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Azure Mist

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Inspired by the magic of Demon’s Souls (™ Fromsoft/®Bluepoint Games. Used without permission, All Rights Reserved)

I thought she came to see me, but as soon as my friend shook the rain off her hood, my brother blasted someone off the walkway in Upper Latria with God’s Wrath.

“Ooh,” she took off her mask, “Is that Demonsouls?”

“Yeah, hang on a sec, we’re getting another Invader.” Hiding behind the big brazier in the middle of a circle platform, his buddy backed off. Kiting him around the corner, while Kelsing of Byre pumped his fist, and raised his arms. (That’s his paladin character, he’s had since we started playing D&D as a family. Our mom was the DM) Glowing brighter, and brighter until it washed over the whole screen, and knocked off the blue invader. Then, he munched an Aged Spice. “Gravity kills.”

“Hahaha. I heard of this.” She sat down right next to him. Yeah, I told her that he got a PS5, because you’d think he won the lottery. “I played the original, but my brother’s still waiting for his copy.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, and grabbed the bottle from the side table. She sat down right in my spot, but my nails dried before she even left. I checked them, blew on them, and buffed them on my blouse, just for her attention.

“Where’d you get that color?” She took the bottle.

“You like it? I call it Azure Mist.” It’s just Azure Wish with a little silver flake to sparkle like Magic. Soul Arrow I guess, since that’s the first spell I got. It came with my character, not that I get to play him that much.

“You mind if I try it?” She leaned over, and put her foot up. Kicked off her shoe, and took off a golf sock, which she dropped. Then, she switched feet, and took the others off with her toes.

She already had burgundy fingernails on, which clashed horribly, and so fake. She’s got paper thin nails, so they flake off, and give her hangnails. Even if she doesn’t bite them, but she wears fake acrylic ones over them.

“Wow,” my brother actually paused the game, or looked over from camera mode. “You’ve got really long toes.”

She wiggled them, and scoffed. “Monkey toes,” then finished laying stripes on her big nail, and stuck the bottle between them, to hold it, and dry the nail.

“Uh,” he picked up the headset, “Bathroom break, BRB.” His friend said something over the headphones, then returned to his world. “You want to play?” So his Blue Phantom returned to where he put down his Summon Sign, too.

“Yeah,” I grabbed the controller first, but before my save file even loaded, he stopped off on the end of the couch. And that’s saying something, because they don’t even have loading pictures. There’s just a second of Fog before the title screen shows up.

I shook my head, and hit [Load Game.] Giggling.

“What? You think Azure Mist is clever, but it’s just Azure Wish with glitter, and that’s even cleverer.”

“Yeah? Well wait until you see the magic in this.” I finally found her, under all the challenge runs he’s been doing for his stupid youtube channel. But if people want to watch somebody else play a video game, fine. I get plenty of that at home.

“Why don’t you start a new character, so I can see that?”

“Well, why don’t you ask him what he’s doing in there with your sock.”

“What?” She dropped the bottle. So, it spilled, and rolled around to get stuck in the puddle on the coffee table.

I just giggled, it’s not like it wasn’t covered in fingerpaint, sharpie, and crayon. I’ve got a little brother too. Mom, and dad think we’re all gifted, and talented artists, but he’s 6. His “Art” looks like kindergarten stuff to me. I forget where they dragged him off to, because I didn’t care, and I wasn’t listening when they told me.

“Margot?” I looked back, just in time to see her unbutton the back of her dress. At the top, but she didn’t knock, and she didn’t go in the bathroom.

“Hihihn!” She shut the door, but I snuck down the hall in time to hear her say. “Wow, you really love my sock!”

“Margot! What are you doing in here?”

“I could ask you the same thing, but it’s pretty obvious.”


“Don’t blow it yet, let me get this bra off. Real quick.”

OMFG! I knew she had the hots for him, but I had no idea that my own brother was a foot freak? Then, she started talking, and I heard them get on the bed, but way across the room, but I could just imagine him fucking her sock. Then the curiosity of what they’re doing now got the best of me.

So, I grabbed the doorknob, and yanked it open, before they could react.

“Don’t stop, uh!” Her fingers inched even faster in her panties, and she arched her back, so her bare boobs bulged out from between her arms. “Uh, cum on my feet, yeah.”

“Uh, fuck, huh!” He didn’t stop neither, but he slowed down.

“MHNHM!” I just shook my head, laughing through both hands, hardly believing what I was seeing, but sure enough. He blew his wad all over her feet, and up her bare legs quite a ways too.

“Huh, Jesus. Can’t a guy get any privacy in this house, get out!” He pulled up his underwear, and zipped up his pants while Margot grabbed her clothes, and I shut the door to the hallway.

“Holy crap that was kinky as fuck!”

“Yeah, he’s a total pervert, and what do you see in him anyways?”

“A total pervert?” she giggled, “Some girls are into that, you know. If you hadn’t busted in on us, maybe I could have made him lick it off my toes.”

I looked down, and I guess I licked my lips. Watching the creamy mess running down her legs, as if he’d shot it inside her, and it started dripping out when she got up, but of course she kept her panties on.

That was about it, but this close, I could smell her. Her sex juices on her fingers, and my brother’s on her legs. Not the first time, of course. I’d found fresh loads in my underwear, and old dried ones so they stuck together wadded up in the bottom of the hamper in the bathroom. So, I started checking the clean ones before I put them on. Just to make sure he didn’t leave me any nasty surprise, then rubbing them in until I got wet, imagining he did.

