Tommy and Emily

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Tommy followed the little girl into the toilet cubicle and locked the door

Tommy arrived at the doctors surgery about half an hour early for his appointment and after checking in he sat down on one of the chairs that were laid out in rows. Only one other person was sat in the waiting room, some old Guy who was half asleep. Tommy thought that the chairs reminded him of when he was at school because they were the same plastic type with a rectangular hole in the back near to the bottom of the seat.
After a few minutes a very pretty little Girl walked into the waiting room with a Woman who Tommy guessed could be her grandmother. The Girl looked about 10 years old and wore what could be described as a pink party dress with what looked like a white frilly petticoat underneath. She had blonde shoulder length hair in loose ringlets and very pretty blue eyes. They sat down on the chairs in front of Tommy’s chair with the little girl sat in front of him. He admired her hair and her cute arms she smelt so clean and fresh.
The Woman picked up a magazine and started browsing it and the little girl turned her head looking at Tommy. He smiled at her and she smiled back before she turned herself around on the chair so she was facing him. As Tommy sat back in his chair he noticed the little girl staring into his eyes. When he looked back at her she smiled cheekily and looked down at the floor. Tommy wasn’t sure what she was doing but then noticed how she was sitting. She had her pretty little legs spread open so each of her legs dangled over each edge of the chair and she had pushed her crotch up against the hole in the back of the chair. Tommy realised that she wasn’t looking down at the floor but instead she was asking him to look at her white frilly panties that were on view through the hole.
Tommy was surprised by how this little girl was acting but he certainly liked what she was showing him. Once she knew he was looking were she wanted she opened her pretty little mouth just enough for Tommy to see her little pink tongue. Tommy could feel himself getting aroused by this pretty little girl’s actions and after checking the room was still almost empty he slowly bent forward in his chair and touched her sexy panties with the tip of his fingers. She looked at him and smiled so he touched her inner thigh with his fingertips. The Woman turned and looked at her and asked Emily as she was called to stop pestering people and behave.
Tommy cock was now semi hard inside his pants and would have loved to have seen what was inside of Emily’s white panties. Just then Emily stood up and told the Woman that she was going to use the toilet. As she walked down the corridor towards the toilet area she glanced back at Tommy and slowly licked her pink lips invitingly. As she walked around the corner out of sight Tommy stood up and followed her.
As he got around the corner he saw Emily poking her head out of the Women’s toilet door. He guessed nobody else was in there so he followed her in. Emily entered one of the cubicles and Tommy followed her in and locked the door. He knew what he was doing was risky but it was too good an opportunity to miss.
He quietly asked her what she wanted from him. Emily lifted her pink dress and frilly petticoat before slowly pulling her little white panties down letting them drop to the floor. Tommy gently lifted her up and sat her on the toilet seat leaving her frilly panties on the floor. Emily rested back against the wall as Tommy bent down and gently kissed her on her pretty little mouth. He knelt down in front of her and gently pulled her sexy little legs apart so she was showing him her gorgeous little Pussy. He put his head between Emily’s legs and dripped a mouthful of spit all over her puffy Pussy before rubbing it in to her silky smooth skin. Emily closed her eyes and smiled as Tommy began licking and sucking on her little wet cunt. He ran his tongue up and down her slippery slit and made her moan slightly. He pulled her towards him by her legs before pushing them into the air so he could see her tight little bum hole. He spit on that also before running the tip of his tongue over it several times. He licked his index finger and put his fingertip onto her tiny bum hole before slowly sliding it deep into her. Emily opened her sexy little mouth and gasped as Tommy let his finger squirm inside her. When he slid it out of her Emily pulled her self up and sat on the edge of the toilet seat. There was a slimy little puddle of Tommy’s spit between her legs that had run down from her little Pussy. Tommy got up and stood in front of her hoping that it was now his turn to be played with.
He wasn’t wrong as naughty Emily reached forward and undid his belt. She then undid the button on his jeans and slowly pulled the zip down. Tommy’s jeans dropped to the floor letting Emily see the huge bulge inside his pants. She slowly pulled his pants down causing his big hard cock to pop out in front of her face. Emily must have had a Man’s cock before as she seemed to know what she was doing. She took his big fat cock in her little right hand and placed it’s tip onto her sweet pink lips then teased it using the tip of her tongue. She opened her lips allowing Tommy to slide his fat cock into her warm wet mouth. He placed his hands behind her head and began to slowly fuck her in her pretty face. She was sucking on the end of his cock as he pushed it in and out of her naughty little mouth until he knew he was about to come. He shot a couple of squirts of his hot come inside of her filthy little mouth before pulling his fat cock out and squirting the rest of it all over her pretty little face. Emily spit his sticky come out of her mouth and let it run down her chin as Tommy rubbed his cock all over her face.
They smiled at each other and Tommy cleaned her up with some toilet tissues before Emily put her little panties back on and left the toilet. Tommy pulled his jeans back on and left the toilet a few minutes later. Emily was sat back on her chair and Tommy sat back on his. He will remember that day for the rest of his life as will Emily.

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