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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids 8

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Now it was the twins time and I was excited to have them and add them to my group of nice teens and preteens

Back to that wank I was standing looking at two amazing girls holding my cock and a third Cinthia watching ,I reached towards the twins and placed a hand on to the back of Thier summer dresses the flowery material felt nice as I slowly moved down over Thier bra straps heading lower towards their bums the curvature of the bottom of the backs as I got to the pace whee I could feel their panties under the dress as I continued and felt the little buttocks of both of them ,Cinthia who was watching shouted over ” come on girls one of you kiss his cock” ,they both looked at each other and said to each other ” you go first”as Cinthia walked over and said to Claudia “you do it don’t be scared I’ve done it loads ” Carol looked at Claudia and Cinthia and she bent down and kissed the tip ” I did it “she laughed at Claudia “beat you ” then Claudia did the same and they kept bending down kissing my cock as I felt the lovely bodies of them through their dresses .
It wasn’t going to be long before I was coming and Cinthia could tell and she encouraged Carol to put her lips around the end the feeling was so nice her little soft lips on my tip as Cinthia held her head in place and told Claudia ” wank faster make him cum in Carols mouth” as Carol tried to pull off Claudia was going faster Carol had let go as I felt the urge to cum and cum I did right in her mouth and as I shot a few streams into her,Cinthia laughed and Claudia let go and Carol pulled her head up she had cum dripping from her mouth as Cinthia lent in and kissed her ,”taste’s lovely doesn’t it “Cinthia asked
“It’s funny tasting “Carol replied while Claudia just looked upset and said “I haven’t tasted it ”
” You can later”I said ” but I need open the shop you three sort yourselves out and come through the front ” .

I went out and opened the shop again nobody was at the door a few kids in the park and the 3 of them in the back came out ,I gave them all a drink and some coins for the games,they were giggling and chatting and kept looking over, all I was thinking of was what’s under them summer dresses a few other kids came in Cinthia knew them and chatted then she came over and told me that Claudia and Carol’s gran was at her sister’s so they didn’t need be home till 7ish and she had told them to go home and come back about 4 just before I closed and they would have a better time ,before they went they came up to me and thanked me for a good morning and they said they will be back later and they both blew me a kiss and skipped away .

My cock was hard now good job I was behind the counter when Cinthia came behind and looked and said do you want me to make that go away ,I nodded and she got down behind the counter on her knees and unzipped my trousers and pulled my hard cock out and she engulfed it with her mouth as the other kids played on the machine ,she was good at sucking now and didn’t take long before I shot in her mouth and she swallowed it all then she cleaned my cock with her tounge before putting it away .

She told me she was heading up stairs to watch TV and if it was quiet I could come up to give her a good fingering she was a horny girl now still 12 but only for a few weeks .

The day passed and soon it was 345 and hopefully the twins would be back and a few minutes later they came in they had changed but both wore the same a little crop top with Misfits wrote on it and a denim miniskirt and white trainers. “Where’s Cinthia”they asked ” upstairs watching cartoons” I replied “can we go up se her ”
“Yes and take 3 bottles of pop up too” I told them and off they trotted ,I had only 2 boys left in and I told them last games boys time to go home and as they finished I sorted the tables out then locked the door.
Upstairs I could hear them laughing and as I went in the 3 of them were sitting on the sofa watching a cartoon Claudia had her knees up and I could see she had on black panties and it was a nice view as I went in the kitchen to get myself a drink Cinthia shouted we want to play a card game the one were you loose you take of a piece of clothes ,I was up for that it was usually lowest card looses and I went get the cards and we sat around the dining table and I dealt cards I lost the first hand and they were laughing as I took of my t-shirt ,I’m not fat and do exercise so I have a nice body well I think so as I looked they stared at me as I dealt the next hand and I lost again off came my shoes ,they were all laughing and said you have nothing left soon and I dealt the next and Carol lost she took of her trainers the next few hands were even and it was me with trousers and boxers on. Claudia,Carol both crop tops and skirt and underwear and Cinthia still had all on .

