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Little sister desiring big sister becoming a sexual young lady and discovering more

The story starts very easily we came from a middle-class family we did the typical vacations over the summer many times to Florida and we’re from the Northeast every day we go to a beach and me and my sister and our little bikinis are a little bathing suits will play at best she was 16 I believe I was 14 we had the best time together she was my best friend especially on vacation we didn’t know anybody else and we got very close and we shared a hotel room I always found myself attracted to her but didn’t know it was in a sexual way I just thought she was beautiful she was a little older beautiful body and had a conference I had developed yet one day we’re coming home from the beach just with her mother and she need to stop at the store both of us were in the backseat she pulled into a parking spot and said I won’t be long my sister was laying there in her bikini and I remember very clearly it was this dark blue bikini she was laying on her back her head against the armrest me laying back on the other side more leaning against the inside of the door we kept looking at each other and I told her that I thought she was a very beautiful woman she blushed and said that’s not something usually a sister says to another sister I didn’t know how to respond except for I didn’t know that just how I feel I told her how attractive I thought she was and she seem to get somewhere embarrassed next thing I know Mom was coming back to the car I felt feelings I never had before I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she laid there with her head against the armrest and her body spread out I couldn’t help but look right at her legs up to her and her size mom got in the car and we drove back to the hotel we all had dinner and then me and my sister went back to our room as usual we both slept in T-shirts and panties typical teenage girl uniform once again I couldn’t take my eyes off of her I wanted to watch her I wanted to see a glimpse I wanted her to look at me Before I knew it we were falling asleep and I fell my hands tracing down my panties I couldn’t believe that I was so turned on by the idea of seeing my sister naked I looked over to the other bed and a cascade of her body even with a comforter on turn me on I tried to think of other things and try to go to sleep but I eventually did the next day we are going to the beach again this time to a place with a boardwalk and games and restaurants we both put on our bikinis she wore her blue one again which I always found striking and I put on a yellow one I tried very hard to look sexy but I still was under confident and being a couple years younger and not quite as developed it made it hard on me to feel confident we spent a day at the beach and I had the same feelings all day but I never reacted on them then once again on our way home mom said she had to stop at the store this time a supermarket and of course We stayed in the car it was very warm out and once again both of us in the backseat both of us sitting next to each other I started getting that feeling again I didn’t know what to do so I looked over at her and once again said God you’re so beautiful and your body is amazing she looked back at me and said you really really think so I said yes I can’t help but stare at you at times especially when you’re changing getting out of the shower I’m just impressed by you for lack of a better term she looked over at me with a smile And said that actually she found me very beautiful and was jealous of my tiny body my smaller breasts my little but I couldn’t help I feel these extreme emotions for the first time I’m being complemented by somebody I sounds so attractive she kept looking at my eyes and asked me why do I feel that way so strongly all I could reply was I don’t know she asked do you really really like looking at me when I change and get out of the shower and I told her yes and without a thought I admitted to her about touching myself when I was in bed thinking about her she kind of got a grin and seemed embarrassed but confident she wants again lean back leaning against the head rest Of the door opens her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms the side she had this beautiful dark hair and when she pulled that bikini aside I saw these little pubes 16-year-old girls cubes I guess you’d say very dark very well kempt and she let me look I didn’t know what to do I think my mouth just fell open and in shock she just let me look at her I told her that I thought her pussy was really beautiful and I think about it she smiled and slowly rubbed her pussy in front of me I laid my head down not far from her pussy right between her legs not knowing when mom was going to come back and we both kept looking up to see if strangers were passing by and would be able to catch us too young teens experimenting within minutes we decided to stop as we knew mom would be back she got in the car told us to buckle up and we drove back to the hotel once again the whole family had dinner my nerves were incredible all I could think about is what I saw that day when we got back to the hotel we went back to our room and didn’t say much almost like a nervousness of not knowing what to do eventually I said I need to take a shower get cleaned up and I really liked what I saw today and I don’t know what to say about it my sister said nothing I walked into the bathroom got him dressed took a shower put on my night shirt and my little panties walked back she was watching TV still feeling nervous and may be a little guilty didn’t know how to handle it she decide to get in the shower and she left the door open I could see her getting on dressed her but I need to take a shower get cleaned up and I really liked what I saw today and I don’t know what to say about it my sister said