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The Caroline Chronicles. Chapter 1. Unexpected pleasure

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12 year old cousins Ben and Caroline spend some time together during a half-term holiday. They find out that things have changed since they were ten.

My cousin Caroline was a prissy little ten year old when I last spent any meaningful length of time with her. Frankly we didn’t really get on too well. Hardly surprising in all fairness. Ok, we were roughly the same age – I was about three months older to be exact – but I was totally into boy-stuff whereas she was most definitely a proper little girl and did not seem to have much time for the somewhat unruly interloper she had to put up with for a week during the summer holidays. My mum and Caroline’s mum are sisters and some family crisis or other on my dad’s side meant that mum and dad needed time away from the family home to sort things out so I had been shunted off to auntie Liz and uncle Geoff for a few days.

The best thing about that few days in Lincolnshire was that Caroline was naive and innocent enough that I got a lot of opportunities to look up under her dresses and skirts to where her little white knickers covered what I was just beginning to discover was a rather interesting part of a girl’s anatomy.

So, fast forward a couple of years, and here we are again. Different reason but same outcome: I am in Lincolnshire again for another week of ‘holiday’ – this time during the October half-term school break. Now, though, both Caroline and I are twelve years old and when I arrived on auntie Liz’s doorstep on this occasion it was a very different Caroline who opened the door to me. The years had changed her more than they had altered me I think. Boy, she easy on the eye! If I had enjoyed looking up her skirt a couple of years ago I was pretty damn sure I would be prepared to crawl over half a mile of broken glass for the opportunity to enjoy a similar view again! She had the same pretty face but now had a slim, but shapely, figure with lovely looking little breasts jutting at her tee-shirt as well as gorgeously tanned, slim legs on view where her skirt ended at mid-thigh level.

My hormones had, obviously, not diminished in the two years since I had last looked up Caroline’s skirt but the difference was that I now knew exactly what it was that a girl had between her legs and was in no doubt at all that I would very much like a long, luxurious look at what was hidden in Caroline’s knickers. I had a distinct feeling that I was going to spend far too many moments during far too many of the coming nights fantasising about what I would like to do with, and to, Caroline if only she would allow me.

All of what I am going to recount took place a long time ago you must understand; there was no internet, only a very limited TV choice, and the only ‘porn’ on offer was that which a young lad could glean from the pages of the discarded issues of such publications as ‘Mayfair’, ‘Penthouse’ and a few others whose names now escape my memory. Or so I thought back then anyway. Little did I know, and how in the world could I have ever imagined such a thing as being likely, that it would be Caroline, of all people, who would introduce me to the ‘delights’ of graphic pornographic photographs. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, I arrived at Caroline’s house and my mum and dad had a quick cup of tea and a natter to auntie Liz and then set off for home and their respective jobs. Uncle Geoff was, of course, at work, auntie Liz was… well, she was auntie Liz really; always busy doing something or other which meant that Caroline and I were left to our own devices for much of the time which, contrary to my expectations, was a very good thing!

The passing years had changed both of us to the extent that Caroline and I now got on well from the very start of our second short ‘holiday’ together. Caroline had clearly changed – in more ways than just the obvious, and delightful, physical ones – and so had I. In fact it quickly became obvious to both of us that we rather fancied one another – despite the taboo nature of first cousins being attracted to one another in such a way. So, as it developed, we kept our growing affection to ourselves and simply, and as innocently as possible, appeared to just be getting along as growing kids will do.

One morning when auntie Liz had gone out to do some shopping and Caro and I were left alone together Caro asked me if I could keep a secret. Obviously I assured her that I could and without further ado she led me upstairs and into her mum and dad’s bedroom. Once there she opened the doors to a large wardrobe and then began to remove some bags and boxes from a stack in the corner beneath the rail full of hanging clothes. When she got to the bottom box she removed its lid and then, delving a hand beneath the files and envelopes it contained, she withdrew a large, brown folder. She then replaced the lid on the box and put all the other boxes and bags carefully back in place and shut the wardrobe door. Giving me a sly smile she said, “You’re gonna like this I think.” Then she led me out of the room and along the landing to her bedroom where she quickly sat down on the floor and patted the carpet beside her inviting me to sit down as well. I did and then she opened the folder. It contained a stack of about twelve magazines and when Caro pulled the top magazine out and when I saw the photograph on the front cover I was suddenly very excited. The picture was of a naked young woman kissing a young man who had his hand between her legs. The young man also had a very large hard-on.

To say that I was totally gobsmacked would be an understatement. I was, quite literally, speechless – and all this before Caroline had even opened the pages of the magazine. I had an almost painful hard-on and could feel my heart beating fast with excitement at what I imagined might be in store for me. Caro closed the folder and put it on the floor beside her and then scooched closer to me – her legs and body were incredibly warm and lovely pressed against me which was exciting enough in itself – and then she opened the magazine and began to slowly turn the pages. There were one or two pages of writing – all in a foreign language that I did not recognise – and then the pictures started.

The photos were completely off the scale as far as I was concerned. They showed young couples engaged in foreplay and also, unbelievably, actually having sex together. Pictures, close-up pictures no less, of young men with their cocks actually up inside the girl’s pussies or in their mouths. It was amazing for a boy like me – innocent to all intents and purposes – with only his imagination, thus far in his young life, to fill in the blanks of what sex was actually all about. I looked at Caroline not knowing whether to be embarrassed or excited but the look on her face – flushed and very clearly excited herself – told me that it was alright for me to be excited about what I was seeing. “Jesus Caro… ” I murmured. “How did you find out about these mags?”

