Happy Birthday Baby Boy

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My parents split up shortly after my 15th birthday. I was the youngest of 4, and the last fledgling in the nest, at the end of a long marriage that began in high school. Y’all know that story, I’m sure. As a result, my mom always called me her baby boy, or just baby boy.

My dad was an abusive, drunken prick. Literally ruled the house with an iron fist, and he was much worse when he was drunk.

When I was little, he would wait until after bedtime to start in on mom, and if the commotion woke me up, I would cry, dad would yell at mom to shut that fucking kid up, she would come in, lay down with me, soothe me, and often times fall asleep holding me in her arms.

It didn’t take her long to figure out that if dad started drinking, and she came in and laid down with me, he would leave her alone, pass out, and sleep it off.

When they split, mom and I moved into a nice 2 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor of a secure building because she was still terrified of dad.

Many nights, if she was just feeling scared, or having bad dreams, she would still crawl into bed with me and fall asleep holding me. In spite of the fact that I was now a teen anger, and nearly a foot taller than her. I always slept in my underwear, and was quite accustomed to the feel of her nightgown pressed against my back.

Psychotherapists today would try to label this as “grooming”, but I can honestly say that I do not believe that this was her intent, she had simply grown accustomed to feeling safe while she held me. It was more like I was her teddy bear, her protection from the demons.

I had dirt bikes beginning at age 9, and my dad always had a bike. My mom always railed about how much she hated them, and was terrified of them, yet she spent many a summer day at the local motocross track cheering her baby boy on to victory (or defeat).

That all ended when we moved. Dad sold my bikes before I could get them out of his garage. I cannot begin to tell you the crushing psychological effects this had, and if I ever actually needed a reason to hate the man more, this was the final nail in his coffin.

My 17th birthday fell on a beautiful, sunny, warm Friday in mid June. This year, mom presented me with a small gift wrapped box, a little bigger than a necklace box, with 2 motorcycle keys in it. I was dumbfounded! She took me out to the back parking lot of our apartment building, and there sat the street bike I had been saving money for 2 years to buy with a big, red bow stuck to the middle of the windshield. She’d paid the guy at the dealership to deliver it.

Of course I gave her a giant hug, and a huge kiss and inundated her with “wow” and “thank you” and “I love you mom”. Her reply was to throw her leg over the saddle, slide to the back, and say “Take me for a ride”

“But mom, you hate motorcycles?”

She giggled and gave me that sideways smile that always indicated she was up to some kind of mischief that would get her smacked around if dad found out, and said “No, I hated your father on a motorcycle. He doesn’t ride well, and how that man is still alive today is a mystery to me. I could never say that though, because there would have been hell to pay, so I just pretended to hate them all these years. I’ve watched you ride through things on the track that other riders would have wrecked out on, I know you’re safe, I trust you. Now let’s go!”

I swung onto the seat in front of her, her arms came around my waist, and her hands came to rest, one over the other…on my crotch.

“Uhhh, mom? Little low there”
“Oh! Sorry”

She giggled again, locked her hands around my stomach, I thumbed the starter, kicked the shifter, and off we went.

By the time we hit the third stoplight on the way out of town, her hands had slid back down again and I was just figuring that was where they fell naturally, she was comfortable, I could see the huge smile on her face in my mirror, all was right with the world.

Between the excitement of the new bike, the vibration of the road, and the bouncing of my mom’s cupped hands over my cock every time I hit a bump in the road, I spent most of that ride half erect and dripping pre-cum into my underwear. We talked about lots of things that afternoon. Dad mostly, and their back story, him taking her virginity at age 16, him being the only man she’d ever been with, my girlfriends, plans for the summer, and maybe a road trip on the bike as long as I wasn’t too embarrassed to be seen with my mom riding with me, etc… Mom and I had always shared a relationship where we could talk about absolutely anything. We returned home a little after dark.

