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Raped By My Male Cousin When I Was 13

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I’ve never told anybody this, mostly due to the stigma of male rape (as if the other kind is ok. Yes, ridiculous, I know) but I read a similar story here and decided to tell what happened to me. I can’t blame you for not believing it if you don’t because I don’t believe it myself and I was there.

The people in this story are me when I was 13 (m) and a male cousin and a female cousin. They were also cousins to each other, not brother and sister. She was about 17 I think and he was 17 or 18 at the time. We were at a family gathering for the holiday at my dad’s house. Both these cousins were from out-of-state. I always thought these two were a little freaky mainly because when the family was together these two stuck together like glue, basically ignoring everybody else and each one was kind of the “black sheep” of each of their respective families.

I think the adults suspected they were going off to smoke dope or something but who knows? Maybe they were fucking. All this is to point out that I should have known better than to trust either of them as far as I could spit but they tricked me, and pretty easily at that.

Size-wise, you would think that a 13-year-old guy like I was and a 17-year-old girl were pretty fairly similar in size but she was quite a bit taller than me and slim, but I was even slimmer. My male cousin was way bigger than either of us.

There was a building that was about 100 yards from our house that was my dad’s workshop. We were all three out in the yard and they approached me and asked me what the building was. I told them. “What’s in it?” my male cousin asked. I told him, “Workshop stuff.” He said, “No shit, Sherlock.” My female cousin then asked me if it was locked and I told her probably not. She said she wanted to go check it out. So we did. I noticed that she looked to see if anybody had seen us enter the building before she closed the door behind us, exactly like you’d see a criminal in a movie do if they were checking to see if they had been followed. It was corny.

They both looked around for a few minutes and he appeared to have gotten bored very quickly because he casually leaned against the wall and was just looking at my other cousin and I walking around. She stopped on one side of my dad’s workbench, which was in the center of the big room and I was on the other side of it. “So, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked, which seemed like a very blunt, off-topic question. I said no. “Have you ever been with a girl?”, she asked. Stupidly, I thought she meant “been with” as in “in the same room as” or something so I said, “Of course.” She laughed like she didn’t believe it. Then I realized she meant whether I had had sex with one and was pretty sure my face was beet red. I had not but, coincidentally, this very cousin was who I fantasized quite a bit about fucking. If only my stupid male cousin wasn’t in there with us I thought about telling her that while I had not fucked a girl yet, I was certainly open to the idea if she was.

But there was no chance in hell I was going to say that. Not enough nerve, plus he was there. Then she was saying something else but I wasn’t paying attention because right then she raised her t-shirt slightly, unsnapped her jeans, and let her shirt fall back as if she had just done that and didn’t realize it. She had been talking the whole time. Part of it must have been a question because she said “Well, would you?’ I said “Would I what?” and she said, “Do something for me?” I replied, “Depends.” She then put her hand over the top of her t-shirt directly under which were the unsnapped jeans, as if to remind me. I looked at my other cousin. He hadn’t moved and was standing there as if he couldn’t have been more bored.

I said, “Well, maybe. Depends on what it is.” I immediately thought that she was seducing me and was about to give me some pussy right in that shop, with my male cousin standing right there watching. It was incredible, but I’d have done it. But what she said was, “I like to watch young guys jerk off for me.” I was mortified. Although I had just been thinking I’d be perfectly willing to fuck her in front of him, no way was I jerking off with both of them just standing there watching me. I said, “Uh, not happening.” She said, “Aw, come on.” To which I simply said “Nope.” She instantly changed gears and said “That’s ok. Just pull down your pants and let me see you in your underwear.”

Not seeing how that could in any way replace seeing me jerk off, I thought this sounded like a trick of some kind. So I said “Nah.” She said “Well, let’s go then. I knew you wouldn’t do it.” Which made it sound like I was being a pussy, which I wasn’t standing for. So I dropped them. Stupid, I know. I said “Happy now?” and she smiled but just said, “Is your dick hard?” How humiliating. I denied it but she said “Yes it is. I can see it.”

Then she stepped up the work table on her side and said “Give me your hands.” I had no clue what this meant. So I did it. Instead of taking my hands she gripped my wrists and pulled me toward her hard. I was so surprised I didn’t try to get away. She said, “Since you didn’t want to cooperate, now we’re doing it my way.” Before I could say anything, she added “Fuck him.” This was really confusing, Who was she telling me to fuck?