“I was just having a rummage one day when mum and dad were out and I just found them. Good though aren’t they?”

“Are they all like this? You know, I mean are all the pictures this… well, you know, showing everything?”

“This is only the start Ben. Believe me it gets better and better. If you like seeing naked girls with their legs open and young men having sex with them… ” At this point she looked at me with eyebrows raised in an unspoken question to which I gave a very rapid nod of confirmation. “Then you are going to get very, very excited in the next few minutes.” I was very, very excited already. My cock was rock hard – I was hard put not to flex him every couple of seconds – and the feelings swirling around in my abdomen were telling me that a possible orgasm was not a long way away from becoming an actual one. Which fact in itself was rather worrying to me. Anyway Caro continued to turn the pages slowly and I was treated to picture after picture which images depicted all the things of schoolboy’s wet dreams. When she opened the two page spread at the centre of the mag I literally gasped in shock.

In the photo on the left hand page a man was standing behind a girl who was bent over at the waist and he had his cock completely up inside her pussy. The muscles of his thighs and buttocks were tensed and very sharply defined and he was standing on his tip-toes and it looked as if he was desperate to get even more of himself up inside the girl. He was holding her hips and the look on his face was a mask of pure ecstasy. The visible part of the girls pussy was glistening with wetness and was flushed a deep, rich pink colour. She was looking back over her shoulder at the man with her eyes half closed and a look of concentrated delight on her face. It was a frozen moment in time when two people, engaged in the most intimate act possible, were experiencing the joy of a sexual climax together. I instinctively felt that at the instant that picture had been taken the man had been having an orgasm and cumming inside the girl’s body.

In the photo on the opposite page the man had pulled his cock out of the girl’s hole and a stream of his thick, white cum was running out of her slightly distended vaginal opening and dribbling down between the lips of her sex to where a long strand of it was dangling, a little obscenely it has to be said, between her parted thighs. The man had one of his thumbs pressed tightly into the pucker of her asshole and with his other hand he was grasping one of the girl’s breasts. She had her head hanging down in front of her as if completely exhausted and the man’s cock – still very much erect – was shiny and wet with, presumably, a mixture of both his own cum and the girls secretions.

They were two quite breathtaking pictures and they tipped me over the edge of control and left me paralysed with fear that I was imminently going to cum in my pants. “Christ Caro,” I blurted, “I’m think I’m going to cum… ”

“Can I help… Will that be ok?” I looked up at her not knowing what to think. I was trying hard in my innocent way to figure out what it was that she was suggesting. I was about to cum and she was offering to help… What the heck? My mind was a whirl of incoherent thoughts. For a ridiculous moment I wondered whether she had a plan which would mean that she could stop my approaching orgasm in its tracks so to speak. I dismissed that stupid notion and quickly came to terms with the realisation that she wanted to help me to actually have an orgasm. I was, naturally enough, a bit embarrassed at such a prospect but then I thought about her body; about the view up her skirt I had been treated to just after breakfast on that very morning; the arousing sight of the lovely rounded bulge in her pale-pink knickers between her thighs… Time was passing and I simply had to do or say something. I decided to go for broke and to hell with the consequences.

“Yes… Ok, I suppose so… ” I blurted and Caro immediately shoved the magazine into my hands and then quickly began to unfasten my trousers. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry to be honest so I did absolutely nothing except watch with a sort of terrified fascination as Caro unzipped my flies and then reached her hand into my underpants and pulled my erect cock out and immediately began to wank me off. The feeling of having her lovely soft hand wrapped around the shaft of my throbbing cock was absolutely too nice for mere words to convey and, when she used her other hand to gently play with my balls at the same time… Well, I just closed my eyes and gave in to the inevitable.

I had already in my short life had many, many wanks and they had all ended very pleasurably. But when, less than a minute later, Caro’s rhythmically, pumping fist ushered me up the delightful slope of arousal and then, without pause, sent me spiraling headlong over the precipice of my limited sexual understanding and into the abyss of true, unfettered orgasm it was totally fucking awesome. I had never known such pleasure. As the actual instant of orgasm approached a feeling of warmth and tingling expectation, the like of which I had not previously experienced, traveled in a delicious rippling wave throughout my whole body and I gasped, “Oh Christ, I’m gonna cum Caro!”

Barely a second later, lifting my buttocks off the floor in a rictus of delight, I was overcome with almost heart-stopping pleasure as I felt the first, and most sensationally fulfilling, of four or five hugely powerful spurts of cum shoot out of my cock and I softly cried out with the joyful release which each ejaculation afforded me. I was completely lost to the real world – adrift in a sea of pure, sexual delight – as my climax played itself out until I was completely spent at which point I relaxed, panting and shuddering, and allowed my backside to settle back down onto the floor.

A few moments later Caroline broke the silence in the room, “Wow!” she said quietly, “I presume that was nice Ben… You do cum a lot don’t you?”

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  • Reply KQ92 ID:15qbzk9lzri

    Took way too long to get to a pretty anti climactic end.

    • Steam Boy ID:1clvad04fpwa

      Perhaps you could point us all in the direction of your own literary masterpiece KQ92. I thought this was very well written, in proper paragraphs, unrushed and building up to what looks like is going to be a good story series. So much better than half the unreadable crap on here!

  • Reply Lezz ID:1d8vun7zcbu5

    Loved this, this needs a more parts

  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    Neatly written!! I hope you write MANY MORE STORIES WITH THESE TWO PEOPLE. I hope You add in possibly, a second young lady, her age or even younger YOU add within the family or one of her friends. I like how you have written and shown paragraph to paragraph, every time. As in some of the other writers have not done this. So I am very happy to see this.