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My Niece Jenny

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Last year my brother asked if his 10 yo daughter Jenny could hang out with me for an afternoon. I was happy to oblige. She is welcome anytime.

My brother Michael is 3 years younger than me. He and his wife Karen left it very late to have children and found it very tough to conceive. They went through a few rounds of IVF before little Jenny came along.

I didn’t get to see Jenny much as they lived about 200 miles away, so it was usually Christmas when they came up to us or we went down to them.

Last summer Michael said he and Karen were coming up to meet up with some old school friends and could Jenny and her puppy spend the afternoon with us at our place. They would drop off Jenny and the dog late morning and then join us in the evening after their meet up was done. Not a problem I told them.

It was unusually warm even at 11:00 am when Mike pulled into our drive. The rear door of the car sprung open and Jenny bounced out with a small dog in her arms. I went out to meet and greet them.

They were expecting to see my wife and daughter at the house, but they were both out for the day on a shopping trip to Manchester and would be back early evening.

We chatted for a bit then they set off to meet their friends and I led Jenny into the house with her still clutching the puppy.

It was so warm that we decided to go out into the rear garden.

Jenny sat in the middle of the lawn with her little dog, Benji, yapping circles around her.

I hadn’t seen her in person for a couple of years and I was amazed how much she had grown.

She was wearing a long white summer dress with white bow ties around the neck and waist. It had very short sleeves which finished in frills. On her feet she just wore flip flops with no socks, and she had a white wide-brimmed floppy summer hat on with her long brown flowing locks cascading over her shoulders.

When she got up and ran around with Benji I could see little pink panties through the translucent dress. Her breasts had started to develop and these were also visible through the dress. So I sat on my garden chair pretending to focus on my laptop whilst behind my sunglasses I watched her play and was getting excited.

After a while she asked for a drink for her and Benji because it was too hot for her. I delivered the lemonade for Jenny, water for Benji and a beer for myself.

Jenny was still too hot so I suggested we go back inside and turn on the Air Conditioning, but she didn’t want to do that.

She asked me if I minded if she took off her dress, so she would be a bit cooler and so she didn’t get it dirty when playing on the grass. Below my waist my body was telling me, yes let her take the dress off. Above my waist I was thinking that it wouldn’t be quite right for me to be alone with a semi-naked 10 yo girl. I wasnt worried about anyone seeing, our garden is well sheltered from the neighbours. I knew the wife and the kids wouldn’t be back for hours and neither would Mike and Karen.

However I asked her if it was a good idea because the sun was so strong and her skin was so delicate.

“That’s OK” Jenny said “ Mummy puts sunblock on me and then I’m OK, do you have any sun cream?”

I knew we did, so I went to find it. When I got back Jenny clapped her hands in glee. Quick as a flash she removed her hat and tugged the dress off over her head.

Strewth, her little naked body looked so soft and smooth, and her little pink panties were pulled up tight displaying the outline of a neat pussy and astounding bubble butt.

I handed her the sun cream but she said “Mummy or Daddy usually rubs it on me” looking at me expectantly with her angelic face.

I was about to protest when a message came in from my cock telling my brain that he was in change now and to shut the fuck up. My brain obeyed.

She presented herself to me so I poured a little cream, squidged it between my hands, and rubbed it onto her neck and shoulders. Oh God her skin felt good. I applied the cream to her arms and all over her back whilst she stood facing away from me.

I turned her round and rubbed the cream on her soft little tummy just above her panty line. I tentatively rubbed my hands across her small budding breasts. Her nipples hardened and I was sure she let out a small moan.

I put the top back on the bottle of cream, but Jenny said “make sure it is all rubbed in Uncle Dave”. My dick gave my brain another warning not to interfere, so I rubbed my hands all over her upper body relishing the feel of her skin. I dared to make another visit to her nipples and really made sure there was no errant cream still sitting on the surface. This time there was no doubt that she moaned softly and took my wrists keeping my hands moving on her breasts.

“You haven’t done my legs Uncle Dave” she said, presenting me with a flawless soft leg. I started with her feet and then worked upwards until I was right at the top of her legs brushing her panties. I encircled the top of her leg with both hands and massaged her soft thighs brushing my hand against her pussy through her damp panties. She moaned again and flexed her hips to increase the contact between pussy and hand.

