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Pickup Truck

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My moms wanted the house to themselves, so they gave me the keys, and told me to “Stay safe.” I never thought to use that to get me laid!

I know, I’m not the most attractive girl, but just because I never got into fashion, makeup, and hair. Let’s just say it’s different when you don’t have a mom, and dad to force Barbie down your throat, and let you pick your own toys.

I headed down to the track, because the cops were doing one of their Beat the Heat nights. That’s how they stop street racing here, they fix up their own cars, paint them up all blue and white, they even have lights, and sirens.

Then, they rent out the drag strip, so the local tuners can challenge them, and they’ve got some really fast cars. The Firemen have this super-long bike too, but no lights, or sirens on that. There’s even a pretty fast Ambulance, since Fire and Rescue got involved, but it’s a pretty cool way to spend a school night.

“What are you from Texas?” Some guys walked up, just as I was getting out.

I slammed the door “No?” I had to yell over about 10 seconds of straight pipes, then the crowd cheered, but these guys. I looked them up, and down, but we’re talking about Motorheads. “It’s a work truck. My moms are both woodworkers, so they use it to pick up plywood, and stuff.” I patted the side, right behind the cab, while they surrounded me. Backed up, on the side of the truck, when Brigid said stay safe, she ment on the road.

“So, when you say your moms, you mean you’re raised by lesbians?”

“Yeah, they’re married. To women, and they like woodworking. So, that pretty much makes them lesbians, uh huh?”

They looked at each other, and another one spoke up. “I never heard about lesbians, and woodworking. You?” The shook their heads, but I already had my phone out of my back pockets.

“Not woodworking, per se. I mean, it could be anything they have in common. Like sports,” I brought up my family photos, and swiped past the boring ones, to the beach. The three of us standing together, grinning at the camera in our swimsuits. “It just turns out that one is a furniture maker.” I pointed out Brigid, “And the other a cabinetmaker.” Sandy. “So, they met at the lumberyard, and hit it off.”

2 of them came around beside me, to look over my shoulder, which gave me a chance to step out. The other 2 just turned their heads to check them out. “So which one’s your real mom?”

“Oh, I’m adopted.” I shook my head, “My real mom, and dad gave me up.”

“Oh,” the blond one looked back, and forth. At my face, and my phone, “I thought you kinda looked like the skinny one.”

“So, what kinds of cars do you drive? If you don’t mind me asking.” They were all Ford guys, so they hung out together, but like I was saying about common interests? Yeah well, I don’t like splinters, and sawdust getting everywhere. I’m a grease monkey, so I like wrenches, and oil instead of chisels and sandpaper.

When I said they let me play with whatever toys I wanted, that means I got go-carts as soon as I was big enough to reach the pedals, and I’ve been racing since I was in 5th grade. I’m actually pretty good at it, “For a girl.” They always said that, not bad for a girl. I’ve got the fastest lap times, for a girl. As if you need upper body strength to turn a wheel, with Power Steering nowadays.

They didn’t give me shit about the GMC (Other than it being a pickup truck) even though that’s like Chevy, which is the natural enemy of the Ford guys, but that ment a Mustang. “Fox body, huh?” I bent over to check the muffler first.

“Yeah, I know it looks like an 80s hatchback.” Hank started.

“Yeah, but it’s also the lightest production body, so if you get the Aluminum Windsor block,” I glanced over at the 5.0 badge, “and cut off the Shepard’s crook, it’s actually a pretty good place to start…”

… They just looked at each other, surprised that I knew that, but I speak Ford, too.

“Shepard’s crook?” Hank finally shook his head.

“Yeah, Ford puts everything over the axel, that includes the tailpipe. Look.” I bent over, in a tight teeshirt, black bra, mini skirt, and tights, but the bleached white teeshirt showed my black bra, in the parking lot lights pretty well. (28Bs, if you like stats.) “I work in a muffler shop. You know how the first thing that rice boys do is get an exhaust tip? Yeah, well on a Mustang, you can get like 5 more horsepower out of it just by cutting the bend out, and putting the muffler somewhere else. If you want to keep it street legal.”

“Oh,” It was Hank’s car, but he just bought it. Drove his friends around, and 2+2 seating ment room for 3 friends, but not a lot of room in the back seat for much else. I was already thinking Hank might make a pretty good boyfriend, because he had a car, and he’s obviously into drag-racing. So we hit it off, talking about cars, and stuff. I’ll just assume you came hear to read about sex stuff, and skip past all the greasemonkey talk.

“She’s cool!” The boys told him, and I finally dared them.

