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Detroit – part four

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I didn’t expect to write any more about the happy Detroit story, but Kya came up with a birthday surprise.

Read the earlier parts before this one.

I didn’t expect to write any more about the happy Detroit story, but Kya came up with a birthday surprise.

The two girls’ birthdays were imminent, they’d be in just a few days, now school term’s started. I’m not one for giving surprise presents, so I asked Kya what she’d like and what she thought Kiara would appreciate. The answer was definitely a surprise for me.
“As you know, we’re like sisters, we share everything. Kiara wants to share you! I told her I’m not happy about that and I hope that you wouldn’t be either, but maybe just once?”
Kiara’s a cute, sweet, good looking girl, and sexy with it, but I’m not looking for that. That’s what I told Kya, and “I’m yours and I don’t want anyone else, and I wouldn’t want you to want someone else either. Even just once”.
Kya “OK, it was a trick question, you passed the test. But I wouldn’t mind, I think I’d get turned on even more than usual, if we make love and she watches. Don’t forget, we’ve both seen how each other lost our virginity already and we’ve had all sorts of girl-sex fun ourselves. What do you think?”
“I’m happy she fancies me, I didn’t expect that. But I don’t think I’m much of a porn star, Kya. I’m shy. I wonder if I’d perform with someone watching? If you want, I won’t say no right away, I’ll think about it”.
And I did think about it. Since day one with her all I think about, when I’m not with Kya, is her. But, for once it was the thought of Kiara watching us that was on my mind. I was apprehensive, but at the same time the thought was beginning to appeal to me.
We’d never slept at Kya’s home before, and we decided it would be good to christen her bed by spending the night there and making love on it for the first time. We’re now using a condom, since the pregnancy possibility scare. Neither of us really wants to, and tonight Kya suggested I should leave the condom but be very sure to pull out before I cum. We can finish with a 69 or whatever we think of at the time. We had a nice meal, left the washing up for the morning, as usual. The sex was good, we liked the real feeling with no condom, I pulled out near my climax and she milked me with her lovely mouth and squealed as I finger-fucked her to an orgasm.
Kya had another idea. “You know Kiara and I played around a lot. It was almost always on this bed. My parents are usually out, at her house someone’s usually at home. You haven’t said whether you agree about her watching us, yet. How about this, we’re here, Kiara and I are having our fun together, you come in and find us and watch us, then join in with me and she watches us?”
This is beginning to sound interesting. The birthdays are in two days’ time, so we need a decision.
“I think you’ve convinced me. I’m still a bit scared and wondering. But, OK I’ll go with that”. We cuddled and went to sleep. In the morning “Are you still happy with the birthday present? Can I tell Kiara? It’s tomorrow!”
So, I agreed. In the afternoon, I picked the girls up after school, as usual. I always get a kiss from Kya (I often wonder if anyone or even everyone notices) but today I got one from Kiara too, and not just a peck on the cheek either, a thrilling but not too lingering kiss on the lips. “Are you looking forward to tomorrow, I am!” she said.
“Sort of, but I’m a bit scared and shy too”.
“Don’t worry, we girls will look after you”.
Tomorrow arrives, it’s birthdays day. I’d bought cards and little presents, Kya had hers in the morning, already. I gave Kiara hers when I picked the girls up after school, so that deserved another lovely kiss. We went to the Black family house where a birthday meal was waiting, with aunts, uncles, all that sort of thing. All very nice and after that, about 6.30, the girls and I headed for the White family home.
“You need to go for a little walk, not for long, five minutes will do”. Kya gave me my instructions. I was soon back and, opening the door, found no-one in the living room. Opening the door to Kya’s room, the girls were inside, both naked and in the 69 position. I hadn’t really thought about whether they’d be naked or partly clothed, but everything was on show. Kiara’s only minutes older, but she looks physically older than Kya by six months or more, she has lovely B-cup breasts, more shape round her bottom than slim Kya, though not too much, more hair on her lovely un-shaved pussy. Kya was finger-fucking Kiara and moaning with pleasure as her own pussy was sucked and tongued.