I moved my hands to the top of her other leg and continued the needing of her cool soft upper thigh with maximum pussy contact.

“You need to put some cream under my panties” she said in a voice quiet and breathy. I hesitated but Jenny pulled down her panties and stepped out of them.

Fucking hell, her pussy looked amazing. There are girls and women that, when standing up naked, you can’t see much of their pussy until they lie down and open their legs. There are others where their pussy slit extends out from between their legs and completely visible without the need to open their legs. Jenny had the latter pussy type. Holy shit it looked amazing.

I began rubbing cream just below her belly button, over her hips and onto the “V” area at the top of her legs. She took my hand, opened her legs slightly and guided my fingers onto her pussy. It felt amazing so smooth, warm and firm. I explored the exquisite puffy lips feeling the bump where they disappeared into her slit. I pushed a finger between her lips in the search for her clitoris. I found it and Jenny gasped loudly.

“Oh Uncle Dave, that feels amazing” she purred.

I reached around her body grabbing her buttocks and pulling her closer so I could explore between her ass cheeks. This action brought her into contact with my rock hard cock which was attempting to bust out of my shorts.

“Oh I now what that is” she said cheekily, putting a hand on my bulge. “My Daddy’s willy goes all hard like that” she said knowingly, moving her hand from my cock and inserting it down my shorts.

With her cool little fingers encircling the head of my cock, I asked her when she saw her Dad with an erection. “Whenever I get into the show with him” she said. “I always shower with Dad, never Mummy” she told me. “Daddy likes me to wash his willy and make sure it’s very clean” she went on. “When it’s clean enough his willy shoots out white stuff and that’s the sign to rinse it off with the shower head”.

Sneaky little bastard I thought.

She was working my cock as well as she could inside my shorts. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought and pulled down my shorts to give her better access.

“Uncle Dave” she said, “your willy is much longer and fatter than Daddy’s”, getting both of her hands around my shaft and wanking me. Wow it felt so good.

“Does Daddy do anything else” I asked.

“He likes to rub his willy on my bottom and sometimes he puts it between my legs” she told me.

“Does he put it in your pussy” I asked her. She looked puzzled.

I moved my fingers to her pussy opening and said, does he put it in here?

“Nooooo” she said looking shocked. “Why would he do that” she asked.

I decided to change the subject, so I asked her if he licked between her legs. “No”, she said, “but Jamie and Tom do”.

“Who the hell are Tom and Jamie” I said genuinely shocked.

She told me that Tom and Jamie are in her class at school and both live in her street. When she goes to play with them, they like to do the undressing game. Tom and Jamie have hard willies too although much smaller than mine and Daddy’s. She said they like her to rub their willies, just like she was doing to me right then. They also touch her down there, which feels nice, and they sometimes lick her there too and rub their willies between her legs too. The licking feels best, she told me, but they will only do it if she lets them put their willies in her mouth. She said she didn’t like to do that but did it so she could be licked.

Would you like me to lick you now, I asked.

“I won’t have to put your willy in my mouth will I?” She asked, “Its too big and I dont think it will fit”.

“No Jenny”, I said, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do”.

I went inside to get a blanket, I lay her down on the blanket, installed my head between her legs and went straight for her little pink clitoris with my tongue. She yelped with delight, moaning and whimpering as my eager tongue licked every millimetre of her pussy. I even explored her puckered pink asshole which brought another squeal.

I took a breather from her very wet pussy to have a suck on those little nipple. To my surprise, Benji was atop of her chest licking her nipples. Jenny was giggling at the attention of the cheeky little puppy. “He always does that” she said.

I shoo’d the dog away and took his place with my mouth on her nipples.

Benji made his way between Jenny’s legs and began licking her pussy where I left off. “He always does that too” she laughed.

Shit that looked incredibly horny. I propped myself up on one elbow and massaged her tits whilst she took my cock again and Benji filled his boots on her pussy.

Jenny writhed around under the two pronged attention from myself and Benji.

