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Daddies little angel part 3

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Part 3 of my special relationship with my adopted daughter.

As any parent knows, you sometimes get a sixth sense when your child is getting into mischief. One Sunday morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast when I got that sense, Ariana had been quiet for a bit too long and that sixth sense prompted me to go looking for her.

I walked into my bedroom and was shocked, I stood dumbfounded and speechless. My little angel had somehow discovered one of her mum’s vibrators that had been left in a bedside draw. Ariana was sitting on the floor next to the bedside draws, dressed in nothing but her little white panties. She had her skinny little legs spread apart and was totally mesmerised as she held the little 3 or 4 inch purple bullet vibrator against her panties, clearly loving the stimulation.

I have no idea how she found the toy or knew how to turn it on, perhaps she had seen Brie using it in the past? She didn’t acknowledge me, maybe she didn’t know that I had walked in, my cock throbbed at the sight of my little girl teasing her little pussy. She was just sitting there, legs spread apart and her blond locks falling across her face as she looked down at herself with the little toy buzzing away in her left hand. She was slowly running the vibrator up and down the side of her tiny little pussy, exploring and learning what felt good.

I was rock hard and would have loved to join my little angel in exploring her body, but I felt that she needed to explore on her own and I went back to cooking breakfast leaving Ariana to play with her new found toy. But I knew then that my little angel was ready to start learning more about sex and pleasure, and as her daddy I needed to start teaching her more.

That night after our bath time, we climbed into bed naked as usual. I took Ariana in my arms instead of story time, I said that daddy needed to talk to her. I told Ariana that she was my special little girl and how much I loved her. Reaching my arm around her as I pulled her against me, I slid my middle finger into her bald little pussy slit, gently rubbing my finger in small circular motions on her sensitive little clit as I talked to her. We talked about how every night daddy had been touching himself to squirt out his special ‘love juice’, but because she was daddy’s special little girl daddy wanted her to start helping him to squirt out his special love juice.

I am reasonably fit for my age and although I’ve got the typical ‘dad bod’ I am not overweight, but I have always been self conscious with adult women because my cock is slightly on the smaller side of average. My cock is circumsized and about 4 and half inches when fully erect, and this has always given my performance anxiety when fucking grown women. With Ariana I was completely at ease, knowing that my little angel adored her daddy and was too young and innocent to know any different I was able to lose myself, it didn’t matter how big my cock was or how quickly I came. This created a powerful bond between us, so much more special than a ‘traditional’ relationship.

So as we lay in bed together, I began to teach my little girl how to make her daddy cum. I showed her to put coconut lotion on her hand and then to wrap her little fist around daddy’s cock, with a firm grip and to run her little fist from the base of my cock up the shaft and then to squeeze the head firmly and run her little thumb over the tip of daddy’s cock, before running her little hand back down my shaft.

She was a quick little learner, and she lay on my chest her pretty little face inches from my cock as she wanked my cock. Ariana asked me if she was doing it right and if daddy felt good as she did it. I looked down at my sweet innocent little girl, her blond locks across her face, a peaceful little smile on her lips as she watched my cock twitch and jerk as she rubbed her little hand up and down, just how daddy had showed her.

I was leaking pre-cum like a tap, her little hand slick with lotion and pre-cum. Every time her little hand wrapped around my tip, her little thumb going in a circular motion spreading my pre-cum over the tip of my cock, I would arch my back and moan, telling my little angel what a good little girl she was and not to stop. My arm was wrapped around her, my hand resting on her bald little pussy, a finger on each side of her little slit and my middle finger gently massaging her budding little clit as she played with my cock.

It did not take long, my whole body tensed and I gripped her little body against me hard pressing my finger firmly and hard into her little slit, and as her little fist squeezed the tip of my aching cock I had a powerful orgasm. Ariana did exactly as I told her and as I shot my load, she kept firm pressure squeezing her little fist tightly around the tip of my cock. My cum squirted out, with strands of cum landing on her pretty little nose and cheeks, some cum ending up in her hair. She was so excited that she had made daddy squirt his special love juice, that she let out a little squeal of pleasure, as my cock throbbed and pulsed, my heart racing and my whole body on fire from the intensity of my orgasm.

We lay there together after I came, her little hand still wrapped around my cock as my erection slowly subsided, cum running over her little fingers and down her wrist. Pretty little face still slick with strands of daddy’s cum as she told daddy how much she loved him and I told my little angel how much I loved her as she fell asleep sticky with her daddy’s special love juice.

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    Hope I have a daughter

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    Can’t wait for the time to come when you fuck her

  • Reply . ID:41fwlepzk

    Love it. I wish my daddy had touched me like this. I dream about it every time I touch myself. Keep writing please

    • Arianas Daddy ID:5teiorr6ik

      Your daddy missed out 🙁 It is incredibly special bond to share with your daughter.

    • joe ID:1dqx471vcclw

      hi dear,
      i love to chat with you about Daddy love, I can role play with you as your Daddy