“You filthy little bitches! I need to join in, but first I want to see you doing the scissors together” I said. I was fascinated to see how two girls did this. They changed positions, and I watched as closely as I could, as the two wet pussies rubbed against each other. They were going at it, it wasn’t slow, the girls worked hard to satisfy their eager pussies. Kiara said “You’ve done me, I’m cumming” and stopped her writhing movements as her wet cunt climaxed.
I started to strip and my dick was ready for action. Kiara returned her mouth to Kya’s cunt and her backside was up and facing me. I had a gorgeous view of her pussy, perfectly placed for a doggy fuck, her wet cunt lips ready to receive. I had to keep my prick for Kya but I couldn’t resist a finger in Kiara’s pussy. That felt so good, I put two in and finger fucked her as hard as I could. The pussy was tight round my fingers and Kiara collapsed on the bed as she came again, her legs spread wide now and her wet cunt waiting to be sucked. I wondered if I was breaking the rules but she was irresistible and I kept her going with my mouth, tongue and more finger.
Kya was watching us closely and fingering herself. I left Kiara, who was still moaning on the bed. I whispered to Kya “Am I doing OK or too much?” As she often does, she answered without words, this time with a kiss, tasting Kiara’s juices on my mouth. But they were still on hers, anyway!
This whole session was Kya’s idea, she would want to show Kiara what we did together. I’d thought I’d be shy knowing we were being watched, but I wasn’t, after all. I wanted to put on a show for Kiara, and give her sister a 69 and a hard fuck, we’d both like it anyway. Kya was on her back and first I started tonguing and fingering her, then we moved to a 69 and Kya was wanking and sucking me, with Kiara watching intently. I whispered again “No condom, I’ll pull out”. Kya nodded, still on her back. I lifted her open legs and they were on my shoulders as I folded her in half. We’d made love like this a few days ago and it was so good. I hit her with the full length of my penis, in and out, over and over again and Kiara’s watching eyes were inches away from the action.
Kya was moaning as she started cumming. I said “I’ll have to pull out or I’ll cum in you” and I did. Kya said “I’m shagged, you finish him off, Kiara”. And Kiara’s mouth was round my cock, her soft lips pulling my foreskin back and my glans feeling the attention of her tongue. I couldn’t last more than a few seconds before I started to squirt spunk into her mouth, she went on sucking and took it all. Then I saw the two girls mouths together, they shared the spunk, each one opening her mouth to show the white juice inside before they both swallowed.
We all lay back and relaxed, Kya was playing with my soft dick and of course Kiara was all eyes. My arm was round Kya and she whispered “It’ll soon get stiff again, I’ve seen it in Kiara’s mouth, I really want to see it in her cunt, will you do it for me?”
It had been a fantastic sex session. I wanted to do it, but again, I didn’t really want to, or to seem to want to. I said “If she rides me, I won’t resist”.
After Kya gave her instructions, Kiara was above my face and brought her juicy pussy to my mouth, grinding it against me. Then she moved and was caressing and sucking my cock, my hands were all over her lovely tits and my dick was stiff as a pole. She came above me again, Kya guided her above my dick and pulled her down on to it. I slid into the tight, wet hole and she started moving up and down, riding me. I’d said that I wouldn’t resist but it was impossible not to join in, I was soon thrusting in rhythm with her movements and holding her little bouncing boobs. The feeling was incredible.
“Kiara, get off or I’ll cum in you”. She rode me harder than ever, she wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t stop, I shot my load into the tight pussy. I was finished but she stayed on top as if she wanted me inside for good. Eventually she moved and her cunt was above me, oozing cum.
Two sex-mad twelve year old birthday girls had showed me the way to heaven. It was our first threesome, but not the last.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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