Tommy and Holly

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Tommy thought 10 year old Holly was so fucking cute

Tommy was minding Holly for a friend as she was called in for an emergency night shift. Tommy liked the 10 year old little girl and thought she was so fucking cute and had often watched her playing in the street with her friends. She was a naughty little girl always bending over or pretending to fall letting the boys see her knickers. Holly was sat on the settee opposite Tommy with her legs crossed. She knew that he could see up her short blue dress and see her knickers. Tommy kept glancing over at the cute little bitch so he could look up her dress. Holly liked teasing him and giggled each time he looked at her. Tommy told her she was a naughty little girl letting men look up her dress and she told him that she liked being naughty. Tommy asked her if she wanted to be a naughty little girl for him and she nodded her pretty little head. He thought she must take after her mother who was a bit of a fucking slapper and decided to get the most out of this opportunity with Holly. He asked her to come to him so she got off the settee and went and stood in front of him. She was a very pretty little Girl with shoulder length curly blonde hair and blue eyes. They were at eye level as Tommy was sitting and Holly was standing so he put his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him so she was stood between his legs. He asked her to put her arms around his neck so she did. He asked if he could kiss her and she smiled and nodded.
Tommy gently kissed her pretty lips and slipped his tongue into her warm wet mouth and kissed her harder. Holly opened her mouth and let Tommy wriggle his tongue inside her. He lowered his hands and squeezed her sexy fucking bum kissing her harder as Holly tightened her arms around him. He was loving playing with this dirty fucking slut of a kid and wondered just how dirty she could be. Tommy worked up as much spit in his mouth as he could and then emptied it all into her warm wet mouth. Holly swallowed all of it and giggled as Tommy was still kissing her. Holly was loving what this naughty dirty man was doing to her and wanted more from him. She pulled her head back and stopped kissing so she could breathe. Tommy was feeling really turned on now and loved his filthy little slut. He spit on her mouth and Holly spread it over her lips with her tongue. Tommy lifted her little blue dress and felt her firm little arse through her white knickers pulling her cheeks apart. He told Holly to turn around which she did. He put his hand up the front of her dress and slowly ran it up her thighs until he reached her knickers. Holly parted her sexy legs knowing that Tommy was wanting her little girl Pussy. Tommy slid his hand between her thighs and cupped her panty covered Pussy in his hand and squeezed it hard. Holly liked this and pushed her dirty little Pussy into his hand as Tommy rubbed and squeezed it hard as he kissed her on her neck. Holly giggled and squirmed as she liked what he was doing to her so much and wanted more.
Tommy removed his hand from between her thighs and moved her hair to one side so he could access the zip on the back of her dress. He slowly pulled down the zip to where it ended just above her bum and ran his tongue up and down her spine. He lifted her dress off of her shoulders and let it slip down to the floor leaving Holly stood in her white knickers and socks. Tommy pulled her head back by her hair and began kissing her again as he put his right hand on her soft belly. He slid his hand down the front of her knickers and felt her dirty little Pussy. Holly loved this as he poked his tongue around inside her mouth.
Tommy rubbed and squeezed her little cunt hard making the little fucking tramp squirm with pleasure. Tommy turned her around to face him and pulled her knickers down exposing her cute little cunt. He put his finger inside her wet mouth and she sucked on it. Tommy put his wet finger between her little cunt lips and slid it inside her wet little Pussy. Holly closed her eyes and opened her little mouth as Tommy wriggled his finger around inside of her. He pulled it out and slid it back into her mouth letting her taste her own dirty little Pussy. After she’d finished sucking and licking his finger Tommy stood up and took his shorts off showing Holly the large bulge inside his pants. Holly liked what she saw and wanted what was inside Tommy’s pants. She pulled his pants down letting Tommy’s big fat semi hard cock spring out in front of her face. Her eyes widened as she looked at his cock and balls. She touched his balls and kissed the end of his cock before licking it with the tip of her tongue. Tommy took hold of his fat cock and put it onto her lips. Holly opened her mouth and let him push it inside of her. She ran her warm little tongue around it as Tommy slowly fucked the dirty fucking tramp in her face. He fucked her slutty wet mouth until his cock was completely hard and struggled to pull it out of her.
Holly looked up at Tommy and gave him a wide smile to let him know she was liking what he was doing with her. Tommy couldn’t believe how naughty and dirty this little girl really was but was loving every minute of playing with the sexy fucking little bitch.
Tommy took hold of her hand and led her into the kitchen. He picked her up and laid her on the kitchen table letting her short legs dangle over the edge. He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of her. He spread her legs wide open and slid the chair closer to the table. He put his head between her thighs and spit all over her filthy little cunt before licking it. Holly squirmed on the table as Tommy ran his tongue up and down her slippery slit and could feel it opening up for him. He pulled her juicy little cunt wide open with his thumbs and pushed his tongue deep into her.