“So, who drives the fastest?” I bet it was Hank, because it’s his car, and oh yeah. He’s the one that asked if I was from Texas, to break the ice? Yeah, it’s Houston Hank, 3 guesses why. He came here for college, which is another big plus, but I hopped in the passenger seat, and Hank took me for a ride first.

“Hang on a sec.” Before I buckled up. “I’ve got an ap on my phone.”

“What kind of ap?”

“Well, it’s originally for shooters, to time their times on the practical course, but they added engine sensors to adapt it for lap times, and drag racing.”

“Well, I didn’t sign up for the runs, so I don’t have the helmet, or fire extinguisher.”

I laughed, “They only make you chain the doors if you’re under 10 seconds, come on.” I pointed, “The oval’s open, and nobody’s on it, so why don’t you just run a lap?”

The boys ran up to the pit lane, so they could watch, and line up for their turns. One of them said “It’s just like Top Gear!” When he got in, and he called himself a “Petrol head,” which made me laugh.

The fast driving too, but when they got finished, I got out. Showed them their lap times, and went around to the driver seat. Gave Hank my phone, and held my hand out for him to give me the keys. “Tell you what, if you beat my time, you get a blowjob, and if I beat you, you have to eat me out!” I slammed the door, and left them looking at each other. Mouths hanging wide open, while I pulled the lap belts together, and clipped the shoulder straps to the quick release buckle in the racing seat.

Just 1 racing seat, at least it wasn’t a tractor seat on the passenger side. WHOONG! Rev, REV! I kicked the clutch to wind it up, but 4 laps told me, I think the torque peak is right around 4,000 RPM. So, I could spin the wheels, and burn a little tread off the home-made slicks.

Yeah, wannabe Stig? It’s an American oval track. All left turns, 1 straightaway, then back to the pits. Once you know the line in the first corner (Just follow the tire tracks that didn’t skid out) it’s pretty much do it again, rev it up all the way to the 3rd corner, drop a gear, and do it 2 more times, back to the pits.

WROWNG! I blew past them, slammed on the breaks to get the back axel loose, and dumped the clutch to spin it around. Come back up the pit lane, backwards. (You don’t need the hand-brake for a J turn with a car like that, especially when the tires are as bald as the ones I saw, checking out the exhaust pipe.)

“Huh!” I cut the motor, and left it in 3rd. “So how’d I do?” Hitting the quick release, and getting out. Looking at their dumbfounded faces in the light of my phone.

“What are you Sabine Schmitz reincarnated?” Top Gear boys asked.

“No, ho! More like Abbie Eaton, I think? So anyways, who’d I beat?”

“You’re kidding about that, right?” Hank came over, and handed me my phone back, over my shoulder.

“The oral sex?” I shook my head, “No, a bet’s a bet, and it looks like you all 4 lost. So, I better go get my truck.”

“What for?”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “It’s got a bed in the back?” I hooked my thumb over my shoulder at the back seat, if you want to call it that. “2+2, great for drag racing, but not real good for your back, if you’re the girl. Come on. Guys? Come ONNnn!”

Hank just left his mustang ticking in the pit lane, backwards, but that’s how I beat them. They all took off from the pit lane, so they all cam back to the pits. I didn’t say anything, but they had to slow down coming out of the third corner. I didn’t have to, so I floored it, to flip a bitch, and come back the wrong way.

There’s nothing in the rules to say I couldn’t do that, but they talked to each other about me, following me back to the parking lot. Already making excuses, because obviously, if I was used to getting licked by lesbians. You know how to eat a girl out right?

Of course, they don’t call me the “Clit master” for nothing. I checked the glove box, and let out a sigh of relief when the emergency rubber was still there. In case of emergency, just because they’re lesbians doesn’t mean they can’t pick up guys for threesomes. They don’t want to get pregnant from some stranger, so they keep a rubber in the glove box, just in case they need it.

“Huh, well I just have one, so unless you want to share.” I went around to the driver side. “You better hop in back, but the first one that manages to lick me off gets this.” I threw it over the side for them to fight over, and got in. Drove back to the pits, and cut the lights.

So, we didn’t have to worry about the off duty cops taking a break from their night off, to bust us for having sex in public. To tell the truth, I never had anyone try it before. Anything sexually with me, really. I don’t even get dick pics, let alone my ass grabbed, or elbow boobed at school. Oops! Did I just bump your bra with my elbow? I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

“Huh, well you got the best time, Hank. So you get to go first.” I just kicked open the passenger side, while they jumped out. Lined up, and took turns getting down behind the door. With my feet up, and my panties off. My miniskirt bunched up around my waist, while they buried their noses in my pubes.