Mom said she was going to shower and head to bed, I told her to let me know when she was done because I was next. In my room, I couldn’t stop thinking about her hands on my cock for nearly the entire trip as I stripped, and put on my bathrobe for the short trip to the shower. Mom tapped on my door and told me the shower was open, and I headed to the bathroom a little more than half hard.

Out my door, and immediately left was mom’s door, the bathroom was down the hall to the right. I stepped into the shower fully erect, head still spinning, thinking about mom’s hands. Soaping up, my hand just slid down the length of my cock and I was so aroused and excited that I blew a bucket of cum all over the shower door thinking “I hope she rides with me again, that was fucking intense!”

After my shower, I stepped out into the hall and noticed that mom’s door was still open and her light was on. Strange, she normally sleeps with it closed. Maybe she’s in the kitchen getting a snack or something.

I pad silently down the hall and glance in, and there, on her bed, feet pointed at the door, bare ass naked, was my mom with the middle and ring fingers of her right hand slamming in and out of her pussy.

I was mesmerized! I’d been with a number of girls at this point, so nude women wasn’t a new thing to me, but mom had always been modest, and I’d never even seen her in a bra or panties before. Nothing less than a mid thigh length nightgown, and always with underwear and a bra beneath it.

Mom may have been 50, but holy fuck! She was amazingly hot! All 5’3″, 102 lbs, beautiful, full D cup breasts, bare for all to see masturbating as though she’d forgotten her door was open.

She never looked up, never acknowledged my presence, for all I knew at that moment she didn’t even know I was standing there, my cock growing, parting my robe on its own, and pointing at the ceiling.

After about a minute, I quietly slipped into my room, trying not to let the door make any noise as I closed it, dropped my robe and hit the bed ready to rub out another orgasmic explosion, still not believing what had happened today, or what I’d just seen… When there was a tap on my door that I knew all too well.

Shit! Pull the blanket over me and roll away from the door so she wouldn’t see my rock hard cock. “Come in, mom”. I heard the door, and my mom asked “May I lay with you for a while?”

My head is shouting “I’M FUCKING NAKED AND HARD AS A ROCK, SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” but all I can say is “Sure, but I haven’t got dressed from the shower yet, wanna give me a minute?” She says “That’s ok, I used to change your diapers, you know, I’ve seen you naked before, although I will admit, you were MUCH smaller at the time”, and that giggle again. Oh my God, that giggle!

I feel her pick up the corner of the sheet and slip into bed behind me, one arm sliding under my pillow, the other hand sliding over my waist and around my chest. My mind is racing over all the embarrassing thoughts a teen age boy has about his mom even seeing him naked, much less laying down with him while he’s naked with a dick he could drill through a diamond with.

I feel her warmth as she snuggles in, and…Wait a second! Those are bare tits on my back! WTF?

As I’m processing the fact that I can now feel my mom’s tits on my back and not her nightie, I suddenly realize that I can also feel her bare pelvis against my ass, I swear to God, I can feel every single pubic hair, my mom whispers into my ear in a sultry voice I had never heard from her before “Did you like what you saw baby boy?”

My brain froze. What the hell do I say? Do I lie and tell her I didn’t see anything? Did I say yes? Do I say no? All I can muster is “Uhhhhh…”

“It’s ok sweetie, (her hand slides down my belly and wraps itself gently around my shaft) I saw that you liked it, and that’s why I’m here. You looked a little distressed, and I thought you might need some help”

With that, mom pulled away from me a little, grabbed my shoulder, pulled me over on my back, swung her body over mine, and proceeded to slowly kiss a trail down my belly. Using her knees to push my legs apart as she slid those beautiful tits down, making sure my cock slipped between them as she went. She kissed her trail to the left of my shaft then her tongue found it’s way to the base of my balls, and slowly began sliding upward, lightly dancing the trail between them, then even slower up the length of my shaft, circling around the head twice when she reached the top, licking the pre-cum that was nearly covering the entire head. She quietly let out an “Mmmmmmm”, then oh so agonizingly slowly her lips parted and she began taking my cock into her mouth.