Holly fucking loved what Tommy was doing to her and pushed her wet little Pussy against Tommy’s tongue to get it deeper. Tommy filled her little cunt with spit and slid his finger back into her slimy cunt. As he fucked her his spit oozed out of her little girl’s cunt and onto her tiny tight arsehole. Tommy pulled his finger out of her dripping cunt and lifted her legs into the air so her dirty little arsehole was looking at him. He teased it with the tip of his tongue until he got it to open slightly. He worked his fingertip inside of her tight little arsehole and ran it around her rim pulling it open as he went. He slowly pushed his finger all the way inside of the little fucking tramp as she continued to squirm around on the table. This fucking kiddy slut wanted more and she was about to get it.
Tommy stood and went to look in the cupboard for something to assist him with what he wanted to do to the filthy little tramp laid on the table who was now fingering her own little arsehole. He found a plastic bottle containing baby oil and took it back to the table. Holly pulled her finger out of her cunt and Tommy sat back on the chair. He opened the cap on the bottle and lifted Holly’s legs up again before squirting some oil over her arsehole. He dripped some onto his fingers and pushed two of them deep inside of her slippery arse. Holly gasped as she writhed around and pushed her bum towards Tommy. Tommy bent his fingers inside of her stretching her hole open before pulling them out of her.
Tommy’s cock had lost some of it’s stiffness so he got up and stood at the side of the table near to Holly’s head. He lay his fat cock on the table and asked Holly if she wanted it inside of her filthy little arsehole. She nodded her pretty little head and reached over and grabbed hold of Tommy’s cock. Holly knew his cock needed to be hard for it to go inside her but thought that it would be too big to fit in her little bum hole anyway. Tommy dripped some oil onto his cock and Holly started wanking it making it bigger and harder. The filthy kiddy slut definitely wanted her arsehole fucking with Tommy’s big fat hard cock so she continued to wank him until it was rock hard.
Tommy moved back to the end of the table and slid Holly towards him by her ankles. He lifted her legs and carefully pushed the tip of the oil bottle inside her arsehole. He squeezed the bottle filling her arsehole inside until it was squirting out of her. He put the bottle down and pulled her closer so her bum was over the edge of the table. Tommy told her to hold the edge of the table with her hands so she wouldn’t slip back. Holly lifted her legs into the air and Tommy leant over her putting the tip of his slippery cock onto her arsehole. He held his cock in his hand and gently pushed it against her. Nothing much happened as he expected but he knew it would take a while. He kept pushing against her little slippery arsehole until he could feel it starting to open up. Holly felt it also so now she started pushing back against his big slippery cock.
After a couple of minutes Holly’s arsehole was almost wide enough to take Tommy’s cock inside of her. The next time Tommy pushed she pushed back even harder and the end of his cock popped inside her. Holly yelped so Tommy stopped and asked her if she was ok. Holly told him not to stop and wanted more. Tommy pulled his cock out of her and then pushed it back inside her. After he did this a few times Holly’s arsehole was wide open. Tommy slowly pumped his cock in and out each time getting deeper into the dirty fucking tramp and she was loving it. After a short while Holly had taken all of Tommy’s fat cock inside of her slutty arsehole and could feel his balls banging against her bum cheeks. Tommy knew he was near coming and pulled his slimy cock out of her arsehole. He climbed up onto the table and straddled Holly so her head was between his thighs. He grabbed her hair and lifted her head so her lips were touching the end of his cock. He pushed his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face again. Tommy shot some of his hot come inside of Holly’s little mouth before pulling out of her and squirting the rest of it all over her pretty little face before using his finger to gather it and pushing it into her mouth. He got down from the table and looked at Holly laying on her back with come running down her cheeks were she’d spit it out. Tommy’s cock was still quite hard and couldn’t resist fucking her again while he still could. He pulled her towards him again and pushed his cock back into her gaping arsehole. He fucked her until his cock was limp but left inside of her as he could feel he wanted to piss. Holly was still squirming as he felt himself starting to pee inside her. Piss began dribbling from her dirty fucking arsehole as Tommy filled her up with more. He slid his cock out of her and watched as she squirted his piss all over the kitchen floor. He gathered her up from the table and carried her upstairs and into the shower. When she came back downstairs she put her clothes back on and sat back on the settee and crossed her legs showing her knickers.

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    Wish I could make this happen for real

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    This is excellent! So sexy and I love the language you use to describe the dirty little kiddy cunt! Please write more!

    • Tittlemouse ID:1d007k2xk8b9

      Thanks and glad you liked it. I will write more.

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