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I use my moms toys, and want to fuck the family dog (12f)

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Hii~~ Im 12f and would love some tips on sex!! Im rlly freaky and love to get comments!!

I started mastrabating at around age 9. I would hump my stuffed animals and pillows until i colasped on the floor panting. It was a nightly routine for me and i would always cum several times. I was never caught (thank god) but i never really knew what i was doing or what the feeling i was even experiencing was called. I learned so much from watching porn, still do. I remember a year or so ago me (11f) and my (now ex)bf(12m) would sneak into a closet and i would give him head. I was always soo horny and made him cum down my throat. I had became a huge slut and started having urges. Anyway, i found my moms vibrators in her nightstand. I was snooping around in her room when i came across them. (Mind you, my parents are older and are in they’re late 40’s) She had 2 extrnal vibes and 1 that had internal AND extrnal. Before i had found them i was still freaky and used my electric toothbrush and a makeup brush handle to fuck myself. I would get really horny all the time and have to rub my clit in the school bathrooms or else i couldn’t get through the day. Whenever im left home alone i always go straight for her night stand and pull out one of her vibrators. I have been nervous to use her vibrator with a dildo on it too. My mom doesnt seem to own lube so im on my own. I haven’t lost my virginity and im so desprate too<33 Ive had lots of fantasys about my mom and my dad. Ive seen my dads cock before and would always get turned on, i think hes at least 6in. My mom is a bbw and has hugee tits. My dream would be to take them both at once, even the family dog too. (But more on that later.) I really wanna be dicked down by anyone i could, but i mostly like older men. I want to have my virginity taken by an experienced older man. Ive had so many fantasies about my dad and all of my male teachers~~!! Idrc how its done, i just want to be fucked so bad im going a little bit crazy!! Ive dabbled in zoophila dozens of times. Another fantasy of mine is to be ruined by a horse cock!! <333 Ive let my dog, (a 90 pound mix, mix of so many diffent dogs idfk, he’s been fixed, sadly and also has a tiny doggy dick) lick my pussy before but he doesnt lick very fast or hard enough for it to feel good. I have tried getting him to mount me, even helping him by puting his paws over my back but nothing seems to work. (Can you put tips in the comments?? Plss) I have gotten close to losing my virginity but it never happens and im getting really sexually frusterated!! If anyone has any tips on anything pls tell me in the comments!!! I have been thinking of texting my ex and using plastic wrap or a ziplock as a comdom. Hes only 5 inches but thats probably enough anyway. Pt. 2 soon if you guys like this. ( im trying to learn how to squirt soo, updates on that if theres a part 2) love ya!<33

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    I’d truly love to show you what its like to be Totally pleasured by a “Expert PreTeen lover” and i’m not kidding (no pun)

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    I can help

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo38i

    My friends and I loved this age and the awakening of sexual drives and interest.
    Be Bold. Be Brave. Embrace your sexuality.
    Be daring in enjoying exhibitionism and being a voyeur, just be safe first.

    Remember, with dogs, you need a very private safe place. Dog sex takes a long time. A dog will knott you for at least ten minutes, probably a lot longer. So ya gotta be in a secure place. Get on the pill immediately, before you ever put a boy or man cock inside you, and always use condoms. Have fun. Get out there and enjoy yourself, safely.

    • Hornyfox ID:1d696ajx4ggr

      Have you fucked a dog ? What’s your tips for a man fucking a dog

  • Reply Dougylaura ID:1eqofk1bdgu2

    Would love to chat and give ya tips, kik: dougylaura

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    Not sure if you still look at new comments here but Id love to chat with you and teach you things about other kinks or show you things, or see you if youd like but thats up to you.

    You can message me on telegram as cinnamondragon, i hope you message me soon!

  • Reply Jamere09 ID:7rmvzenvql

    If you finger you really hard it’ll squirt

  • Reply linda 43 ID:1e1z1s6lytor

    ik neukte mijn zoontje dat hij elf jaar was. zijn kinder pikkie streelde ik over mijn clit tot ik klaar kwam. ik was nog nooit zo nat en geil geweest. wat i dat lekker zo,n strak stokkie tussen je lippen te voelen stoten

  • Reply r0ba66 ID:2wcj3yjb0a

    just enjoy yourself and keep it private

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    That made my little sissy cock hard. My 4 inch sissy cock would slide in you just fine. I’d love to lick my cum out of your cunt. If you have fine a male dog who’s not fixed. I’d lick his cum out of too.

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    the dog has to be a full male not nuetered. you can break your hymen with your toothbrush and then slowly push bigger and bigger things into your cunt until you get used to having something in it. If you havent had your period yet dont worry about condoms. Also keep your pussy shaved becasue a bald pussy is much more sensitive.