The next hand Claudia lost and she took off her crop top and she was wearing a black bra with tiny birds on ,she covered her bra with her hands and was going red and I lost the next and took off my trousers and they stared at my bulge ,next hand was Claudia again so she took off her skirt and she was wearing matching panties and I noticed Cinthia looking at her , Cinthia lost the next 2 so she took off shoes no socks so her t-shirt revealing her perfectly formed tits under her bra ,the next to loose was Carol and off came her crop top and she had on electric blue bra and I noticed that they both had similar sized tits ,she did the same hid her bra with her hands and guess who lost next me so off came my boxers and my semi was on show and they all stared ,,”what happens next”, asked Claudia,”if I loose I do what you tell me what to do”
“Cool ” she said but the next hand Claudia lost and she had to take either her bra or panties and for some reason she took off her panties as she lowered them I started at her small group of blonde pubes and she sat down quick I also noticed Cinthia staring .

We sat looking at each other and I dealt again and Claudia lost again now she was naked and red faced ,”I hope I don’t loose again” she said as she looked at me “else you might ask me to let you fuck me ” Carol and Cinthia giggled and I went red “let’s just play ” as I dealt and carol lost this time and off came her skirt ,she whispered into Claudia’s ear and the Cinthia’s and they looked at each other and I asked ” what’s up”
Cinthia said “Carol said that why not just let you fuck Claudia and me and her can watch them you can do her the me as that what they are here for ”
Her saying that made me hard and I just looked at Claudia and said “are u ok with that” she stood up and said “where’s the bedroom and I pointed and off she went ,I watched as her slim naked body went through the door into my bedroom and I followed with a lovely hard on ,as I entered the room she was sitting on the edge of the bed her arms across her tits she looked nervous not scared as I approached her she said very quiet “I want to do this but have no idea what to do I want to be like Cinthia as she says it’s the best feeling everytime ”
“Just relax lay back and close your eyes and let me make you happy”
She lay back on the bed her arms at her side her legs closed I could see her dark blonde pubic hair and her nice perfect tits and I knelt on the floor I opened her legs and saw her pussy for the first time small and perfect as I kissed her thighs moving up my hands opening her legs so I could get to the top between them I could smell her so sweet as I went between and my tounge hit her lips for the first time I could hear her breathing erratic as my tounge worked on her lips and slipped in-between them opening them and I could taste her juiced as I pushed my tounge into her her hands came down to the back of my head pushing me into her pussy as I licked away ,her body was reacting and bucking back and I could feel her quiver as she let her juices flow over my tounge .
I lifted my head up out of her pussy and lifted her body up the bed and lay on top of her my cock was at her pussy it was throbbing to get in her as I lined it up and the head slowly opened her lips allowing my cock end to slip in and as I did her fingers dug into my back as I pushed harder she had no hymen as I pushed and pushed and my cock forced itself right into her ,I looked into her eyes they were rolling as my cock hit her inside I was fully in and I pulled back almost right out and back in and then the rhythm started and I was fucking her lovely body and she was bucking back my cock was going fully in and she gasped as it hit inside and as I fastened up my strokes she started to breathe so heavy and I felt her body shake she was having a orgasm as she screamed ohh my god whats happening as I got faster and her body was shaken like mad as I was getting to the point of cumming and didn’t know if she was on birth control so I pumped faster and as I was about to cum I pulled out and directed my cum to her face and shot stream after stream over i watched as her tounge licked it from around her lips and it was in her eyes and hair as i fell to the side ,her body was still shaking and having a orgasm as I watched her cum dripping out of her pussy, just then both Cinthia and Carol came in and started sing your no virgin anymore to Claudia and Carol said to her “was it as good as Cinthia said ”
” It was better ” she replied and Carol said ” me next ” as she took off what she had left on and slumped on the bed .

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