nothing I walked into the bathroom got undressed took a shower put on my night shirt and my little panties walked back she was watching TV still feeling nervous and may be a little guilty didn’t know how to handle it she decided to get in the shower and she left the door open I could see her getting undressed her back to me as she pulled down her panties and took off her shirt she stepped into the shower which was out of my sight and I thought to myself she left the door open I’m gonna look so I slowly crept up to the door and peaked and she didn’t have the shower curtain closed one leg up and was playing with her self her head thrown back and I was in shock once again don’t know what to do but my urges came over me my desire lead me and I stepped in and I just stood there watching her and she turned her head towards me and she knew I would come in and she knew I wanted to watch and she turned her body slightly towards me so I could see more she told me to takeoff my shirt as I did and as I pulled it up exposing my tight little brush I felt more excited than ever we just stared at it each other washy played with her self in the shower and I stood there in my panties not knowing what to do she looked at me and she said get completely undressed and enjoy yourself this is what you wanted to say I took off my panties and started playing with my pussy just standing there she said you’re that nervous you’re that uncomfortable to not even show your body off I noted not knowing how to speak she turned off the shower grab the towel really did not dry off just kind of threw it over self grab my hand and we went back into The bedroom of the hotel and she sat me down in a chair laid back on one of the beds completely naked just laying there spread open her legs and start talking to me about playing with herself and how much she liked showing me her pussy when we were in the car she spread her legs very wide that beautiful black pubic hair right above that beautiful pussy just shining from the shower or nice firm breasts not overly big not under small just a very natural girl her age size I guess you would say were beautiful with the TV light being the only thing showing us I sat there wanting to touch her she start playing with herself again rubbing that beautiful pussy and then every once in a while stopping and playing with her tits the whole time would raise her head and look at me she eventually said do you feel comfortable enough yet I nodded I stood up and I stood next to the bed while I watched her she asked me to lay down and show me how you touch yourself you admitted you did it let me sir without a word I jumped at the opportunity I have to wait in the bed amazingly spread my legs and wanted her to look at my pussy I had very little pubic hair I’m more light-skinned and I have brown hair so it was still just coming in she reached over and I could feel her on my inner thigh her hand slowly moved up I turned my head to her head and she was staring at me and told me that she was going to touch me and teach me how to enjoy myself she played with my pussy it was incredible I never had such a feeling yes I have played with myself but the taboo of my own sister playing with my pussy and hell where it made me and how nervous in a new healthcare bill was driving me crazy she leaned over and gave me a few little kisses and took my hand and put it on her pussy which was amazing for the most part that’s all it happened we started embracing and we fell asleep Holding each other my legs were Rapley tight around her all I wanted to do was cry my body against hers my little breasts and nipples were just poking out I couldn’t control it but we started to drift off and fall asleep the next morning we both jumped out of bed afraid that our parents could see us or walk and catch us so we both got dressed in her little bathing suits and got ready for the day we were headed to the beach and once again our mom always made us sit in the backseat tightened in with our seatbelts and we kept looking each other pulling our bathing suit bottoms aside to catch a glance to show each other when we go to the beach we couldn’t wait to get in the water and we played with each other it was hard to disguise the attraction I think mom knew we were acting differently but didn’t know why so once again on the ride home we had to make a stop in without a word we both opened our bikini bottoms and start playing with each other and telling each other what we were going to do to the other one once we go back to the our hotel room I was so wet I was afraid it was going to show through my bikini bottom and that mom would say we got back to the hotel I wrapped a towel on my bottom just to make sure it didn’t show how wet I was my sister on the other hand had no shame in her hard nipples poking through definitely caught my mom‘s attention she knew something was up we went into her room got undressed and once again just stared at each other and before I knew it she had me on my back laying right on the floor my little pussy I have never had that done before I was going crazy I know I was moaning I was starting to say things I didn’t just reactions calling her name telling her how much I loved what was happening and how much I wanted this to happen next thing we know there’s a knock at the door both of us totally naked and it was her mother Part two will be the rest of this it is a long story be patient and enjoy

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    This left me soaking wet I cummed 4 times it also reminded me of a time I ate my sisters pussy in the play shed

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    That was beautiful and very descriptive. You had me thinking and I am an old man.
    I use to think that incest was a sickness but now I think it is very beautiful thing. I can wait to read the rest.
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