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Big Boy molesting molly (B11/g6)

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I couldn’t wait to talk to Molly at school, so I caught her on the bus, before we even got there.

“Hey, Molly.” I dropped my backpack in the seat next to her, “Can I talk to you?”

“What about?” Her hair was starting to show through the spray-on dye, to make it green. So, I could see her ginger showing through where it rubbed off, especially on the side.

I leaned over when the bus started running. ‘you know what your mom was up to while you’re out, trick or treating?’

She nodded, with a frown. ‘why are you whispering?’ She shook her head.

‘because i saw her when she answered the door. you know the mirror over that little side table, by the door?’

“Yeah, so?”

‘so, I saw a bunch of men around the corner in the living room, they were naked, and they had boners, so they were ready, and waiting for her to get back.’

She giggled, ‘what’s a boner?’ She finally lowered her voice to a whisper, but her cheeks warmed up. Which just made her green eyes sparkle, and even the green in her hair matched it, like her strawberry blonde hair.

‘well, you don’t have a brother, or a father.’

“Uh huh, yeah I do. He lives in Florida with his whore wife.”

“Well, I’m sure she’s not a real prostitute.”

“What’s a prostitute?”

“Sh!” I leaned over. ‘that’s what whore means, she has sex, for money. Didn’t your mother teach you anything about sex?’ It’s kinda funny, talking about her ex husband’s whore wife, and then not telling her daughter what that means, but I guess she just overheard that, and didn’t understand the word whore.

“I’m not supposed to do it, until I’m older.” She nodded.

“Yeah, I know. You’re supposed to wait until you’re married.”

“Nu uh. I don’t have to get married if I don’t want to, mommy said.”

“Well, that’s great, so you don’t have to wait to have sex!”

She frowned, and thought about it, a little while, until she finally shook her head, and leaned over again. ‘well, how old do you have to be?’

‘well, I’m 11, so I can have sex any time I want, but how old are you?’

‘six.’ she held up one hand, and another with her thumb up. “That’s this many, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!” I almost shushed her again, when she got excited, and started counting out loud, but then I figured that’s okay, on the school bus.

‘well, I guess that’s up to you. Some girls are more mature than others, so I suppose you might be big enough to do it.’

“I’m a big girl, now tell me!”

“Okay, okay, just keep your voice down.” I leaned over, ‘i have to show you anyway, but not here. we have to wait until we get off the bus.’ I looked around, to see if anyone else was paying attention. ‘there might be babies around, that aren’t old enough to see it, but I know you are now. I can tell.’

‘okay.’ It wasn’t much further to school, so I just sat back, and tried to think of some way to sneak her off to a good spot. Usually I go to spank the monkey in the boy’s room, but I can’t take her there.
Not without anybody seeing us together, because she’s so small, and innocent. I know, that makes me a child molester, but I don’t care. Ever since I saw her mom in that bathrobe, especially when she bent over to give us candy, so her braless breasts hung down, and the neck spread open. Then, she stood up, and pulled the robe tight over her pubic hairs.

Her dark brown pubic hairs, so I could see that she wasn’t a natural blonde, but my little sister was too busy looking in her goody bag to notice. Too short to see over the side table, and the reflection of all those hard horny men, just waiting for her to get back, and naked, to get on with the fucking and sucking. To think that she had no idea what a slut her mother was. Even if she tried to hide it, how can you live with such a gangbanging fuck slut, without knowing something?

I guess she just doesn’t know anything about sex, at all. She taught her well, and kept her dirty secrets up till now, but it’s about time somebody taught her a lesson, in sex ed. I could hardly wait until we got to school.

Hardly being the operative word…


Ed (Bg Molestation)

No way I’m going to tell you where I took her, but I didn’t even have to sneak her back there. I just ran off, to beat off, and let her catch up. “HUH!” She covered her mouth, and giggled as soon as she saw my big hard cock in my hand.

So, I let go, and unsnapped my pants. Glad I thought to wear my snap-up pants, instead of any of the button ones, because that just makes it easier to pull them down.

“Is that your boner?”

“Yeah,” I pinched it with my thumb, and 1 fingertip, so she could still see it really good.

She giggled, “I didn’t know they had bones in them.” She pointed, “Like a finger.” She bent it, and held it up. Giggling at it.

“No, not really, but it’s as stiff as a bone.” I took her hand, “Feel that?”

She shook her head, “It’s not as hard as a bone.”

“Uh, huh! Your hands are cold, but just grip it.” I wrapped her fingers around it, “And rub it down like this, uh. HUH!”

“Ugh, don’t pee on me!”

“Uh,” she let go, and pulled her hand away, but too late. I cracked my eyes just in time to see her look back from the corner.

“Huh!” I just slid down the wall, and bent over on my hands and knees. Panting until I caught my breath.

“Are you okay?”

“Huh!” I puled my pants up. “Yeah, great, huh. That was great, you did great.”

“This isn’t pee is it?” I finally looked up to see her looking at her fingers, and smelling the spooge she got on it, then I saw the big wet spot on her top. A couple more drips hit her skirt.

“What is this stuff?” I snapped my pants back up, and rubbed the fly so the velcro stuck together.