Having had his fill of Jenny’s preteen pussy juice, Benji jumped up, putting his paws on her bald pubic mound and began humping her pussy. His little doggy dick rubbed frantically along Jenny’s slit causing her to move her hips and gasp.

The little girl was having an orgasm right in front of me from being humped by a small dog. She gasped that it felt so good and squealed with delight when Benji covered her pussy with Doggy Jizz.

I wasnt going to put my head back down where the doggy goo covered her, but I was more than happy to emulate Benji and I lifted her legs and pressed my cock from ass to clitoris. Despite the presence of canine cum it felt amazing. Her ass cheeks gripped my shaft as my cock ploughed her pussy slit, pummelling her engorged clitoris.

I so wanted to stick my cock into her pussy or ass, but she was far too small and I feared I might damage her. If Mike was paying her naked body close attention he might notice. So my cock had to be satisfied with non-penetration fun.

Jenny knew what she wanted. She moved her body so my cock made sufficient contact with her most sensitive parts, humping my cock furiously from beneath. Benji sat there watching us whilst licking his dick.

I lay on my back and let Jenny straddle my cock. Being free from under me, she rode my cock hard between those sweet little labia until another orgasm shook her little body. Her cum face was delightfully sexy. She shook her head back and forth whilst cumming, causing her hair to fly everywhere and her little boobs to wobble slightly.

I stood her up and knelt behind her to hump her ass cheeks. “That’s what Daddy does with me in the shower” she grunted.

I got my cock hard between her buttocks, held her still by her hips and humped that little bubble butt.

Jenny rubbed her clitoris in time to my humping. Her bum was so firm yet soft and smooth that my cock was in heaven. I think I have never felt such pleasure as I felt humping Jenny’s ass crack.

I warned Jenny I was going to cum and she asked me to cum on her pussy, I sat her on the blanket with her legs spread and let her finish me off with both hands grabbing my cock and pointing it at her pussy.

My cock erupted and jizz initially shot on her little boobies and then all over her pussy once Jenny had adjusted her aim.

She released my cock and lay back rubbing my cum all over her chest and pussy. She quickened the rubbing on her clit and screamed another climax. I could see her body shacking and her pussy and asshole contracting in a rapid rhythm. The look on her face was of such unbridled pleasure.

“Shit Uncle Dave, that was fucking intense” she announced.

It really was. My orgasm was still pulsing away even though my balls had been drained.

Oh my God, that afternoon of mutual masturbation with my 10 yo niece had to be in my top 3 of sexual experiences.

With Jenny lying on her back exhausted, little Benji was in there licking her body clean of my spunk whilst wagging his little tail, It seems he had enjoyed the afternoon too. Sneaky little git. Jenny was not objecting to his tongue and lay there naked until he had finish.

“Come on Jenny” I said, “were had better get cleaned up before the others get back.

I helped her up and she threw her arms around my neck so I lifted her clear of the ground. She wrapped her naked little legs around me and kissed me. “I love you uncle Dave” she said. “And I love you too Jenny” I told her.

We went inside to get cleaned up.

When everyone returned and we were all sat in the large lounge room, Jenny planted herself on my lap, snuggled her head into my chest and went to sleep.

“You two seem to have bonded” Karen said approvingly. “She is a lovely little girl” I said, “She is a credit to you both”.

Everyone smiled contentedly but Mike’s smile didn’t go all the way to his eyes. I think he was worried that I had some of what he had been getting and of course he was right, but what could he do?

I saw them at Christmas down at their place. Jenny was very attentive and followed me everywhere. When we sat she parked herself on my lap and when we walked in town, she insisted on holding my hand.

“You seem to be Jenny’s favourite” my wife commented, “the rest of us can’t get a look in”.

I shrugged in a “what can you do” gesture.

During that visit she teased me by positioning her bum on my cock when on my lap. She would also let her hand brush my cock or push past me when space was tight so her bum bounced across my erection.

I managed to hide my erection from the others, but I couldnt engineer a situation where I could enjoy her body again.

I just heard that they will be coming back up this summer to meet their friends again and would be leaving Jenny with me . I can’t fucking wait. I am definitely going to fuck her this time, Her virginity will be mine.

I will let you know how it goes.

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