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16 on Tinder

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16F DD Mixed (Black & White) 130LB 22 cocks and counting

I’ve honestly been on Tinder since I was 13. Id keep my account simple, looking for the “creepiest” guys who’d definitely be into cunnie like mine. Obviously for the photos I’d highlight my DD cups and how tight I look so I’d look older and not get flagged. I wouldn’t mention anything for the first few convos, until they mentioned how young I looked. Then I’d give them my Snap or sometimes Wickr to test how much of a pervert they were. Once they passed my tests I’d finally meet up with them, one man was 22 when I was 14, he first taught me what raceplay and cnc truly was. He picked me up in his car and brought me to an empty parkinglot along the beach. After making me hop in the backseat, he started to touch me and get himself hard (which honestly was a little TOO easy). He took off my jean shorts to reveal my soaking pussy, without hesitation he swiped his fingers down my clit and straight into my pussy. I attempted to yelp but he held his hand over my mouth and pushed me into the seat further while he quickly moved his fingers in and out. Apparently he got off on my squirming and screams behind his hand because then he pulled out his dick, way larger than I expected for his height lmao. He quickly told me if I screamed he’d kill me and proceeded to quickly put on a condom. He positioned himself infront of my barely teen cunnie and rammed himself inside; quickly covering my mouth doing so. He pounded me for what felt like hours while threatening to rape my ass if I didn’t squirt on his dick. Eventually I ended up squirting once he milked my cervix and he dropped me off at my home. Threatening to come rape me in my sleep if I told anyone.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Wish i met a girl like you on tinder

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    Love a slut like you

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    If you know what you want and what you’re doing I certainly wouldn’t have reported you.

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    I’m 44 and would love a teen slut like you

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