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Brother and sister find fun things to do 4: more to the family

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To say I was shocked would be an understatement. But here we are.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. There stood the girls and their mother. She helped my sister and she had no problems. She gave birth to a 6lb baby girl and a 6lb baby boy. I was over the moon. I had a son. But both children were beautiful and healthy. So now 3 newborns in the house and a 2yr old. After the babies were cleaned and my sister we let them rest. The girls mom said he call her doctor who happens th be her dad and get the birth certificates taken care of. Then she looked at my wife and me and said we need to talk. We met in the living room. She started off with my husband/ brother explained everything that you are like us and told me about our deal about their daughters.. I asked if she was ok with it. She said yes it was her idea. It was also her idea about the house. She said she grew up in this house and wanted a like minded family to live her agian. Cause it was to bug for her and her husband’s family. Only 2 boys and 2 girls. She said she didn’t want to risk it agian and got fixed because her husband would not. We talked for a long while ask questions got answers. She asked questions got answers. We found we really git on well with her and said any time you 2 need time to yourself send the kids over. She said uf we needed the same they would be more than happy to watch or little ones. Then she the her 1 daughter and me. It seems your wife and sister are out of the rotation for a few weeks till her dr.dad clears the fo sex. That daughter 1 will move in to take care of me and daughter 2 will come by to check on the babies and the women and report back to her uf they need anything. So everything was settled. The girl moved in and her sister was by every day. Her dad the girls grandpa came by to check on my girls and give us the birth certificates. The girl being pregnant she was horny all the time. I was sitting on the couch her sister walked in. She never stopped fucking me. Her sister stood there and watched for a minute. She said I can’t wait till I’m older and get some of that it looks fun. Then off she went to check on my women and the children. The next time we were in my chair fucking hard my cock deep in her uterus and her grandpa walked in. He said nice. He checked the women and children. When her came back he asked if he could join. She hoped up turned around and planted her ass on ny cock and her grandpa put his in her pussy. She kissed him and told her grandpa after the baby he can’t have her anymore. Man that was weird but fun. After he cam she cleaned he and he left. On his way out he said it would be a few more days and when we started having sex agian be easy for a few days maybe weeks the women will know when they can go like normal for you all. Being I was still in her ass I never went fully soft and when he told me that I was hard as a rock agian. On his way out he said not much longer till she’s ready to pop and by the way it’s twins again. Well shit how could he know he only fucked her. Later that week I was in bed with my wife and sister again they were taking turns riding me. The girl wen back home but every so often I could see her sister watching us then leave. The girl and her sister still came over to help with the babies. The girl started lactating so she would put the side if the crib down and breast feed them. I walked in on afternoon and saw her naked and feeding one of the twins. I was hard as a rock so I walk up behind her lifted her a bit and started fucking her right before I cam though she said call my mom it’s time and her water broke. Her mother showed up on her way by said her grandpa said she’d be early if yoy two were to ruff. I told her my head just hit in her uterus like before. So grandpa showed up and helped bring the babies into the world. He smiled and said 2 more girls. Then damn son only on boy so far. This family and ours need more males. Then he said you’ll have to keep trying and laughed. Then checked on his granddaughter and great granddaughters. He said everything was fine he would keep a check on them. Then before he left he laughed at his granddaughter saying couldn’t wait till after you turn 13 let me guess your gonna try for another before you 15. She faintly laughed and said you bet. 2 years have passed my first daughter is five and in school where her grandpa works. The girls family took us in so if my daughter wants to call him grandpa she can with everything they have done for our family. I call him pop. All are kids call him grandpa and his wife grandma. My other kids are 2 and the last twins are 1 and a half last night was the girls sisters 12th birthday. Everything went great that day. The girl was pregnant with 1 and my wife and sister each with 1. My wife told me after this one she was getting fixed 3 for her. My sister said after this one only 1 more she also was getting fixed. The girl is 15 getting ready to turn 16 and said. I want to have babies till I can’t anymore. There is something wrong with me. You figure 9 kids and 3 on the way I would be tired of babies but I still get hot fot these girls walking around with big baby bellies. After the party end my family went home. So many kids I didn’t see the young girls sister slide in the back of the van. And my wife and sister didn’t tell me either till I woke to this young girl trying to force my cock into her. It hurt like hell. I tried to talk her out of it but she was having non of it. She looked me straight in the eyes and said. I started my period last month mom told me now’s the time. Then I felt hands on my cock. I looked to the side it was my wife greasing her and me up with lube. When she was done. She lined me up got up took the young girls shoulders and help by pushing down with her. Hell she was tighter than her sister was. Once the pain subsided she was off and bouncing. Like her sister I hit her uterus then humped us as she was coming down and went right in. This girl kept me in her and hard all night long. By morning I was shooting dust and I was hurting. Maybe more later if you all like it enough.

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  • Reply Samantha ID:5u1ci0soii0

    What in the blue fuck did I just read???

  • Reply Reni ID:7ylrenak0d3

    Wow! That was lousy. Bad sentence structure, no paragraphing what so ever and the story line was crappy.
    Need to learn how to write for sure.