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Don’t knock it till ya try it part 2

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Jasmine but her lip thinking about it the next day Jordan wasn’t anywhere to be seen and she craved his cock feeling her up and his kisses.

Maybe she should’ve listened to all those guys telling her she should fuck them or don’t knock it till you try it because now she sees what they were talking about

It was way better then plastic it was warm and it honestly made her feel a special Linda bind between her brother

But this was her blood brother but she didn’t care be she here she was on his bed in his hoodie fingering her self thinking of him kissing her and making love to her.

She wanted to feel warm cock in her more often .maybe give all their guys a try having it in you brings out so much more

She loved it when he laid against her letting his cokc sit balls deep in her while they made out and felt each other’s body

She felt so fucking full and her stomach was having the best time of its life her thoughts were cut short to Jordan closing the door

He bit his lip stripping from it closed before sliding next to her kissing her passionately he mumbled a didn’t I love you more then siblings should love each other

He told her he wanted to kiss her and cuddle with her after they fuck and he kept his work pounding inter her cunt her favorite position his face buried into her neck while she scratched at his back

His balls slapping against her and the wetness mixing was the only noise and the giant kissing from him leaving love marks on her neck

Jasmine let out. a loud moan while coming undone while he held his place emptying his balls deep inside her

That moment of bliss was his seed racing to get first place while they kissed he mumbled that he bought a plan b for this exact moment.

They took a shower which consisted in her face against the tile while he ate away at her ass and pussy.

Before he settled in pajama pants and she settled in one of his shirts and panties

He kissed her out of the ordinary while she laid on top of him with the thick red comforter on them.

The next morning she took the pill before coming in sitting in Jordans lap making there mom look at them weird

I though you guys hated each other Jordan responded with he realized try should do some close bonding and there mom to oblivious to put 2 n 2 together when Jasmine declared she likes boy and girls hinting that her brother was fucking her so she likes pussy n dicks.

While there mom went off to work they spent the day kissing and cuddling

Idk where this is going but your welcome to the gym who asked for a part 2

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