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Me and wife used 10 year old daughters diarrhea as lube and fucked her (part 4)

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Sarah and I begin Emily’s toilet training, its time she eats what she pushes out her holes. obviously a scat warning, this story is meant to be gross

Me and Sarah had been up all morning waiting for Emily, today was the day we were going to train her to be a toilet as well as a sex doll. When we heard her awake we both made our way to the kitchen to greet her. “Hi honey” Sarah said “have you filled up your diaper for today?” She asked with a loving smile.
“Yes I have…. But I still need to go” Emily said red faced, she was clearly very nervous as she had no idea why she needed to fill her diaper, “why did you ask me to fill it up for today anyway?” She asked. Me and Sarah looked at eachother with a look of filthy eroticism, “don’t worry honey, I’ll explain” I told her.

I began my explanation, “well honey the reason you needed to fill up your diaper is that today we are going to teach you to be a toilet as well as a fucktoy” I told her in calm voice. Emily instantly looked frightened ‘what?! What do you mean? This sounds really gross I don’t want to!…” She said. Sarah moved in to comfort her
“Oh Emily sweety, it’s not so bad. As you’ve learnt, as a woman in this house it’s our job to be used for pleasure, weather it be with our mouths or pussies, being a toilet is just part of that job, it shows how much we love eachother” Sarah said. Emily was still very nervous and embarrassed so I tried to explain it to her,
“Emily, when me and your mother are fucking eachother hard and sensually every night, we work up quite the need to poo and pee, so we just do it on the bed while we are fucking, then we grab some of the poo and smear it on your mum’s pussy and my penis, this helps get them nice and slippery so they slide in and out of eachother more easily, then your mum begins to slowly eat our fresh shit, she knows how much of a filthy slut she is, so she doesn’t mind cleaning up any mess we make, it just shows how much she is willing to be used by me” I told her. Emily looked horrified after hearing what her dad and mum have been doing every night, she was in pure disgust, and fear that she would have to become a toilet also.

Sarah continued soothing Emily and began laying her on the kitchen table, wearing nothing but her diaper. Emily was still objecting a bit, but we just layed her while she died from embarrassment, and with that we began to undo her diaper while she layed on the table. When we undid the diaper the smell hit us instantly, once again Emily had a case of extreme diarrhea. Just like the night me and Sarah had a threesome in which we raped Emily, there was a pile of yellow, mushy slop that had crawled out of Emily’s ten year old asshole. Emily as usual was seriously humiliated and uncomfortable, me and Sarah always changed her diapers but there had never been a mess this bad nor the sexual connotation Emily was now aware of. I began to move my hand into Emily’s diarrhea, I smeared it around the open diaper and squeezed it in my hand to feel it’s texture. Sarah began moving around and without a word began sucking the shit off my had, “ewwww mum that’s so gross! Please stop this is disgusting!” Emily pleaded, but Sarah just kept eating it while I shoved my hand down her throat. Sarah was gagging violently, who could blame her the shit she was eating was barely solid and was rancid beyond belief, the taste must have been abhorrent but still she ate until my hand was mostly clean to set a good example for Emily. “Now Emily honey, I’m going to stick a finger in your asshole so don’t move okay” I said as I began to force my finger up her prostate, her asshole was still yellow and the diarrhea helped my finger slip in. Emily grunted in discomfort “please take your finger out, this is just too gross dad please! My ass is too small it doesn’t even feel good please just stop…” Emily asked. “Emily, this part of being a woman, now you said you still had to go, so go. Shit yourself now” I told her. “Okay fine…” Emily reluctantly agreed, a tear running down her face, and with that she clenched and slowly forced my finger out, along with a worm of hot yellow shit and a puddle of shitty liquid. I picked up the fresh shit and smeared it on Emily’s little pussy lips,
“Ewwww, why would you do that! This is horrible… I feel sick” Emily cried. I began mixing the new hot shit in with the rest of the mush to try and freshen it up for Emily so she could at least have a hot meal rather than a cold one.

Sarah helped Emily off the table and Into a chair, Emily was now sitting down at the table, but rather than facing a plate of food she was facing an open diaper, one that she had been shitting and pissing in all night, filling it with disgusting diarrhea. Emily continued to feel tears run down her cheek, Sarah barely able to contain her lust said “go on then honey, eat up. You need to clean up your mess” this just made Emily cry even more so Sarah put her finger into the yellow slop and slowly began to move it towards Emily’s lips, she kept crying but was too afraid to actually stop the finger so she just sat there and let her mother move her disgusting, diarrhea covered finger around in her mouth. Emily was gagging violently, Sarah held out her hands and said “if you need to be sick do it mummy’s hands Emily” and with that Emily coughed up a small yellow sliver of her own shit into Sarah’s hands. Emily, still quietly sobbing said “please, that tasted so awful… Don’t make me eat this, it’s so disgusting I’m going to be sick” Sarah began running her hands through Emily’s hair to try and calm her “baby, I know how revolting it is, but you need to eat all of it, that’s your job now you are a toilet that daddy is going to fuck whenever and in whatever hole he wants. If you need to throw up then do it on your dirty diaper, you’ll need to eat the shit and any vomit you make so just mix them together” Emily has never felt such fear and disgust all at once in her entire life.