This was too weird for me so I tried to pull away from her. I couldn’t. She was surprisingly strong. I looked toward where my male cousin was standing to see what he had to say about all this but he wasn’t there. Just as I saw that, somebody behind me yanked my underwear to my knees. I hadn’t even noticed he had moved behind me. She repeated “Fuck him” again. I still wasn’t sure what that meant. Then I found out what it meant. She wasn’t talking to me.

My male cousin spread my ass cheeks. This was entirely too much and I really began trying to pull away from her now. But she had me pretty well stretched across the table so hard that my feet were not on the floor and no matter what I tried, it wasn’t working. Then my male cousin put his dick right against my asshole and I noticed it was wet so he must have spit on it or something. About the only movement I could effectively make was to squirm around some, which wasn’t helping much and I realized I could kick him, so I tried that. I missed though, and he said “If you kick me, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Now stop that and be still.”

I wasn’t being still but I didn’t try to kick him again. She and I were pretty well playing tug-of-war with my arms and she was easily winning. In fact, it was definitely very one-sided and I wasn’t budging her more than an inch or two at most. Then I realized my ass burned and he had actually stuck his dick a little way into my ass, not just slightly pushing against it anymore. “Stop being gentle and just put it in him and fuck him!” she yelled at him. I think he was as surprised as I was about the yelling but he did what she said. It hurt pretty bad but not as bad as I imagined it was going to.

He was fucking me hard, ramming my hips against the edge of the table on my side. His hands were on the table beside me as he did it. While there was no way I could ignore that I was getting ass fucked, I noticed that my female cousin was bouncing a little from the force that he was shaking me with, in turn shaking her, since she was pulling my wrists so hard. Her tits were bouncing a little and she was breathing kind of hard. This was hot as fuck, I thought, despite what was happening.

“You’re not fucking him hard enough”, she said, “Fuck him deep and then breed him. Cum in him.” So my other cousin pounded even harder, which oddly didn’t hurt my asshole any worse, it only make the table shake worse. Then I thought to myself “Breed him?” That’s the first time I ever heard that. But she had also said “Cum in him” so it obviously had something to do with that.

About that time, he got faster then shoved it in as far as he could and just held it there. I’ve read in porn stories that I would have felt his “hard cock throbbing, shooting his hot load deep inside me” and all that bullshit but it was nothing like that. I did feel it throbbing a little bit, though, so I guess he was doing it. She let my arms go and said “Come around here.” pointing at the floor right beside her.

So I did but realized my dick was hard. It was from watching her tits bounce and the look on her face and her heavy breathing, but she didn’t know any of that. She said “Oh, you liked that! I knew you would.” and laughed. “Now jerk off for me like I told you to.” After all that just happened, all modesty was out the window so I just did it. I came even faster than I thought I would. Right on the floor beside her.

My male cousin started walking toward the door but she said “I’m not done yet.” I was dreading whatever she had up her sleeve next but she was looking around like she was looking for something. She spotted a lawn chair leaning against the wall and folded it out, pulled her jeans down to her knees (but left her panties on), and sat down in it. She put her hand in her panties and started masturbating. Hard. He and I were just standing there watching her. This was pretty amazing. Then it dawned on me that not only were my pants and underwear still down, but my dick was also getting hard watching her. She noticed it.

“Do you think you can cum again?” she asked. I said, “I don’t know.” and shrugged my shoulders. “Well come over here and try,” she said. She stood up momentarily and down went her panties. “Fuck yeah!”, I thought. She sat back down and resumed as I jerked my dick right beside her. After a minute, she made a small grunting noise and it seemed like she was holding her breath. I came on the floor again. I had meant to squirt it on her if I could but that didn’t happen.

She stood up and pulled up her jeans and panties. On the walk back toward our house she said “You wouldn’t be thinking about snitching on us, would you?” I said “No” but she continued like she hadn’t heard me. “Do you remember when you first pulled down your pants and I said your dick was hard? I’m pretty sure you meant to stick that in me. Am I right?” I nodded my head “Yes”, embarrassed as hell. She said “Well, you can think about this then. You thought it was perfectly ok to stick your dick in me but you got a dick stuck in you instead. You think about how wrong it is to want to stick yours in me but then act like a pussy and snitch when one is stuck in you.” She kind of had a point.

Not knowing whether she had effectively shut me up yet or not, she added “Plus, remember what’s in your ass right now. If you snitch you’ll have to tell the whole story and everyone is going to know you have cum in your ass.” It was humiliating that she reminded me of that, especially wording it like that. My male cousin wasn’t saying a word. I wondered if she had something on him too. In any case, there would be no snitching under any circumstances.

So I didn’t and that’s how my cousin (I’d still fuck her though) tricked me into getting fucked in my ass.

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