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My perverted teacher

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This is not a real story okay this is also intersex basically a girl with a dick

When I was 15 just starting sophomore year at the time I had b cup boobs and curvy in an athletic way boys and girls liked me because I played volleyball

But I remember my last hour of the day the teacher Ms.stone she was very tall and had thick wavy hair and was packing heavy meat.

Well from the way it looked in her slacks it was Tuesday and I was packing up to leave but she asked me to stay back.

And once everybody was outside she had stalled and talked about my grades and behavior Which is good

But when I was trying to leave she locked the door

“Ms.stone what are you doing”

“Every since you’ve came into this class you’ve gave me multiple hard ons with your crop tops and short skirts letting all this pricks feel you up when you could come everyday after class to me for real cock not some 5 inch shit”

I tried for the door but she pushed me against her desk her hand covered my mouth and I realized my dad would go to the gym and say he’s seen her there.

I wasn’t gonna get free so instead if struggling I let it happen.

Her hands groped me everywhere and stripped me before stripping herself and the rumors were true her cock stood thick and long 9 inches her balls hung and unlike all the boys I’d fuck their cocks were thin and hairless

But hers had hair not a lot but just around the base and a little on the balls.

“I hope your pretty little pussy is ready” tears brimmed in my eyes but it was my fault I knew wearing slutty clothes I knew soon someone was gonna take it.

I laid against her desk naked and my face red and my tears stopped.

Her hand slammed down my my arse I moaned she chuckled

“God look I only spanked you and yours wet you truly out a slut your wet and flustered at someone who’s about to fuck you without consent”

I only whimpered feeling her hand slam down on my ass for about 10 minutes before she began grunting

My black was red from the wooden desk she worked herself between my legs the tears we’re back I was in between hating and loving it moans and whimpering left my mouth.

Her hands tightly on my things my tits moving rapidly “call me daddy” she slapped my face I whimpered

She slapped my clit making me moan “daddy please stop” she smirked her balls slapped against my ass

“Mmm better hope your parents don’t want a DNA test”.

“For whatttt” I moaned out as she began ramming me making me cum I was shooken until

Her cock pulsed and twitched her face twisted up her face nestled my neck

Hot semen poured into me thick ropes just kept coming.

It felt like forever she lifted her head and forced kissed me and I don’t know why but I kissed back eager her tongue explored my mouth.

She pulled out making a lot of fun seep out she smiled down at me.

“Better get a plan b huh”

That day changed me everyday I stayed after I guess it was true after being raped it changes you maybe bad maybe good.

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  • Reply orezllik ID:2c3h13f7m1

    Hey Satansslut i really like your stories 🙂 they are very entertaining and omg i wish you could read this and reply to me 🥺

  • Reply woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    I really don’t get you guys. Here we have some young Hottie that wants to be a freak and you guys are putting her down. Just think of the things that she wants to do. Just because the story is fake does it mean that this girl isn’t wanting somebody to make your fantasies come true. So baby girl if that’s what you’re looking for hit me up and I’ll take care of you…[email protected]

  • Reply Jacqueline15 ID:5u0y1no6zk

    This story is faker than Kim Kardashians ASS

    • Satansslut ID:4ke8j2ozj

      I literally state that it’s fake

    • Varun ID:etyxq3xic

      Snap me for more real stories babes ::: snap : varun4yu

  • Reply Anon ID:bkc6gcfxib

    A girl with a dick would be trans not intersex…

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Intersex is congenital, a birth defect. Trans is generally after puberty. 2 different paths to the same result.

    • Danny ID:7n7li166id

      Psiberzerker uh what? Trans and intersex are in no way the same thing. Yes intersex is by definition a discrepancy in sex characteristics by birth, but transgender is when a person identifies differently than their birth gender. Unrelated to how they were born. That is not “Two different paths to the same result.”

    • Danny ID:7n7li166id

      Psiberzerker Trans and intersex are in no way the same thing. Yes, Intersex is by definition a discrepancy in sex characteristics by birth, but transgender is when a person identifies differently than their birth gender. Trans is unrelated to how you were born, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s after puberty or not. They aren’t “Two different paths to the same result” you ignorant fuck. As for the original comment, yeah the chick could be trans, or just a dick girl/shemale. Whatever gets you off my guy.

  • Reply Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9b

    It’s not your fault and I know this story is fake