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Me and my 10 year old neighbour

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I have a part one and part two. This is part one. Sorry for my bad grammar and spelling I’m using my phone

“Hey Oliver!! Wow looks how big you have gotten, are you excited to spend the summer with me!”
I hadn’t seen my son in a while, and I got permission from his mother to look after him the whole summer, which I was okay with. I had spend the last 6 months write up my book. I’m a book write you see and it takes a lot of time Indoors. But I was finally done with it, I haven’t been out to see my son, any gathering on dates for a while. So I was looking forward to this summer with Oliver.
Of course the catching up with him didn’t last long, he be friended my new neighbours that moved in next door. Tom and Emily were the parents they were a lovely couple and I’m sure I wasn’t a welcoming neighbour due to my writing I was locked away in the office. I knew they had a son same age as my son13 and daughter who was 10 I would bump into them a few times when I would run out to buy groceries. I introduced my self to them and I told them since my son and their son is playing the kids are more than welcomed to come over and swim in the pool or play in our garden.
I usually spend my mornings outside In garden I have my morning coffee outside. They kids were playing and I realise boys doing what the typically do was avoiding the little girl Jenny. The boys jumped out of the pool and went to play football. I was in charge of keeping an eye on Jenny. I start watching her slowly and I notice her bikini are fitting a bit tight on her. She didn’t have any breast she was very young in ages, but she did however have a bubble butt. I start feeling the cock grow in size whilst I’m examining her. I don’t think I was attracted to kids but I guess the thought of her butt was getting me excited. I tried to shake my thoughts and go inside to cool down.
But it’s been 4 days now and every time I see Jenny I keep getting a hard on. I go upstairs to my bed room which has a view of the garden, I grab my 8 inch cock onto my hands and I start working on my shaft. It’s been a while since I laid down with a woman. So I think the heat and the build up of lack of sex was sending me to explore. I tired to close my eyes and picture myself with a woman but nothing was helping, I open my eyes I hear Jenny scream and look down and see Jenny, I picture he ass and I immediately explode a full load of cum onto my floor, I don’t think I ever came that much in my life.
I felt ashamed after, how could I ruin the innocent girl like that. But I was also thinking how amazing that masturbation was, I haven’t cum like that ever since I was young. For the next week I continued doing that when she was in my garden. Then one day she caught me by the window staring down at her. She looked up and gave me a cheeky little wave, and I thought that’s it I need something more.
Later that evening after the sun had set, I went out to the garden to clean the pool and was greeted by Emily who was putting out the kids swimming trunks out to dry.
“Dave I can’t thank you enough for allowing the kids to use you pool and play with your son, they can’t stop talking about their day and we are so grateful” I couldn’t help but feel guilty, but in a way maybe the way I was thinking about their daughter could have been a payment from them for allowing the kids to use my pool. After she had left I glanced over and I see Jenny’s swimming bottoms and I was begging to get a hard on. I quietly jumped over into their garden once the lights were out and I took Jenny swimming trunks. I know they bottoms had been washed but I still sniffed them. I take them up to my room and I take all my clothes off and I got into bed. I grabbed the bikini bottoms in my hand. They were so small they same size as my hand, and grabbed my cock and wrapped the bikini bottoms around my cock. I started picturing her and he hearing her laugh and giggles, I kept picturing her bubble butt and how it jiggled when she would jump. I kept thinking of her and only her her small hands, her feet her mouth. Then ahhhhhh I came one pump and load of cum, two pumps another load of cume. Every time I pumped I kept cumming. I thought that’s it I need to do something about this or it’s going to eat me up.
I woke up early the next morning fed Oliver and just waited buy the window for Jenny to come to the pool. I had totally forgotten that I took her bikini bottoms so I was unsure if she would have come for a swim. I see her come to he garden and she’s wearing the same top but this time from what I can tell I think she was wearing shorts or a skirt. I see the boys rush inside my neighbour house the minute the set eyes on her. I knew they would be gaming for a while. I stand there and observe Jenny. She pops in the pool and I see that she was in fact wearing a skirt not shorts. I tried to get a better view and I see skin showing in the water. My cock instantly gets hard. I rush to get me swimming trunks and for the first time make attempts to get in the water with her.
She looked to cute and innocent. I asked her is she would allow me to get into the water. She waited for me at the bottom of the steps. I can see her skirt floating, I don’t think she knew that I was able to see everything. I put my Legs in and lower my body into the water and once I was in I fully emerge into he water to get a better view.
I’m underwater. The view I had was sweet. Her clean soft smooth pussy was on display. Her small pussy lips were partially separated and I can tell she had developed yet. I think I forgot how long I was under water I almost ran out of oxygen. I get up and I make my way towards her. I comment on her skirt and try make small talk with her about her Barbie. She was so innocent her replies were innocent. I almost felt bad about what I was feeling, but I knew I had to give it a go.
I try convince her to come to the deep end with me and once she agreed she wrapped her arms around my neck out of fear. I grab her by the but cheeks. God they were soft and smooth. I start squeezing them like I was trying to putt them off. She automatically opens her legs and moved her pelvis closer to my crotch. I was already with a boner before I had steped into the water but I think now I was even bigger. I decided I would putt my cock out which i did.
I had to think quick on what I should say to her, a reason or an excuse to why my huge cock was out. I told her it was to help her to swim. It was the first thing I thought but her being so gullible and young she believed me. How easy it was to lie to a child. I placed my cock in between her legs and I grab her by her hips and start to slide my cock in-between her pussy lips. There was silence, I continued to pick up the pace and Jenny kept giggling. I think she liked it. Her pussy was so soft and the movement of the water was making it easy to control her on top on my cock. I knew she was a virgin and I knew putting it inside of her was out of the question.. for now. I came so hard, i tried to positions the tip of my cock to touch her entrance, her pussu lips just hugged the tip of my cock. It was amazing.
