no no get even tho it kinda felt good. But after that i was bent over shoving brush up my pussy for the first time it felt so good. But i felt his paws jump on mu back and scratch me a little i tried to shake him off me but i couldnt so he was feeling around humping me looking for my hole then boom. He found i was crying hystericaly saying no no because it was pain full at first since it was my ass hole but then it felt good i felt his cum dripping down from my ass to my pussy. He got off so i was curious and tried sucking his dick and it worked then he came again in my mouth i swallowd it it had like a sweet taste. But after that i went to the pantry grabbed peanut butter and a spoon and i put it on my pussy and let him lick it. And ever since that night i let jo jo fuck me but recently he died so in 3 days im buying a new dog hopefully it works out.

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  • Reply James Mattina ID:1co7y0tca2y3

    I really really want not only to get f***** bareback by a big dick canine I want to suck and swallow his big dick making sure I catch every drop of precum and when he finally shoots I catch every job. I want to explore bestiality big time

  • Reply Human bitch ID:ndomrl3oij

    Absolute nonesense. Clearly written by a wanker who knows nothing about dogs

  • Reply Richard Goller ID:21z6vinv9c

    I lost my virginity to my aunt and uncle and my three cousins when I was 15 years old. They taught me how to dress up like a girl have sex with guys and girls and also have sex with animals. Please anyone add me on Hangout [email protected]

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I Like Reading your story and I would Like to know Do you Have Any More story’s about you and JoJo and what Breed is Jojo and Did you End up Getting That other Dog and if so what’s His Breed and what’s his Name and if you have any more story’s about you and Jojo and maybe that other Dog I would like to know about it you could send me an invite on Hangout and my Hangout information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite and if you do decide to send me an invite on Hangout let me know who you are so I could accept your invite All Right and again I will Be waiting For your invite

    • I'M Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      I would like to know about you and your dog Jojo and when you get a chance send me an invite on Google Chat

  • Reply Mark ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Good girl

  • Reply jane ID:21zg5n2qrc

    hi did you suck your dog after of just fuck him

    • Ann ID:1rou10v2

      I would have sucked it

  • Reply Mantequilla ID:5u1d7ce20c

    Were you trying to spell anonymous?

  • Reply :) ID:7ylren68ri

    More stories

  • Reply ian ID:2vqw7fs7499

    hahahaha horse shit

  • Reply [email protected] ID:8ojju2bed4

    How old are you
    If we could mail that will be better
    [email protected]

  • Reply Hh ID:8d5fnvpzr9

    Bigger dog are better

    • Bitch who knows. ID:hd343bd9c

      Sixe of the dog is no indication of size of cock and knot. Even amongst the same breed theres significant variation in cock and knot sizes…just like amongst humans.