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Plan to rape my mom

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I’m a 13 year old boy who’s constantly horny and I want to penetrate a pussy. The perfect target would be my mom, she’s a 5’2 46 year old woman with perfectly round 38 DD breasts and a petite body. I have a larger build for my age being 5’9 with a 6 inch cock. My mom and dad have been divorced for about 3 and a half years now, I primarily live with my dad for school and I visit my mom a couple days a week, my other 2 siblings rarely visit my mom and they don’t have the best relationship with her. My plan is to visit her and spend at least 3 days there, on the second day I will slip some crushed up some sleeping pills into her drink, these pills are really strong and can knock me out for easily over 6 hours so she’ll be in a deep sleep. When she’s sleeping I will sneak into her room, remove her pants, prop her shirt up, and slide her panties to the side. I have no clue where to go from there so if anybody has any tips or ideas please comment, I’ve been researching if my mom can get pregnant if I cum in her and it says that it’s extremely unlikely so let me know if I should fuck her with or without a condom. I need to have perfect timing for this to work so it might be a while until I post an update and if I do it will most likely be titled “Raping my mom”

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  • Reply M. Lovdahl

    Condoms should never be used in rape. Especially if you threaten the victim right. Make the bitch have your baby

  • Reply [email protected]

    Cum in her and fuck your daughter in her belly

  • Reply Dani

    Use condom

  • Reply Cunt hater

    Cum in her and gangbang her while she is crying

  • Reply Euro

    How about not do any of that. Drugging your mother? Rot in piss

    • Rainer Winkler

      It is uttermost important to do it always without a condom. Besides it is not rape if she doesn’t know it – everything is fine

  • Reply Bur

    I really need help too. Can someone give their email or cal number

    • Nick

      How u want to rape

    • MAC

      What do you need help with.can I help?

    • 21

      Are you a man or a woman?

  • Reply MAC

    Dont use a condom fuck her hard in her cunt and make the most of it
    Then turn her over and fuck her up the ass and fill her with cum.

    • Joe

      My last girlfriend was drunk one night
      We went out to the bar for a good time as the night went on , she got super drunk , back at home , we were having sex it was so boring so I fucked her up the ass until I couldn’t go any more . The next day she walked a little funny . Lol 😂

  • Reply Daddy

    Buy some Xanax

  • Reply Alexor

    Do it tonight with her