I had to make sure Jenny kept this a secret, I knew she would innocently tell her parents. I made he swear to not tell anyone.
We got out of the pool after a while, I gave the kids something to eat and put on a Disney movie for them to watch. Around the afternoon I started to develope another hard on. But I had to behave I had all the kids in the living room. I need to get them out so I’m alone with Jenny, I had a plan to try and get myself a treat for later on.
“Hey boys the days coming to an end if you boys want to play video games it’s your chance now”. The boys jump to their feet to not miss this opportunity and dash out and go to jack’s house to play in his bed room.
I had her all alone again, but she was lost in the movie. She was watching Shrek. I knew I needed to try and get myself something to treat myself for later.
“Hey Jenny have you every ridden a horse before?” I wanted to try and get her to sit on my knees and pretend to be ridding a horse.
“Noo I haven’t but I really want to” she replied with the eyes widening at the thought.
“Well if you want I can teach you, I can make you practice here on my leg” she stands up in excitement.
I run to the kitchen and grab a fresh tea towel to place over my leg. I grab her buy her hips to purposely lift her up and place her on my knee and reveal her buttocks to me. Both of her legs were around wither side of my knee. I begin to massage her thighs a little. I don’t know it it will wetten her up a bit but I thought I’d try.
“Jenny I’m just going to do some massages on you, you need to do them before you get on the horse” she just nods her head being so lost into the movie. I work my way up and slowly massage her inner thighs and with my index finger I sneakily try and feel her soft folds. Omg it was driving me insane. I start to slowly bounce her on my knee whilst slowly introduce my whole hand to her sweet pussy. I kept seeing if she will resist but she never attempted to stop me, so I continued. I feel the heat coming from her pussy, it was so soft I tried to run one finger in between her pussy and I felt a little wetness where her vaginal hole was. God it was so tight it felt like it was trying to suck my finger whole. I start to slow down with the bouncing. She started to lean back against my chest.
“Jenny do you like how uncle Dave is making you feel, I know your my best friend I can feel you” she doesn’t say anything she just nods. I placed her properly onto the tea towel and raised her a little off my knees and began moving her hips back and forth. I wanted that tea towel to be soakred in her pussy juice, I wanted it as a reminder of for the time I’m going to be thinking about her in bed. She starts moving back and forth on her own and I start to bounce my knee so her pussy can feel some vibration. My cock was going to jump out of my trousers on its own I couldn’t handle it any more, I knew she was enjoying this humping.
“Jenny can I show you something what best friends do to their friends when they really really like them, I’m going to put you down and I want you to be a brave brave girl for me okay”
“Dave I really like this game I don’t want to stop” she says whilst crossing her legs around my leg.
“Jenny I promise you, you will like this more” I lift her up and laid her down on my sofa. I have a better view of her pussy. She was laying down like a tiny little prostitute does while she waits for me to come join her. I pull my cock out and I show her how well she’s playing with me. She smiles and was very proud. God I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth, but I didn’t want to scare her. She was still trying to look at the TV and I thought she’s distracted maybe I have a better chance of doing what I want to her.
“Jenny I want you just hold your legs open like this okay” I grab a digital camera and I take a picture of her in the position. I wanted to cherish this moment. Her pussy was wet I can see that she was aroused. I take the tea towel and I whipe her clean. I wanted to save her juice in that tea towel. I bend down and I’m face to face now with her pussy. She was so tight I don’t think I was able to locate the entrance of her hole. I see everything. It was so tight and smooth I took a deep inhale and exhaled warm air to her vagina. She bounced back at the feeling.
“Jenny wants to play a game” she looked at me and nodded.
“I have always wanted to play doggies and lick a puppy clean, it’s very normal it’s how all animals clean their puppies, can you be my puppy for me” she nodded. I wanted to lick her pussy, I wanted to see what a 10 year old pussy can do. I was curious. My cock was leaking precum out. I grab it with my right hand and slowly beginning stroking it up and down. I lower my head and I slowly kiss her inner thighs and work my way into her pussy. I lick her slit and she is just laying there looking at me “clean” her up. I begging sucking her and feel her hips start thrusting back and forth. I knew she was enjoying it. I start locating her clitorous and once I did I started to slowly suck and lick on it. As I was doing this she wasn’t looking at the movie anymore. Her cheeks had becomes flushed and she was looking confused like what is this feeling. I’m moving my hand faster now trying to work at the same pace as how her hips are thrusting.
“Uncle Dave I think I need to pee” she tells me. At this point I knew that I should sleep up my tongue work and I begging licking her clit faster. Her head goes back and she starts shaking her small petite body I knew she was experiencing an orgasm. I look at her pussy and I see it move and gape uncontrollably. Her cute voice was just moaning, she couldn’t control the sound coming out of her mouth. Her legs were trying to lock my head in but I felt myself wanting to finish, I stand up and over her I realse myself. I get cum into her face hair her small chest and pussy. I even got some in her mouth whilst she was moaning. She was out of breath and so was I. I had to calm her down and explain this feeling she had maybe she was scared. I grab some tissue and clean her up and bit. She was very quiet and I was a little scared. I stood her Infront of me and I kissed her cheek and told her “Jenny you did so well” I lied to her again and said “my other friends could never ever do what you just did, that how much I like playing with you, they stop being my friend because they didn’t know how to play properly” her smile appeared again and she was back to her happy and jumpy self.
I put my trousers back on and fixed her up. I told her let’s take a nice swim before you go home. I needed the semen to come off her so she didn’t go home with semen all over her.
“Look honey make sure this is our little secret, if you tell anyone then bad things will start happening. They will take me away from you and then take your parents away from you, you will have no one to play with if you tell.” I had to scare her a little I don’t know what she can slip out.
Anyways I didn’t attempt anything for a while. I had the tea towel with her pussy juice on it. Every time I was aroused I bring it to my nose and jerk of at the smell of her.