I don’t care, I mean it’s oral sex. I bet it’s like blowjobs, and pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. The “Clit master” got lost, and spent too much time looking for it, but Hank cheated.

“Hey, no fair, you already got your turn!” they protested.

“Guys, you’re all going to have to keep trying until one of you wins, but it’s his turn again. So, go on.” I pointed down, and he grinned. “It won’t bite, uhn! Huh!” I squirmed, when he smiled, and licked up to the top. This time he sucked, so just the slurps vibrated my buried clit pretty good, but then he snuck a finger up. “Huh, uh huh!” I just nodded when he felt the hole. “Yeah do it, ngh!” I held my breath, and braced myself, but with that consent.

He stopped when he felt the membrane, but if I was going to fuck someone tonight, I better get that out of the way. It hurt, of course, and it kept stinging with every thrust. Especially when his knuckle slipped through, and pulled back out, but that just stretched the fresh scar where the skin tore out. “Uh fuck me, yeah fuck me hard! Uh uh oh UH HUH!” I faked it, but I remembered to clamp his head in my knees. Shivered, and even giggled when his hair tickled my legs around his ears, but that just made it more convincing.

“Huh, don’t stop.” He pulled out, but then he straightened up. On his knees, and unbuckled his belt.

“You want to fuck or not?”

“Huh, yeah.”

“He won fair, and square.” The boys started turning away to leave.

“Oh, no. Guys, don’t go.” I had to twist around the other way. “Come around here.” Pull the door handle, and push it out. “Huh, get your dicks out, yeah. Let me see your big hard dicks, and balls. Oohuhehihn!” I tickled them, as soon as 2 of them stepped up with their pants down, and felt back between their legs to pull them in by the butts. “OH!”

Hank climbed in on top of me, to take his prize. Sank into me slowly, and then pulled out for another thrust. A little faster, but with each thrust, I loosened up a little more. After 5 rounds of trying to lick me off with their tongues, the spit was running down my ass, and more came out with his dick. Only for it to sink in again, and again. Bottoming out with each stroke, bumping the O ring sealing the vent to my womb.

“Agpt!” I spit out a dick, I didn’t know, and I didn’t care what one. “Ah fuck, mh! Meah, neah ah ahn NAH NAUGH AUGH!”

Finally, he sank in, and just held it there. Right up against my twitching cervix, and held me. His arms up under my shoulders, his breath hot on my hair, ear, neck, cheek. “HhuhHhuh!” He relaxed, and went limp. “HhuhHhuh!” Breathed like Beavis laughing, or is that butthead? He must have felt me cumming, and that’s what set him off, but he finished before my orgasm ended, so I was still twitching inside when he went soft, and slipped out with a rubbery pop!

“Ihn!” I rolled over, and pulled my legs up, just to hug my knees, and feel the warm pleasure, leaking out of me. “Huh. Guys, you guys. Huh, let me catch my breath.”

“Take your time.” they just stood there, with their arms up on the roof, except the one on the end. Hanging his arm over the door, but their other hands slowly stroking to keep their dicks stiff.

“No, thanks. Thank you for letting me catch my breath.” I sat up, and pulled my skirt down. “Come around this side. There’s more room without the steering wheel in the way.” Hank went to smoke in his car, then started it up to pull around. While I sucked his friends off, one bye one. By the end of it, I think I even got pretty good at it, for my first time.

“Come on guys, it’s getting late.” He slapped the door when the last one blew his wad all over my chest.

“Huh, yeah.” I wiped my face, and pulled my shirt back on, but left my underwear down in the foot well. I got out, and wobbled a little. Dick drunk, and weak kneed, but while the boys got in back, and put the set up for shotgun. I leaned over, and kissed Hank on his cheek. “Let me give you my number, and I better get your’s too. Just in case you chicken out, and don’t call me, can I call you?”

“Yes, of course. Which muffler shop you work at?”

“Oh, Performance Motors on 5th. Not the one downtown, the other one all the way out fifth.”

“The one over by the highway.”

“Yeah, call me?”

“Huh, I better stop by, and get the Shepard’s crook cut off too.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

“So let me know when you’re working, when I call you.”

“Yeah, I will.” Finally, they drove off, and I waved. Confident that he would call, and let me show him how to fix up that car, but also. The best thing is he knows guys like him, and if our first time together is any indication. He doesn’t mind me getting gangbanged, either.

We’ll work that out, I’m sure, but he’s right. It’s late, and I’ve got school in the morning, but I’ll sleep well, knowing that I have something to look forward to. A relationship, with a man, and if I’m lucky, all his friends too!

He might have won by default, but of course, I got the real prize!

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