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Losing my virginity to my guardian/(trainner)

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10y old virgin was fucked hard, losing her virginity.

I am a regular reader but a newbie writer, please bear my mistakes, it’s my first story.
Hope you like it. Suggestions are welcomed.

It’s a story about how I lose my virginity to my guardian and later my trainner to my new BDSM life.

I was a (result of unwanted pregnancy) unwanted troublesome kid, and so my biological parents to keep me away from them, I was sent to boaring school to the earlier of my childhood.and they hardly got me home on holidays.

I had a legal guardia(my trainer), who I mostly stayed.

It’s was the first week of the winter holidays, I was home with him, I was 10y then. I enjoy his company, I was free to watch anything on tv with him, and read magazines of his special collection.

He would bring me various toys (specially those vibrate). He would hug me a lot that also felt me special, and crease my bum and let me sit on his lap and we would watch movies together for hours.

I love to spend time with him, and we would sleep together, but all this was only allowed if I do whatever he says. So I was very obidient to him.

Onday while I was watching TV I saw young women with big boob naked kissing men and hugging, each others. My sir(I use to call him Sir, I don’t remember from when) also started to crease my back, and asked if I want a hug like that, I was so happy and immediately jump to him, but he said “look those women they are all naked you to have to” . Without thinking I undress,he also did the same and put me on his lap ad gave me a tight hug, and a kiss on my lip, and slowly entered his tongue in mouth,

I was first supprised, but he told me “you’r a big girl now so now on he will treat me like one” , i obey him, and gradually I love it, his hand move all over my tiny body and, I feel so good and was leaking down there, I thought i must have to pee, and try to get down, but he grip me and said its not pee, it’s proof that am a big girl now, he parted my leg and slowly touch my pussy, I was embarrassed and was red can’t look at him, and try to cover my cat.

With his other strong hands he removes my hand and tug the booth above my head. it was a
New sensation for me, then he parted my pusy lips and enter his thick finger, “ohh, my god you really are big girl now and inserted another finger and scoop out some of my juice and kicked it,” so sweet! “, “I think you are more than ready to go next step to me a woman now, do u want to? Iwas more than happy to say anything and I nod yes with a giggle.

He changed the channel and now there was a woman with huge boob was sucking on the man’s pee pee. He tell me to be a good beautiful woman I need to follow him and do as the woman did, thou it was not totally new, I had kissed Sir’s pee pee before for candy and toys but it was new she was sucking it hard,

Sir, guide me on it and said, becoming a woman is not easy, it’s mostly painful, “R u Ready? onec we start there is no going back, I nodded yes readly. and brought out his mangun, it was huge as long as my arm and thick , than usual he grip my hair and pushed me on floor I kneel down and he pushed it in mouth, he forced it hard, I was breathless, he took it out and shove it even deeper and started to fuck my throat tears started to roll down from my eys. To Sir’s surprise, “he said look at you, so beautiful and a natural cocksucker, u almost have no gag reflex, you are God gifted, I will train you to a beautiful woman.”

Hearing it I felt proud and happy, and can hear screaming from the tv now, he removed this cock and turn me in so that I was able to look at the TV,

Before I can say a word he shoved it again and this time more deeper that I had to stop it with my hands, he slapped me hard, and took my hands behind,
I was sobbing.. Sir said, ur being naughty you need punishment, and he takes outhis cock, and went to kitchen, I was crying and coughing. He return with a rope and tied my hands behind, then place some cousion on floor and lay me down that my hips where on the cushion bit higher than then my rest of the body, Then he laid on me his cock was resting below my pusy, He said, it will be painful but after this you will be women and he shove his cock into my pusy, it was very wet from earlier foreplay, but he was too large for my tiny pussy, I screamed, but he didn’t stopped, he even pushed harder and the pain was excruciating, I started to cry and said I don’t want to do it….

But it was too late he was fucking me hard, every thrust was unbearable and I screamed hard, so he stuff my mouth with my panty from the floor , and then he started to suck and bite hard on my just developing tender boobs.(i started to develop boob pretty early), after like 40 minutes of pain, he started to fuck me harder than the woman on the tv, and I can feel a hot flush in my womb, and he slowly took out his cock. It was dripping with his white cum and my blood, but he didn’t stop there, he put another cushion behind my back so I was a bit higher so no cum can escape and bring his cock to my mouth to clean, I hesitant first but a tight slap was enough to obey his orders, I suck him clean, and it tastes pretty good. While he said, I have to learn a lot, and warn me never to disobey him ever,……

And then he bring out a cock shape toy and shove it in my pusy, so that his juice must me Intact which will make me a woman fast and give me big boobs.

That night I was fucked 5 more times, I too lost my ass that night,(if want to know how please let me know) and my life changed for ever.

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  • Reply 1292 ACR ID:4bn00en3fia

    Plz do part 3, and amziing story!!

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Definitely sound like the perfect girl that I’m looking for this guy was lucky hopefully he treated you good

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Aadara , you are my kind of young girl . Very obedient and doing what you are told . I need to read more stories from you .

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      Ohh really Thank you.

      Will be sharing new stories (life experience 😉) soon

      Stay tune……

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    Aadara, I loved it. I simply think girls your age and some even younger like my daughter were/are ready for a cock. Sex is amazing and should always be shared with one that you love no matter who it is.. I am getting up there in age yet I still to this day love it when a young girl ask for some help and I never say no to them as it is her right to pleasure.

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      Thank you so much

  • Reply Mei lin ID:o6a6nhj

    you should of raped her destroying her cervix and ruining her then get rougher

  • Reply Hornyfox ID:1d696ajx4ggr

    Was this experience real

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      Some what yes.

      It’s a exciting life for me

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Great start! Very hot story.

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      Thanks, will share more soon

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpulv9j

    At this age my elder brother (17) used to take ‘too much’ care of me and I used love sitting on his lap. He would push his hand beneath my panties, fingers seeking for my slit while kissing my neck. I used to love his fingers stroking my little pussy! One day my parents were out and we as usual having our little play. He kissed me on my lips and I did the same to him. Then he lifted me to his room and and laid me on my back in the bed. He took my panties off and showed me his hard cock. It was really a new joy revealed before my I eyes. It felt sooo big and warm. He mounted on me and placed his cock between my thighs but within a few second he ejaculated in gushes …. Yes, that was the first and last for us both!! But I think I learned a lot about sex from then on!

    • [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

      Sounds good to me!


    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      So hot

  • Reply Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

    Could be

    • ChingaTuMadre69 ID:nnmtk6wql

      Do you have any social media to chat Aadara

    • [email protected] ID:1et9qioh4gny

      Hi Aadara, Im Avery. How old are you now? Im 12.

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Good start

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      Thank you so much

  • Reply Bryant ID:28xm091qrd

    Is it true

    • Aadara ID:7ohiorp6ib

      May be….