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Our loving family: how it started

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How our family became what it is today, a loving house where we are closer than most

**this story is a work of fiction**

The story of how our family came to be one that is open and free loving is a fun story. I hope you enjoy this starting point, if so, I will continue it as I can.

Our families openness started when I was little. To the point where I only know of it from the recounts from my mom and dad. But the story of how it all started goes back to when my little sister was born. My sister is 2 years younger than me. When she was born, my mom was fully breast feeding her for every feeding. My mom was always a curvy beautiful milf. She also loved the closeness of feeding, so she always fed my sis in the nude. She also had no issue with feeding my sister right on the couch in front of me and my dad. Apparently when I saw my sister nursing, I came up to my mom and asked if I could nurse too.

With it being an innocent request from her young son, my parents saw no issue with me nursing and sharing the time with my sister. The problem began when I was more explorative than my sister was. While she would just take the wonderful nipple of my mother in her mouth to eat, I was touching all over her supple tit before I actually started to suckle. The innocence of a toddler I guess.

Apparently my touches had made an unexpected reaction in my mom, she started to get horny. I started to suckle on my mom, but her face turned red, to the point that my dad noticed and asked if she was OK. She nodded and told him she would tell him after we were done drinking her milk. My dad looked at my moms pussy and could see that she was starting to get very wet. My sister and I finished, and my mom put my sister down for her nap. My dad took me to my room and told me to play for a while so he could talk to mom.

When they went to their bedroom, my mom pounced on my dad, telling him to nurse on her just like we had just done. As my parents told me though, they had wild amazing sex while mom fed dad the leftover milk she had. This became the norm everytime mom would nurse both me and my sister, it would heat her up so much, she had to have dad after.

Because of this, my mom kept feeding both of us well past normal expectations. The enjoyment was shared with the whole family though, my sister even enjoyed keeping that closeness with all of us. While it was not as many times a day, every night as we settled down from the day, mom would strip down and feed both me and my sis. We loved the closeness with mom, and she glowed every time.

Once I had hit 10, we were still nursing on mom every night. Now I was starting to take notice of the naked body of my mother though. I began to get horny myself when we would nurse on mom. I began to purposely play with mom’s tit, pinching her nipple making it drip a little, then squeezing her double d tit as I knowingly sucked the milk out of her. My more aggressive take on this tradition got my mother to actually start moaning while we would drink her sweet milk.

Because we were getting bigger though, I would have to hold myself up while we nursed, usually to the side of mom’s leg. One day though, I started to lose my balance, and out of instinct, I caught myself. This put my hand firmly in front of mom’s pussy. I could feel the warm wetness from her enjoyment of feeding me and sis. Mom let out an exasperated moan, and shortly after told us we were done for the night. We both protested, but mom said she needed to go to bed with dad. That night was the first night I remember hearing mom and dad having sex.

My sis heard it too, and asked me if mom and dad were OK. While I had never experienced sex, my friends at school and I would always talk about it, so I gave my sis a little description of what was happening. She listened mindfully to what I was telling her. I told her what I knew about sex, and that mom and dad were doing that because it is supposed to feel really good. She took my explanation and just seemed happy that she knew mom and dad were OK.

After this, our nursing sessions would become more interactive, while I would still play with moms tit, she would also guide my hands to various parts of her body. She would place my hand on her hip, thigh, shoulders, and occasionally even on her shaved pussy. Dad would still always be there watching, but just like me, he had a raging hard on. Every time we were done, we would hear them go to their room and they would have sex for about an hour. We didn’t mind though, since mom never cut us short on our nursing time anymore.

This continued until my 13th birthday. On that day, we celebrated my birthday like any normal family would. We had cake and a small amount of presents for me, and then we got to our normal night routine of me and sis nursing on mom. Like always, I had a hard on while I was sucking on mom’s perfect tit. This time though, mom pulled open my shorts and grabbed my cock. It surprised me so much that I bit down a bit on mom, making her moan loudly. Sis stopped and asked mom if she was OK, to which she said she was fantastic. With that, sis finished sucking on mom. Mom kept her hand on me, not stroking, but squeezing, making me harder than I had ever been.

Once we were done, sis went on to her room like she normally does, but I stayed still. Mom still had my raging cock in her hand. Once sis was in her room and she had closed the door, dad came over and told me they had one last birthday surprise for me. Both mom and dad got up, this was the first time mom let go of my cock since she grabbed it. They looked at me and told me to follow them to their room.