Time stood still. I could feel the warmth of her mouth engulfing first the head of my cock, then sliding down the shaft, moving so slowly that I could barely tell she was moving at all, her tongue would occasionally flicker into that sensitive spot at the base of my head as she slid down, down, down, until I could feel that I had hit the back of her throat. Then she began the same excruciatingly slow return up the shaft, I swear it took her two full minutes to get down, and she was moving even slower on the way back up.

I could feel the orgasm beginning to build, and I groaned “Oh Jesus, Mom! You’re going to make me cum!”, but she just kept slowly sliding up my shaft. When her lips slipped up against the base of the head, I was done. I moaned “Oh my God! Mom!” and then exploded another bucket of cum. So much that mom couldn’t swallow it all. I could feel it already sliding back down my shaft and I was still pumping it out!

After my orgasm came to an end, mom said “Goodness, baby boy, where did you store all of that?” And then proceeded to lick me clean. When she was done, she slid her body up mine, straddling my belly, I could feel her pussy against my stomach, she was so fucking wet! Soaking wet, dripping wet! Leaving a snail trail on my skin wet. Then she kissed me long and deep, her tongue dancing the tango with mine as my hands slid down her body and cupped her oh so perfectly heart shaped, tight ass.

At 17, this was the first time I had tasted my own cum, but I didn’t care, my mind was racing elsewhere. I’d had blowjobs before, but nothing like this. I was still in shock. My mother, of all the people in this world, my fucking mother had just sucked me off in the most incredible way I could imagine. I couldn’t believe it! But I had to believe it because now she was kissing me like a lover, her hot, dripping wet pussy is grinding against my belly, those wonderful, perfect tits are smashed into my chest, and I can taste my own nut on her lips! My thoughts were bouncing between “This is SO dirty, and wrong”, and “God, I hope this never ends”.

Mom broke the kiss, pushed up a little, smiled, giggled again, then asked “Does my baby boy know how to return the favor?” My mind screamed “HOLY SHIT! MOM JUST ASKED YOU TO EAT HER PUSSY!!!”, while my mouth simply grinned and said “Yes ma’am” as I rolled us over, pinning her to my bed, and kissing her again, then working my way down, kissing and nibbling at her neck, hearing her moan in pleasure, feeling her body press into mine with every move, kissing, sucking, nipping at the nipples that had provided me sustenance so long ago. Nothing in them tonight but the nerve endings that made her pelvis thrust against my body, and her moans and gasps become louder and more frequent.

I slid my tongue down her belly, and as I reached her patch of well trimmed hair, I slipped to the right, working my way around until the tip of my tongue found the crease between her thigh and pelvis, where I kissed and licked, teasing, then I switched to the other side. Her hips were bucking toward my mouth, but I was feeling her movements, anticipating them, moving with them to keep my tongue exactly where I wanted it to be. She was so wet that even this area was soaked, and I could not believe I was actually tasting my mom’s juices.

When I felt she could take no more, I let the top of my tongue just barely slip between her labia and slide an upward path just barely parting them with the tip. She let out I loud moan and again thrust her hips at my face. I had slid my arms under her thighs and wrapped them around, bringing my hands together on her stomach, so when she thrust at me, I simply tightened my hold and pinned her back down. I might have only one shot at this, and by God, it’s going to be on my terms.

I slid my hands down her belly and used my fingertips to gently spread her labia, exposing her perfectly shaped clit, and her tightly puckered pussy. Slowly, carefully, I began circling around her clit with the tip of my tongue, not touching it directly, but occasionally lightly brushing the side of my tongue against it as I circled around it. Every time I did that her breathing got faster, her gasps got little louder. Finally I puckered my lips and planted them around her clit, encircling it perfectly, I sucked it gently between my lips, lightly placed my teeth lightly above it, and began flickering my tongue over it, lightly squeezing it with each flicker. My mom gasped, let out a long moan that rose in pitch until it was nearly a squeal, her hips rose to mash her pussy into my mouth and she came.