Emily realised that she would have to eat the contents of her diaper, dreadfully she began to move her hand toward the pile of yellow shit. She picked up a handful of her mess, quivering when she felt it’s heat and texture, it was vile she thought. She slowly moved her shaking hand closer to her mouth the smell became more pungent, it was an overpowering smell, it made Emily look down at the pile of barely solid shit she hade been emptying into her diaper all night, how humiliating. Emily wrapped her mouth over her fingers, then her palm, sucking her filth off her hand, she was gagging heavily but still she eventually managed to swallow a mouthful of her own steamy shit. Emily still had a few tears running down her face, but not as many as before, her face remained pinkish red out of sheer embarrassment and disgust. When Emily had reached her hand back into the diaper and brought her second handful of diarrhea Into her mouth she couldn’t stand it’s revolting taste or slimy texture any longer, she tried to hold it back but she couldn’t, her guts pumped up all their contents and Emily violently vomited all over the table and her shitty diaper. Emily looked defeated, she knew that despite it being now covered in puke she would still have to eat everything in front of her. Right before Emily was about to dreadfully move her hand back into the pile of liquids, she heard a strange sound, it was like a *clap* *clap* sound, but it was also a wet squelchy sound. Emily looked up to see me bending Sarah over the table fucking her soaking pussy. Emily was just made even more humiliated like this, her parents watching her like porn while they fucked. While I was pushing in and out of Sarah I urged Emily on “go on honey, you were doing really good, just keep eating your shit baby” I moaned, Sarah moaned and grunted at the same time.

After a long process Emily had managed to eat all of her shit and vomit, she had thrown up many more times during the exchange, and continued to plead although neither me or Sarah let her stop. I had cum in Sarah’s womb about three times while we both watched Emily gag on and swallow all of her rancid diarrhea. When it was done me and Sarah decided to explain the new house rules to Emily. Sarah began “I’m so proud Emily, you are going to make such a good slut. Although there are going to be a few new rules around the house okay?”
Emily opened her yellow stained lips (ones on her face) and asked “what are they?” In a completely terrified tone
“Well, rule number one is that you will no longer wear any clothes, you can wear diapers If me or daddy say you specifically can, but if not we want you pissing and shitting on your bed that way it will nearby for any lube during your fuckings, also since you won’t have any clothes on daddy can fuck you in any hole anytime he likes” Sarah responded. Emily shuddered upon hearing it, still afraid of having my cock in her tiny little vagina “please not my bed, that so disgusting please” she pleaded
“I’m sorry Emily but that’s the rule” I told her firmly.
Sarah continued “the second rule is that you will always eat anything we tell you to, weather it be you dad’s cum, my or your own shit, vomit or piss. You will always eat it.” Sarah said. Emily would have cries but she had no more tears, if she tried she would make herself sick and if anything she wanted to avoid being made to eat more of that. I put my hand on Emily’s pussy, feeling the slick shit I smeared there earlier and said “now go on up to your room, we’ve got some gifts for you there”.
Emily didn’t know weather to feel comforted or afraid as she approached her door, but when she opened it she saw, a bottle of lube, a 6 inch dildo, a strappon, a gag, and some small lingerie all scattered across her bed.
Me and Sarah cannot wait to explore and violate every inch of our daughter’s body together.

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    I dont get it why not making her eat your shit as well?

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    Very good, easy reading…

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    Please say u are gonna breed that little bitch

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      Definitely, Emily is going to be used like a flashlight

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    Who needs a good fucking

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    This reminds me strongly of Jane Austen’s writing.

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      You’re too kind, thank you

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    Karen my wife was 10 and loved with her mom n step dad , and her mom was away for a weekend and her step dad and friends in house and all got drunk etc and then heard them talking about mom and that she was a slut , so asked what it means and so step dad said we can show you … They all cheered and so step dad stripped her naked and then he forced her to have 5 lines of coke and then forced her to smoke a cigarette and they all said i looked like a dirty slut like mom and then step dad frantically undid his bottoms and said hold her legs open and bent her over and then thrust violently all took turns and whole weekend they fed her coke and gangbanged her

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    I was so turned on while reading this, please can you post Part 4 ASap?

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      Hey well you’d love what happened to my wife when she was young then . True story of you won’t be offended

    • Diarrhea ID:1ei5sry67ukv

      Glad you enjoyed it, this actually is the fourth part I just mistyped the title πŸ™‚

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      It turned me on too