When we got into their room, dad closed the door. They looked at me and told me that, much like our nursing, what was about to come was not to be told to anyone, as most people wouldn’t understand our life. I told dad that no one knew about anything our family did, I didn’t want anything to change our close family. Dad was happy with my answer, and began to tell me that they were going to make me a man. With that statement, dad got naked, and told me to get naked as well.

By the time I got my shorts off, mom was on their bed with her amazing pink pussy wide open to me. Dad looked at me and told me to start exploring mom. He told me as I worked around mom’s body, he would help me learn what to do to make mom, and most women, happy.

I was in awe of moms pussy, so like a wild animal, I started to go right for it. My dad stopped me, telling me to slow down, I would get there. He then told me to start at mom’s leg, rubbing her calf while he had me kiss her inner thigh. Mom began to squirm, clearly loving the feeling of her son trying to turn her on. After some playing on her one leg, dad speaks up and reminds me that there is another leg to play with. I got the hint and started playing with her other leg. I could see how wet mom was getting, she was dripping wet in her pussy.

Dad told me to now move up between her legs, grab mom’s hips, and start kissing all over mom’s tummy. He made an explicit instruction to not put mu cock in mom yet though. I kissed all around mom’s bellybutton, over to either side of her hips. Her skin was so soft, it felt amazing on my lips. Dad spoke up again, telling me to keep kissing her, but to move my hands up to her tits. I did what dad said, and mom began to move more. Out of comfort, I started kissing higher up mom. I got to where I was kissing between and on mom’s tits, but still not letting my cock in mom.

Moms tits were now leaking milk all over my hands now. Dad could see how out of control mom was getting. He instructed me to now get face to face with mom’s pussy. Dad came closer and started to show me the spots that would make mom cum. He told me how to suck her clit, he showed me how to finger her gspot, and he even showed me her pee hole, and told me she loved to have it licked and sucked. After the showing of these most sensitive spots, he told me to play with all of them in various ways, and once he made mom cum, he would let me become a man.

I started going over the spots dad told me to. Trying to do more than what dad just showed me, I pinched mom’s clit, I tried to lick her gspot, all of which got mom going crazy. She was moving and moaning all over the bed. Then I finally picked her pee hole like dad said, and I got an unexpected surprise. Mom had squirted right into my mouth and face. She screamed in pleasure as she soaked me and the bed. Dad stood there with a smile on his face as he watched mom love every second of what was happening.

With that massive orgasm out of mom, dad looked at me and told me I could become a real man now since I made mom so happy. With that I started to get back between mom’s legs. I had a good size cock for my age, it was a thick 5 inch cock, I was looking to take after my dad who had about 8 inches, and pretty thick. As I got up, my cock pressed easily into mom’s soaked pussy. She was so wet at her entrance, I kept sliding up to her clit. Dad told me I couldn’t just jam it in, I had to guide it. With that advice, I grabbed my cock and pointed it at mom’s opening. I slowly pushed into her, though she was so wet, she was tight, and was resisting me a bit. Dad saw the tension and reassured me to push harder, I wasn’t going to hurt mom.

On that note, I pushed harder and felt my head pop into mom’s pussy.the feeling was amazing, and mom was moaning like a wild animal. I began to push into mom even more, feeling every inch of her pussy on my cock. Once I got all of me into mom’s pussy, I stayed there for a bit, just enjoying the wet warmth. Dad looked at me and told me to start going in and out. I wasted no time and began fucking mom. My youthful excitement only gave me a minute or two before I started to feel something new. Mom could see it on my face, she reassured me that this was going to feel great, and she told me to push as far into her as I could.

As soon as I did that, I came deep in my mom’s pussy. I felt so amazing, my cock was soaked with juices from both me and mom. Dad looked at me and told me it was his turn now. I pulled my cock out of mom and dad pushed immediately in. I watched them have sex for an hour. When they were done, dad asked if I wanted to go again. I absolutely did, this time having sex with mom with dad’s cum in her too. This time I was able to keep having sex with mom for about 15 minutes, and we loved every bit of it.

After I cam the second time, we all laid in mom and dad’s bed, I fell asleep with my head between mom’s tits. Mom looked at me and said happy birthday son, and dad added, welcome to being a man.

To be continued, if you like the story.

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