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The too late mother

So my mom contacted me after 19 years and my dad died she got into contact and the rest follows I’m not complaining fuck yes #

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Sex Journey

Part one of my life as a sex addict and how it first began. I was a little girl and was unaware of what I was really doing. It started with my cousin. # #

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My own sex life part 1

Hey im a 13 yearold girl and i wanna tell you about my incest and sex life. It all started when I was having a sleep over with my best friend chealsie and we were playing video games.... # # #

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Fucking my son

when my son was 12 he had problems urinating. after going to the doctor to make sure everything was ok we found it was nothing at all just that due to genetics his urethra(the tube... # #

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Me and Bestfriend

So me and my friend haven’t seen each other in a good while and we have some gay history together. I’ve sucked his cock and stuck it in him a couple times, but never cummed. He... # #

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Me and my friend

This is a true story. I was about 10 years old when one day I got curious. I’m a skinny Mexican boy and no girls really liked me, besides some girl. I was barely ten but already started... # #

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Me and my little horny cousin drying humping and tit sucking # #

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