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Hot Daughter Gets Fucked By Her Daddy

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She moaned loudly as I fucked her in the ass.

I was in my room masturbating to a porno when my daughter came home from school. I looked out the window and watched the red corvette pull into the driveway from 4 stories up. Grace (my daughter) stepped out of the driver-side door and shuts it behind her. She looks so hot in her tiny red uniform skirt and the white button up that hugs her D-Cup titties. With her blonde red hair tied back in a pony tail she looks ready for a fucking. The dog (Ronan) ran over to greet her. He jumped up to lick her face. I had always thought about fucking Grace but never acted on it. That was, until her mother died last year. With her mother gone, I would take peeks of her in the shower, or while she was changing. I continued to jerk off to the thought of Grace in her little lace panties. I came in minutes. I shut off the porno and went to go take a cold shower when I heard a soft moaning coming from above me. I walked up the stairs to the fifth floor and the moaning became louder. It was coming from Grace’s room. I smiled. I opened the door to her room just a bit and looked in. I was shocked at what I saw. Grace was having Ronan eat her out! She was writhing with pleasure as the dog’s tongue slid over her slit rapidly, his cold nose against her clit. Then her toes clenched and her muscles tightened. She let out a long soft moan as cum erupted from her pussy, the dog lapping it up with his tongue. She pushed the dog off of her and he opened the door and left, exposing me to her. She gasped and tried to cover up. “Shit! Dad! What- What are you doing?” She stammered. “I took the day off today.” I said calmly. She looked so embarrassed, her face was red and her bright green eyes didn’t meet mine. “Get up!” I commanded. “Now!” Grace stood up, covering herself with her bedsheet. “Drop the sheet!” I shouted. She hesitated but did drop the sheet. She had removed her panties and her skirt but still wore the button up. “Shirt off now!” I demanded. “W-what?! N-no!” She replied. I walked over to her and grabbed the shirt, ripping it off of her. She didn’t have a bra on so her pretty little titties say freely on her chest, nipples hard. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of her room and drug her to the stairs. I took her up to the seventh level of the house where the private lounge was located, only accessible to me and her. I pushed her into the room and locked the door behind us. “Da-dad, what are you doing?” She stuttered. I smacked her hard across the face. “You will address me as Daddy from now on. Got it!?” “Y-yes Daddy!” Grace said with tears in her eyes. “Good. Now go to the couch.” I said. She walked over to the couch but didn’t sit down. I sat on the couch and pulled her onto my lap, her ass up in the air. I started to spank her over and over again until her fair skin was bright red on her ass. “Daddy! Please! Please stop! Daddy!” She begged me, only making me want to spank her more. With every stroke her ass cheeks jiggled. I finally stopped and pulled her to a sitting position on my lap. Tears were streaming down her face. I placed her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and stood up. The private lounge also had the guest rooms, a kitchen, game room, living room/lounge, bathrooms, and a elevator that led directly to the parking garage where her car was parked and the back yard. I carried her to the game room and set her down on the pool table. I took out my phone and called the cleaning service I used. When they answered I said I was cancelling the service until further notice and hung up, then I called the school and told them Grace was out for family problems until further notice and hung up. Grace hadn’t moved from where I put her. I walked over to the wall and grabbed a pool stick. I walked back over to Grace and turned her over a onto her knees. “Your still a Virgin right?” I asked her. “Y-yes why?” She replied. “No reason.” I said as I pushed the pool stick into her ass slowly. She screamed loudly. “Don’t move!” I commanded. She stopped struggling and started crying. I pushed the pool stick into her ass as far as I could, then I pumped it back and forth fast and hard.

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