“Well, somebody should really clean that up before it runs all over the carpet.” As good an excuse to get down, and sniff her feet. Close my eyes, and follow my nose. The tangy library paste smell of his spooge, and stick my tongue out to lap it up. “Huh, you like kinky, huh? Huhl! Lugh!” I licked my lips, swallowing, and looking for more. Clinging to her pale skin, and feeling the stubble rough on my tongue under it.

“Oh, my god.” She grabbed my arm, and pulled me up. Roughly pushed me out of the way, and grabbed my doorknob. Then, she yanked me, in, and slammed the door. She shoved me hard. “Get on the bed, you sick slut.”

“What are you going to do to me?” I turned over, and crawled back on my butt, but I sure was excited to find out. I was always more than a little jealous of her even before I found out she had sexy feet, but they don’t do anything for me.

“Nothing if you don’t take off your clothes.” She slipped her panties off her hips, and butt, then down her long beautiful legs. I could definitely see that, I didn’t know whether to feel them again, or grab a sketch pad to draw them!

Even with the stubble, in fact I think I liked the rough feeling of them, barely sticking out, too tiny to see. Too bad I didn’t think to dress for getting naked so quickly. “I didn’t know you’re bisexual too.”

“I’m not, but I’m too horny to care, and your brother just blew his load.”

“So, how was your first footjob?”

“I don’t know.” she thought, and shook her head. “We didn’t even touch each other at all, but it was still really hot, and passionate. Just over too quick, and you want help with those?”

“Yeah,” I just got the buttons undone, so she could grab the pantlegs, and pull them off. I almost fell off the bed with them, but then she got on with me, and pulled off my top. I pulled off my bra, and threw it away. So, we’re both naked, and she got on the bed with me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What? You’ve got the sexiest body around? You already knew that, everybody does, but if I can’t have a body like this, at least I can feel it.”

We ended up on our knees, after rolling over, and trying to get a good position. Neither of us needed oral sex to get each other wet, but we tried fingering first. Her on top, then me on top, and then on our sides facing each other.

“Huh,” she slipped them out, “This isn’t working, get up.”

“Okay,” I pulled out, and licked my fingers first, but then she stuck her hand on her leg, and straddled mine. I stuck my fingers in her, then we humped like that, and it was amazing! We could really grind it in, and our boobs bumped each other. Our hard nipples rubbing each other’s skin, moaning, and grunting like animals. I put my other arm around her to grab her butt, so she did the same, and that helped us pull each other together. Harder, and harder, until she came first.

“Uh uh ah AH!”

As soon as she started shaking, and squeezing my fingers together, that set me off, so I yelled, “I’m cumming too!”

Finally, we turned, and lay down together, in each other’s arms, and enjoying the feeling of our hands on each other’s sensitive post orgasmic skin. She giggled, and jiggled against my boobs. “Huh, I think you peed on me.” She sniffed.

“Huh, a little when your fingers hit my bladder, but you kept doing it.”

“Huh, well you kept squirting when I did, and it felt like you’re cumming, so I got off on it.”

“Huh, yeah!” I just let my eyes roll up, and smiled. “Huh, me too.”

She kissed me, then climbed over me, and said “I think I need a shower.”

“Huh, I need to catch my breath.”

“So, you don’t want to join me?”

I just shook my head, and rolled back. Almost fell out of bed, so I had to scoot back just to lie on my back, and enjoy the feeling.

“Hhuh!” I don’t think I passed out. At least I hope I didn’t miss a second of the wonderful feelings I got, the first time I had sex. I’m so glad it was her, I couldn’t think of anybody sexier, boy or girl.

Then, I heard her stomp down the hall. “What the fuck did you do with my bra?”

I laughed, and got up. Went out naked, and caught her shaking her fist in his face. Naked, and dripping wet too, but he looked scared.

“I’m sorry!” He held up the controller, as if it could save him, even as the [You Died] letters came up on screen.

“Huh!” She just turned back, rolling her eyes. “I guess you can borrow it if you don’t stretch it out, but don’t wash it before you give it back.”


“Yeah really. You know how to handwash delicates?”

He just shook his head, but she couldn’t keep a straight face. Grabbing her dress from the hall, she put it on, and grabbed her panties off my floor. “He beat off in your underwear too?”

I nodded, “Yeah, he’s a total underwear freak. But feet though?” I tilted my head. “Wait, does Joey get in your dirty underwear too?”

“Huh, I don’t know, probably not.” She finished turning her panties right side out, and pulled them up under her dress. “He’s a total homo.”

“Really?” That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like women’s underwear though. “He could be a drag queen, though.”

She giggled, “Yeah, he’s got a crush on your brother too!”

“Ihihihn! I had no idea.”

“You think he’s bisexual too?”

I pointed, big question face, and she nodded. So, I shook my head. “I doubt it.”

“Oh, too bad. Maybe we can have a threesome.”

“With me?”

“Ew!” She pushed my face, “No. You got all you’re going to get from me.”

Well, now that I know how she gets when she’s that turned on, I doubted it. We’ll see if I can seduce her again, but satisfied for now, I went to see how much hot water she left me…

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