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I Finally Told My Brother I Was Raped By His Friends

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I had a question from someone who wanted to know if I ever told my brother, Terry about his friend David, raping me, the time he stayed over night? The answer is yes, finally. But, I didn’t tell him until David had moved away. I was afraid Terry would confront David and David would hurt him. David was 16, the same age as my brother but, he was bigger. I was 10 when this happened.

After David moved away Terry an I were talking and I finally told him David raped me that night he stayed the night. As I was telling him how David snuck in my room, got in my bed and forced his dick in me, I noticed, Terry had a hard on. I ask him to tell me how that makes him hard. He said, “I don’t mean to be insensitive but, I’ve often wanted to fuck you myself.” “You have those big tits I have to look at all the time and I’ve seen you naked many times plus, I’m 17 and all I wanna do is fuck something.” “Don’t be mad at me.”
I told him, “I’m not mad, just curious.” He wanted to know why I didn’t tell anybody? I told him how I kinda had a crush on David and David acted like he really liked me. So, I thought it was something special. Then, when it happened again, Terry said, “What?” That’s when I told him about David taking me to the
fort. How he fucked me again then, 3 guy friends of his came by and they fucked me. Terry was livid that I didn’t tell him.

I told him I thought a lot of it was my fault. He said, “No, it wasn’t your fault.” He come to me and held me close and hugged me tight. He said, “I’m your brother, I’m supposed to protect you and I want to.” I’m hugging him and I feel his dick getting hard. He’s rubbing against my tits. I said, “Terry, do you want to touch my tits?” He said, “More than anything.” I said, “Okay, you can touch them, go ahead.” He said, “Really?” I nodded, yes.

He stood back and started unbuttoning my blouse. He took it off and unhooked my front close bra. They just fell out of the bra and Terry cupped them in his hands. He was so excited. He’s massaging them, squeezing them and then he bends down and starts sucking them. I’m getting excited how he’s playing with my titties. I haven’t had sex since those guys raped me. That was a year ago.

He said, “I can’t believe I’m holding and sucking these titties I’ve dreamed about for years. I laughed and said, “I never realized you were so horny for my titties, Terry.” He hugged me. He pulled me into him, mashing then against him. Then he ripped off his t-shirt off and pressed them against his chest, rubbing then back and forth. I could feel his dick was hard. He just had a t-shirt and his boxers on, so his dick was sticking out. He said, “I want to fuck you so bad, is that horrible?” I said, “I don’t know but I’m excited by you touching me and I’m getting wet.”

He said, “We better wait till mom and dad go to visit grandma.” I said, “When are they going?” He said, “I’ll go see.” He left my bedroom and went downstairs. A few minutes later he came back and said, “They’re leaving now.”
We waited till they were gone and Terry came back to me and grabbed my titties again. His dick was sticking straight out. He started taking off my skirt and my panties. He’s looking at my body and said, “Man, you’re gorgeous.” He sat me down on the bed and pulled his boxers off. I said, ” Wow, Terry, you have a big dick.” He held it in his hand and was going back and forth on it. I reached up and held it. He stepped forward and put it at my lips. I opened my mouth and he put it in. I started sucking it and Terry moaned and groaned.

He had one of my titties in each hand. He was squeezing them then he said, “Wait, a minute.” He took his dick and put it between my tits and started fucking them. Then he said, “Put your mouth on the head and suck it while I fuck your titties. I did that and it turned me on. He leaked some cum out cause he was so excited. We did that for awhile then he said, ” Lay down, I’m gonna fuck your brains out, little sister. ”

I laid back and Terry slid his dick in my pussy. He said, “Oh fuck, you’re tight.” He did fill my pussy and it was rubbing my clit just right. He got it all the way in and then started fucking me hard. It felt so good I didn’t realize how horny I was. Terry was hard as a rock inside me. He’s saying he’s never fucked such a tight pussy before. I didn’t care, I was getting ready to cum all over his dick.

Terry said, “You liked all them guys fucking you, didn’t you?” I said, “After I had no choice, it felt good. He stopped fucking me, pulled out a rubber and put it on. Then he stuck it back in me and went to town, on my pussy. Terry ask me, ” Did it hurt when David busted your cherry?” I said, “Yeah, it hurt.” He said, “Did you let him cum in you?” I told him I didn’t let him ,he just did. Terry said, “Oh, fuck I’m cumming.” I felt his hard dick go soft.

Terry fucked me again and again before mom and dad got back.

After that day, we fucked a lot. I really liked his dick. It was bigger than David’s.
Terry would come to my room after he got home from dates and fuck me before he went to bed.
Even if he fucked his date he still fucked me. He was in love with my titties. He had to rub his face in them every night, since he first touched them.

He fucked me till he went off to the service, when he was 21. I missed him terribly. I sent him on pictures of my tits. He told the guys it was a girlfriend of his had. He said he jacked off to the pictures.

I dated several guys and fucked a couple but haven’t met anyone really special yet. But, I feel like I’ll always have my brother.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Kevin ID:2px1ognpxvh

    Hot story

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    She is 11 and he dreamed about her titties “for years”. Trash narrative

    • Steffy ID:1a912bhj

      Here’s another person who DOES NOT read the content of an article then makes a STUPID comment. You’re nuts, Avenger. She had big boobs for her age.

    • Brian ID:1dyiru0ut7xl

      Of course she has big boobs for her age. In this kind of stories even five-year-old girls have big jugs to be milked.

    • Jackie ID:1dxel7xphyhg

      Oooookay pal. Maybe if you read into it a little more. The poor girl had huge breasts at a young age. Puberty come early lmao. Let’s not forget she was also raped, but another thing is, it’s probably just a fantasy and not a real story.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyd3

    It’s great how your brother got off to hearing about your rape. He knew you loved it, you filthy whore!!