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    Let me fuck that pussy

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      I would love to be the older man. And watch you with a dog

    • Gabe ID:6rkls53k0b

      Would like to know those experiences. I’m an older man. Email me at [email protected]

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      You really are a bad girl aren’t you

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    Ew a child

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    Oh my 🤤

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    You need to drop some social babe 🙂

  • Reply Hornydom88 ID:bo1uhdn43

    Where you from?

    • Kingkong ID:1d44achq6pnd

      Any social media

    • MachaAaAa ID:1ecffklhs31m

      I am an older female, if you have a male dog that isn’t neutered he would be great to fuck your small cunt. If you don’t though a vibrating x box controller is what I used at first, and finger yourself to have more control. I would love a story if you do fuck you pup also.

  • Reply S734 ID:1ckopo9yyv7j

    She’s young that pussy don’t need lube

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      when I was about 14 i ate my step dads cum from my mom’s pussy while he pounded my tight little asshole. then my mom sucked his cum out of me while i sucked his limp cock fresh from my dirty ass.
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  • Reply S734 ID:1ckopo9yyv7j

    Also I forgot a couple things my last post was so long lol. But definitely use moms dildo it will feel great. And maybe you can meet some people who own a farm to fulfill that horse fantasy you have if you do, hook me up! Lol

    • Rambo ID:5u0xmr5zrc

      Would you be interested in coming to my ranch and do some beastiality

  • Reply S734 ID:1ckopo9yyv7j

    Girl I love you. I feel like my reading my own posts at your age lol. Sexual freedom is beautiful I’ve had all the same fantasies. I hope it works out with your parents unfortunately for me I never got that opportunity but I always fantasized about my dad, mom and mostly my step dad my mom has huge tits and 70s bush on her pussy I always imagined sucking those big titties and licking her tight cunt. I’ve seen my dad’s dick of course which I would love to play with if he wanted it and my step dad’s dick is so big an fat I’ve dreamed of that since the first time I seen it. When I was a about 10 I would steal the used condoms when him and my mom finished fucking so i could rub his nut all over my pussy or drink it. I used objects in saran wrap when I was younger too and loved the electric tooth brush and the detachable shower head my favorite was the 2 inch curling iron because the thickness was so nice to fill my pussy up. Ad for the dog unfortunately I don’t thin you will be able to get him to fuck you since he is fixed I’m so sorry. We had a dog about the size of yours who was not fixed and I fucked him many times it was so good because no person can fuck that fast lol. He would eat my pussy aggressive too but the worst part was during the day when people were awake he would shove his face in my ass and pussy and try to eat in front of everyone. He came in me many times I loved when the pens would knot because is was so stiff. We also had a small dog about 10 pounds who loved to eat my pussy he had the longest toung and would stuff it so far up my pussy and he would li k for hours if I let him but I couldn’t take ot he always hit the g spot in under 10 mins and I would have the strongest orgasms and squirt all over he loved to lick that up too he also loved my asshole which also felt good. I have seen some people use peanut butter to encourage dogs to eat but I’m not sure how to teach them since we just always had horny dogs. Maybe try to dogsit a horny dog!

  • Reply Jdawg ID:1ej3oua4ud1c

    As for being horny all the time you’re still growing into a beautiful woman. As for the dildo you can use olive oil in a pinch or butter. But I’d recommend using astroglide it makes things slippery and keep things wet. As for being young I’d find a guy close to your age because if you go older chances are they could get hit with a charge. Also if you do want to talk you can always post something I’ll respond to you

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    Snap?, and try maybe to use a friends dog or even wake your dad up giving him head or jump in the shower with a friends dad who as a big dick

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    you have us to talk to and be horny with, hehe. maybe find a family farm somewhere and see if you can have fun with a horse cock? because holy shit, the visual of u covered in cum is hot

    you can also try to see if your ex has any pets to play with but idk.

    anyway though, just reading abt u makes me cum. a part 2’s a must

    if you wanna talk to me about lewd stuff a.lnd fantasies, hit me up on wickr (hornio4x) or email me at [email protected] if you prefer that.

  • Reply Jeff ID:1e8hank48y7w

    A 12 yr old slut. Nice.

  • Reply Knoxboy4u ID:30rxjdjbqm

    As far as I’m aware a fixed dog isn’t going to do anything. Don’t try to jerry rig a condom with plastic bags or other things, I dont foresee it working out well. Im not sure where you live but if you can get to a Walmart they aren’t check your id to buy personal items. Vibrators, condoms, lube, get some cash together and get yourself whatever that heart desires.

    You can also go old-school to avoid pregnancy, figured out when your cycle is and dont have sex anytime close to when it starts.

    • hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

      best advice tbh

    • Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

      She’s a girl, she shouldn’t have a choice on whether or not she gets pregnant. Let’s teach her to be a misogynist.

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