My mom was the first squirter I had encountered, and she came so hard I felt her hot juices hit my neck and pour down my chest into the sheets. I honestly thought she had peed on me until I realized that the sweet scent of her pussy had not changed, only intensified. I locked my arms around her thighs so she could not move, and bore into her clit with gusto. Mom came like a machine gun! One after another after another after another. Her cum was soaking into the sheets, and I could feel that I was laying in wetness almost to my waist. Finally she grabbed my hair, yanked my head up, and rasped “No more, baby boy. No more, please? I want to feel you inside of me! I want you to make love to me NOW!”

Silently, I slid up her body, paying homage to those perfect half dollar sized dark brown nipples again, and came to rest with my lips against hers, and the head of my cock nuzzled against her dripping pussy lips. After kissing her again, letting her taste herself on my lipsand tongue, I asked “Are you sure we want to do this, mom?”, she moaned “Oh God, yes baby boy, I want your cock in me, but go slow, I’m probably a virgin again, the last time I had sex with your dad was over 10 years ago, and you’re bigger soft than he was hard, so please, go easy”

I began moving my hips in small, slow circles, letting her pussy slowly get my shaft wet, and sliding into her a little more with each circle. I was almost halfway in when she cried “Oh my God!” and came. I could feel her cum soaking my balls and running down the insides of my thighs. My head was screaming “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? THIS IS MOM!”, but I couldn’t stop. I was about 3/4 of the way in when the head of my cock pressed into that little spot just above the cervix and mom came again, in my head I’m now thinking “holly shit! I’ve never had a woman cum this easy before, calm down boy, savor this. If this is the only chance You ever get, you don’t want it to end too soon”.

After a few slow, easy slides in and out, mom locked her legs around my hips and made it perfectly clear that she was now in control by slamming me deep into her, digging my cock into that spot above her cervix, and blasting my balls and thighs with her hot cum. By the time she came for the fifth time, I had no control left, I could feel that tickle just below the head of my cock, and I growled “Fuck! I’m cumming”, and my mom slammed me into her pussy again as I came yet the third bucket full of the night. Mom came with me, and we were locked together, a quivering, shaking, gasping mess in the middle of a lake of body fluids.

When her death lock on my hips loosened, I noticed that my cock was still so hard that it almost hurt. I began slowly moving, pulling back no more than an inch, then slowly pushing back into that spot, with a little dip of the hips on contact, giving that spot a serious rubdown in slow motion. I took me no more than 8 or 10 pushes into this area, and mom’s geyser went off again.

By now, the only sounds she can make are the ragged intake of air, followed by the moan of pure ecstasy. I picked up the pace, little by little, until I was hammering her pussy for all it was worth, and she was screaming and exploding all over my cock every 15 to 20 thrusts.

This time it took me a little longer to cum, and there wasn’t quite as much as the last time, but there was still a lot. When I could move again, I could feel the swelling in my member had gone down, so I slowly pulled it out, which caused my mom to spontaneously cum yet again.

I collapsed to the bed next to her, and she rolled into me, putting her head on my chest, still breathing hard, and still shaking like she had electricity flowing through her entire body. After a few minutes, she said very weakly “Happy Birthday baby boy. 17 years ago I pushed you out of that hole, and until now, it was the most incredible feeling I’d ever experienced”. I replied “Sure mom, I bet you say that to all your kids”. She laughed and told me my oldest brother fought to stay in, my sister was breech, and my other brother was so big she thought he was going to split her in half, whereas I had just popped right out, no muss, no fuss. Then she giggled, and joked “That may have actually been the first time you made me cum”

We talked a bit, making sure each was ok with what we had just done, and talking about the door we had just opened into our new, future relationship. She made a joke about never thinking she would need to put rubber sheets on my bed again after I’d been potty trained, and as if I needed further proof that my father was an absolute failure as a male, she divulged to me that until that night, she had believed that the only way she could experience orgasm was through clitoral stimulation. She’d never came as a result of intercourse before. But… With her fingernails walking lightly down my stomach, if I felt up to the challenge, as those nails drag lightly down the length of my now half hard dick, she would like to explore this new found pleasure even more.

