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My sex addict mom

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I mom craves dicks. Any dick any color any size. She just loves to suck on it and fuck herself.

I’m Tim(14M) and live with my single mom (34F). My mom loves dick. How do I know? If there is a new dick in the house she will end up sucking on it. It has made my life measurable. Specially having friends.

The first time I came to know about this was when I was 7yr old. I caught her sucking the AC repair guy. She did not stop, she just kept sucking on it before saying “Honey, go to your room, mommy needs to help the AC guys” And I used to go to my room. The next day it was the mailman, then it was the Gardner, the neighbor, the cable guy, the delivery guy, and so on. It never stopped.

She cannot stay without dick for a few hours. I remember, we went out to have some food at a diner and I had to pee. So she accompanied me to the men’s room. I told her I could find it but she insisted. By the time I finished peeing, I saw mom bent over with her dress on her back, boobs out, getting fucked by a stranger in her pussy and another stranger fucking her mouth, as her boobs jiggled with every push. I just stood there as the men made commented like, your mom is a fine piece of ass or a good set of knockers. When the guy fucking her mouth came in her and left, the other guy lifted her right leg to the sink. He was spitting on her ass, while mom looked in the mirror and said. “Mommy needs it, it will be over quickly”. Then I saw her scream with her mouth open wide. I ran to her thinking he was hurting her. (Later came to know, he was fucking her ass.) She just held me tight to her bare legs, while he trusted his dick inside my mom’s ass.

Back to the present, I have seen my mom getting fucked so many times that it does not bother me much. The problem started when my friends hit puberty and my mom started to take interest in them. They were so happy, a hot MILF like her (36DD, blonde, big hips) is taking interest in them. So they used to come home often for “Group studies”.

One Saturday we were having a movie afternoon in the living room. We all sat on the couch and were ready to watch a movie. Mom was in the kitchen preparing snacks for us. I remembered that I had bought a new batman action figure, so I ran to me room to show it to my friends. It took me awhile to find where I had kept it. Once found, I ran with excitement to my group (4 friends all 14yrs).

I was shocked by the view. My mom was on her knees and all my friends had their pants down to the floor with their dicks out. Mom was sucking on one and jerking off 2 with her hands. Her boobs were out of her dress and her ass was out as well. The other one was busy undressing her.

“Mom, not my friends” I yelled in disappointment.
“Come on they wanted it. Ask them. And I’m sure they are loving it. Why boys?”
They all nodded with excitement.
“Don’t be sad, come sit next to your friends. Make some room bpys. Momma has a love for all you.”

I sat down in line. It didn’t take more than 5mins to make them cum. It was their first time. Then she turned to me. “My sweet angel,” She said gripping my hard dick with her soft hands.
Others were jerking and making their dicks hard again.

Then she went down and started to suck my dick with her moist lips. Oh, it was heaven. I held her hair as she bobbed her head up and down. I came within secs. It was so hot. I came so much. She swallowed all of it.

“My turn boys,” She said sitting on the couch and spreading her legs in the air. She taught us how to lick her pussy. It smelled so good.

Then she taught us to fuck her pussy. No one lasted for more than a min, but it was fun.
This continued for a while. We came like 4 times total. We stopped to have dinner. Then during the sleepover, my mom got fucked by all five of us again and again and again.

This continued for a week. We had our own game as well. where we will all be naked. And mom will run. The first one to catch her will fuck her, at that spot, for 30 sec. Rest will stay frozen for the time being. Then again she can run and all will try to catch her. She was so much fun.

Mom now used to wake me up with blowjobs. She comes all naked and lifts my blanket and gets inside. She started sucking my dick. I wake up to a head bobbing on my dick. Such a wonderful site.

Since she had us, does not mean she stopped fucking others. That was going on as well. Men used to come casually and just lift her dress up and start fucking her pussy. Sometimes more than one guy used to fuck. One day we ordered pizza, he came, and as usual, mom greeted him with a smile and lifted her dress up. He was fucking her in the foyer, pinning her against the wall, lifting her one leg up, when the Amazon guy came. He too knew what she offered. He saw the open door and her getting fucked, so he too undid his pants. Now they took the party to the couch. There she was getting fucked in her ass and pussy. (Black guys love ass fucking) I used to sit and watch all the while jerking off. But that day even the window cleaner came. He saw what was going on so he too joined. Mom never says no to any dick. All three guys filled all her holes. Her skin was turning red because of the way they were using her, Groping her boobs, slapping her butt, lifting and throwing her in a different position. She was a true slut. She kept her smile and gaze at me. My mom was my hero. They took turns cumming on her face. She collected all of it and swallowed it.

Till my mom is satisfying me and my friends, I do not have a problem with her fucking anyone.

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