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Cousin and Me Pt2

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Another story of me and my cousins true sexual experience

Now, my cousin is a brunette with freckles on her face, she’s around 5’8, white, and has an amazing thicc body. I am also 5’8, brown skin, 5.5 inch cock, 13, and kinda skinny. So this story starts a little while after me and my cousin had sex. It was under the same circumstances as before. So first let me tell you what happened after we had sex. We basically were super awkward around each other and I didn’t go with my parents to drop her off. She basically texted me over snap saying she doesn’t really want to talk any more. I didn’t argue I just said ok. But one day she texted me out of the blue and after like a month of not talking, and she asked if I wanted her to spend the night. I said sure and asked my parents, they said yes. She basically got here and we were just hanging out and we overcame our weirdness for each other very quickly. My mom and dad went to get pizza so we were all alone. We were just watching some tv when she asked if I remeber fucking her. I said yeah and she asked if I liked it. I said yeah very awkwardly and I also asked her if she liked it. She said the first time she did but the second time no, I asked if I could redeem myself. My hormones practically controlling me and probably controlling her she says yes. My cock gets hard immediately and I run to her push her in the couch that she is sitting in and I pull down her pants. Her pants are off so I begin to take mine off. She glances at my cock and says wow. I kneel a little bit, but instead of putting my cock in her pussy I decide to put it in her ass. I ran mg dick in her ass and she screams.. her cheeks clench and I begin thrusting back and forth. I massage her pussy so that she cums. She yells at me and tells me to stop. I say no and keep going. She’s growing in pain and her ass is so tight. I begin to finger her and she starts to moan over the pain. I feel like I’m about to cum so I try to cum silently so she doesn’t know I cummed so I can eat her out. She immediately knew I cummed so I knelt down all the way and began eating her out. Her butthole was filled with my cum and her push tasted weird. Watching porn did not prepare me for the real world. I am eating her out and I assume I’m doing a good job because her legs to wrap around my head and she began to squeeze. My tounge is inside her pussy and she starts to let out a liquid. I didn’t immediately know it was her squirting. She was out of breath and told me that was her first time squirting. I smiled and with great confidence told her it won’t be her last. Thanks guys for reading the story, I have 2 stories of how I became bisexual too, and I also have two stories of my first time with someone other than my cousin. Let me know which one you want to hear first, yes all of this is true, I’m 13 btw

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    Great stories! Let’s hear about what opened you up to being bi.