And so it began. Almost daily, and usually multiple times per day. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. We explored a lot of fantasies over the next few years. Some of them mine, most of them hers, all of them absolutely intense.

We did take that road trip on the bike, and several more, but that is a story all its own. I will say it was a total thrill checking into a motel with her as Mr. And Mrs. Road trips were the best. Nobody knew us, the surnames on our licenses matched, so we could flirt, play, and engage publicly as we wished without fear of running into people who knew we were mother and son.

I lost her to cancer when I was 26. I was married, and my wife never had a clue why I spent so much time at mom’s before she got sick.

33 years later, I still have the motorcycle she gave me, it has over 175,000 miles on it, and it still looks and runs like it is brand new. If you remove the seat, there is a small storage compartment above the battery. In that compartment is a pill bottle. It is so old and beat up that you can no longer see through it, but inside of it is a lock of her hair that I collected when it fell out due to chemo.

Mom, and all the wonderful sexual memories that began with that motorcycle, are with me every time I throw my leg over the saddle. I’m even admit that more than a few times while riding, I will think about that first ride, and get hard. Then the vibration of the bike takes hold, and I end up filling my own pants with cum.

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  • Reply Willy T. ID:1d8lxq95nltd

    Finally a comfort tale where correct spelling is used & the story is complete. Excellent!
    Someone finally posts as a mature person.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:8ojju2g20k

    Already came in my panties

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      That was hot I fingered my. Pussy and came and I know my 10yr old son was watching I lef the door cracked open enough for him to see I left a lamp on so there would be enough light for him to see

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    Congratulations, No1UKnow. You wrote and submitted an actual story…. not a footnote… or teaser. The proliferation of these stories and this story’s rating indicates that motherfucking… consensual or non-consensual… is becoming an acceptable practice.
    I had a sexy but nasty and domineering 32 yr. old bitch foster mother who got five hours of the non-consensual treatment with my 8 1/2″ Staff of Life.
    She couldn’t tell her 5″ dick husband because he’d know she was lying if she denied that she came for the first time in her life, dozens of times.. soaking my bed while screaming “FUCK MEEE!! and “YESSS!! SHOOT YOUR COME INSIDE OF MEEE!!”
    She had a new, contrite attitude and for the next three years that I lived there I had far more access to her tight, juicy pussy than he did.

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    That was so hot all the best to you and your daughter my cock is hard thinking about u2
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    Fantastic story

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    Mum first sucked me off /when I was 10. When I was 12 she taught me how to fuck her. After that, we fucked whenever Dad went to the pub, which was at least 4 times a week. Mum had a baby girl by me when I was 13 years old

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      I know this is true because I’m that daughter. Not only that, but when I was 8 my Mum sucked my clit until I had a cum, and then persuaded my dad to fuck me. Every time I stick my fingers in my pussy I think of the first time I had his cock inside me. It had hurt at first, but after a few minutes I realised that |I was enjoying it.

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    Wow… If this true I am sorry for the loss of your mother…. Either way true or not very well written and intense… Thank you for sharing

    • No1UKnow ID:19g9ixfmj459

      It is absolutely true, and thank you. In fact, ride that bike to work this morning

  • Reply Bobber ID:6e4jn0v2

    You are an excellent story teller! Felt like I was right there with you the whole time.
    Sorry for your loss tho.

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    WHEN IS IT MY TURN?E-MAIL ME AT [email protected]