“Well, you can call it cum, or jism, but that’s what sperm comes in.”

“Oh, so that’s why it’s called cum?” She shook her head. “What’s sperm?”

“It’s what a man fucks into a woman to get her pregnant, so she can have babies.”

She giggled, and smeared it on her face, covering up her mouth. “You said a bad word.”

“What, fuck?”

“Hmhn!” She nodded.

“Well, that’s just another word for sex. Like screw, would you rather me say a man screws a woman?”

“That’s okay,” her check was still a little shiny from from her jizzy fingers, “I won’t tell.”

But then the first bell rang, to tell us we only had 10 minutes to get to class. “You got a little.” I wiped her cheek, and patted her buns. “Now, you better get to class, but I’ll see you on lunch? I’ve got so much more to show you after school, but we can get started on lunch, if you like.”

“Okay.” she nodded, and ran off, but man. Just that quick handjob made me cum like I never felt before. It wasn’t much more than I usually came, maybe about a tablespoon, but I hoped nobody saw it, and knew what it was. “Aw, shit!”

I forgot to tell her not to say anything about it, to anyone. The other boys, and girls in first grade weren’t a problem, but if anybody could see her cum stained clothes, and ask her who it came from. It was her teacher I really had to worry about.


Mommy (Md Sex Talk)

“Mommy mommy!” my little Molly ran right up to me on the bus stop, “I got a boyfriend at school!”

“Come inside, before you get soaking wet.” It was raining, and she didn’t have a jacket on, because it was fairly warm this morning, and the forecast didn’t say anything about rain this afternoon. She was so excited that she was bouncing up and down, giggling.

“Okay, now calm down, and tell me about this little boy at school.”

“He’s not a little boy,” she stuck her thumb up, and spread her fingers, “He’s in 6 grade. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6!” She tucked her fingers in 1 by one, then gripped her thumbs.

“Molly,” I sat down, “Come here, and sit down. Okay, now you’re sure, he’s a 6th grader, and not 6 years old, like you?”

She shook her head, “No, he’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s in 6 grade, and he likes me!”

“Okay, did he tell you he liked you?”

“Um,” she looked up, and thought, then shook her head. “I can’t remember, but he told me what you did last night, while I was trick or treating.” She nodded.

“What did he say?”

“He said you had a sex party with a bunch of men, and he saw it in the mirror over there, when you gave him candy. In the mirror over the vallet where you keep your keys, your phone, and your pistol.”

“Huh, I don’t know what he thinks he saw.” My ears burned, “But he was mistaken.” He must have seen the TV, but since I had the house to myself, I thought what would it hurt?

“He saw them naked with their boners ready to fu.” She stopped, and shook her head. “Screw you?”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes. “He must have seen the TV. I didn’t have any men over last night, it was just me.” A few select toys.

“So you were watching a movie?”

“That’s right.” Okay, it was a video, of men, stripping for a party. My friend’s sister’s bachelorette party. At a strip club. A male strip club, so he must have seen when I had it paused, near the end. All the men lined up, naked, so I could close my eyes, and imagine they were all there for me.

“A sex movie?”

“Huh!” I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to talk about this stuff with her, quite so soon. “Not exactly, what he saw were just dancers, at a night club.”

“Naked dancers?”

“That’s right.”


I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded my head.

“I didn’t know that boys could be strippers, too.”

“Not boys, men. Just like women, they have to be at least 18 to. Work in a nightclub. Like that.”

“A strip club?”

“Yes, a strip club.”

“Oh, okay.” She ran off towards the hall.

“Molly, just a second. Molly?” I got up, and went to catch up with her, in the nursery. “Huh, Molly. I have to ask you some questions now, so sit down, and please try to pay attention. Okay?” She climbed up on her big girl bed, and nodded. “I uh. I have to ask, but. He didn’t try to touch you, or anything?”

“Uh huh! My butt, and my pussy, and he let me touch his dicky, he cummed before school and then for lunch he put it in my mouth so I could get all his cum, and I swallowed every drop!” The most horrifying thing was how proud of her self she was, but when she told me what he did to her. I had to call the police, but the only name he gave her was “Ed.”

“What’s that short for?”

“Um,” she had to think. “Sex Ed.” Of course, he didn’t give her his real name, but he rode the bus with her to school, so that narrowed it down.

I got that pistol to protect myself from her father, but God help me. He’s lucky that the only way I could think of, to identify him was to take her to school, and wait for him to get off the bus. The police were waiting to arrest him, but if I could have taken it with me to school.

Who knows what I might have done? No, I’m lucky I’m not in jail too, for murder.

Then who would take care of Molly for me? She can’t go to live with her father, and all his whores. Maybe I could send her to live with my parents for a while?

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    Can I fuck that little girl

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      She doesn’t exist, so no. Probably not.

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    Hot, how about part 2? It is uttermost important that the boy practically teaches the little girl all about sex, so that she can recognize molestation later in her life xD

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      Totally missed the part where he got arrested, the next morning, at the end?

    • Drachenlord ID:5err91g8i

      No xD but maybe the police set him free (11 years old may incapable of crime), so that he can experiment on the girl what not to do in the future xD

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      Well, too late. I’ve already written part II…