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  • Reply Veronica ID:2wcg8yx6ii

    Not my uncle but this story reminds me of something. When I was 13 I used to get my best friend to lick my butt all the time. The first time was on a dare but after that she did it every time I told her. The first few times it just felt good then later I started masturbating while she did it.

  • Reply Michael ID:1cx7ga9pxpfx

    I loved the story!! Couldn’t care less about the grammar. It’s the visions that you get while reading it

  • Reply Hank ID:1eh4s3am7uk3

    She started out 10 yr old ended up being a 6 yr old. What’s next you putting her diaper back on.

  • Reply Tony ID:2px1ogomkqz

    @FraterBarrackubus telegram

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    Fyi doing a disclosure saying “please excuse spelling and grammar I’m using a phone” just makes you an idiot. Phones correct grammar and spelling so it just means you are so illiterate you don’t know that you can’t make so many mistakes using a phone.

    • Lilsassy ID:1dui8uhq271a

      Uhhh dickhead they wrote almost 3000 words, I think it’s hard to go through that many words on a small screen. Half the stories on here have spelling and grammar mistakes. Your not a book publisher, your here to find a reason to wank so relax.

  • Reply Bobby ID:21z0lwqhrb

    Nice story

  • Reply Avery ID:1cuxgthwnkss

    Was she 10 or 6?

    • Daddymix ID:cde84kkzj


  • Reply master ID:nox32ag44

    this is sick and pedophilia.

    • Robert ID:1ck832hxccvi

      Yeah it’s so sick that you searched it and read it you were reading it for the same entertainment that everyone else was if you don’t like it don’t look it up and read it

    • Rattail jimmy ID:4bn00en3fia

      I would love to fuck your little daughter

    • Pervy pete ID:t2q3s5720a

      I’m cumming!😋

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Could be a great story without all of the errors, even smartphones have spellcheckers so no excuse

    • Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

      6 or 10, I am confused too

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Good good story. Thank you.