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Anal Sessions With Dave [Part 1]

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I can’t wait to be fucked in the ass! I’ve been practicingwith the the dildo Dave gave me although I haven’t been able to quite reach the sack.

So I’m 12 now and have been since March. Dave and me haven’t seen each other in almost three months. He’s been very busy with his trucking job but today he’s coming back. I can’t wait to be fucked in the ass! I’ve been practicing with the the dildo Dave gave me although I haven’t been able to quite reach the sack. I’d hate to push it. No matter what I do; Asian squats, lying on back, all 4s doggy position – it just won’t go all the way in. My anus is so tight. I even tried more lube but not much came with the kit I got for Christmas. I recently started spitting on it but that only gets it further down my throat not my ass. I’m thinking I must be doing something wrong. I put my dildo in my school bag to bring with me for when Dave comes to pick me up after school. He texted me this morning around 1 saying we had lots to catch up on and that’ll he’ll come get me at 4:30 this evening. It’s nice having a ride cause I hate the bus. I never rode in Dave’s car before. His text kept me up all early morning. Oh how I miss him🥰. I believe I’m falling in love since I’ll be damned if another girl has him. I don’t like to share. As I entered the kitchen to grab breakfast my friend Chloe texted me pictures of her and Dave’s baby. They had a little boy, Carson. How disappointing for Dave bet I could give him a girl. He only wants daughters to train a new generation of women to be sexually obedient whenever told. Women don’t need to work just be subservient to men. That’s why it’s good to grab ’em as young as possible. This way they’re less assertive and filled with inhibition to do anything else except serve the men. Dave likes young girls because we are obedient and when daddy says open your legs we open our legs cause it’s the right thing to do. If a man wants to put a baby in us we must accept without any reluctancy. A woman can’t do that. She’d be quick to claim it as rape. Women aren’t smart enough to know that they like that shit subconsciously. When you’re a little girl you’re often confused for longer or just grow to like it because reality is men work harder therefore it’s important to be ready for them when they come home. No complaining or nothing. Just do what you’re told. I decided to call Chloe to wish her congratulations.

Me: Hey Clo! How’s mommy life?!
Chloe: It’s great but he doesn’t sleep well at night. I was hoping he’d been one of those quiet babies.
Me: Yeah. Was your mom at the birth?
Chloe: She was. The labor was excruciating but when it came time to push he sort of just slid right out. My pussy is so stretched it’s ridiculous 🤪!
[We laughed]
I want a vagina like Chloe’s. I bet she could put a whole car in there or realistically a whole man’s hand. If I were Dave I’d push my whole head in there😈.
Me: Did you get anything on film?
I desperately wanted to know and see her push a baby boy out with her cute little puffy pocket. Chloe has the craziest pussy. I saw it once when we were at camp. Small ears, juicy lips then she’s flat chested with pink perky nipples, short, wide hips, spankable jiggly ass. Ugh, she’s perfect and turning me gay. I wish I could fill out like her. It’s gonna be hard to try and get Dave to leave her alone especially when he has the video of her pushing a whole boy out of her vagina. I know she sent it to him. I hear boys have larger heads.
Chloe: My mom got a few on film but wants to keep it in the family since I’m 12 with a child. She doesn’t want too many people to know. I never told her who got me pregnant but she still thinks we should just keep it between us.
Me: Oh, that’s stupid.
Chloe: What?
Me: Nothing. Is he fitting in the clothes I bought him?
Chloe: Yeah he can get in some of them. It seems like he’s gonna grow small so I’ll probably just save it for my next baby.
She’s crazy if she thinks I’m going to allow Dave to get her pregnant again. It’s gonna be me next. I can give him the daughters he wants. You mess up the first time you don’t get a second chance. Dave is mine all mine. I got to get pregnant soon.
Me: When do you want another one?
Chloe: They say to wait until your first one turns at least one but I heal fast so I’m gonna try again in December. He’ll be 7 months by then that’s basically a year. I hope we can have a baby girl next time and she’ll be born right on his birthday in August.
Me: Oh, that’ll be perfect!
“You’re not having another baby with him you bitch. Even if I have to slip something in your drink and make you miscarry” I thought. Imagine not getting the baby girl you wanted then miscarrying the second go round. Dave would really hate her then. If a female can’t carry your seed she’s worthless. That’s the main reason females were made. There’s nothing more accomplishing to a man than seeing a female carry your seed. God, I’m jealous of the sessions they had while she was pregnant. Imagine fitting and pumping your man dick in your pregnant 12 year old baby momma’s pussy. She’s letting you do it without hesitation after you just came home from work. What a way to blow off steam.
Me: Well you have an awesome time. Enjoy maternity leave.
Chloe: Bye, love you!
Me: Mhm bye bye.
I hung up the phone. There are so many girls pregnant before the summer at my middle school. Everybody is fucking the high school boys cause they like the experience. I feel like a veteran because I’m with a grown man. No girl wants to be with someone their age which is proof they like for the guy to take the initiative.

After breakfast I grabbed my backpack and headed for the school bus. It came quite early today. During the ride all I could think about is Dave coming to get me after last class is out. I’m so excited to feel his big 40 year old penis in my tiny non-stretched 12 year old asshole. I’m stretched but not the kind of stretched where the hole stays open and just seem to not want to close. You need a grown man for that. I bet Chloe’s pussy and asshole is like that. I know I can get down to the sack with Dave. Hell, he may even train my anus to devour the balls too. I’m thinking about putting the dildo in my pussy as he does so. That way I’m getting double penetration practice while I’m practicing for anal too. My vagina is becoming looser or perhaps I just feel loose. I hope we can make it home and don’t end up fucking in his truck😂. All that air in my pussy hole as Dave fucks the shit out of my ass. I never had sex outside with the car door open before. I wonder if I’ll actually poop since it’s my first time. Then again, if we’re outside he’ll most likely just have me defecate in the grass somewhere at the side of the road, lay me back down in the trunk of his Ford F-150, and just keep fucking me as I fart and shit. I’ve only seen disgusting sex like that in pornos. I wonder if people do that in real life. Oh well, only time will tell. The bus stops at my school and I get off the bus to go to class. Today is going to be a good day.

To be continued…

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfxzm

    What a great girl you are and so lucky to have a big hunk like Dave to fuck you. Hope to read more about your assfuck with all the farts and shit included!

  • Reply 15y/oTrans ID:8h102i5gb57

    I wish I had someone like Dave! He sounds fun and amazing! I wish I had a dildo too but my mother would never let me have one.

    • matt ID:5mgcavsuc72

      i would get you a dildo. i think you don’t just want 1 but you NEED 1

    • 15y/oTranz ID:1eh527eua40a

      True, I really do NEED a dildo!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1yqn6oxi9

    I REALLY hope this isn’t real because a) ☆grooming☆ and b) that would be a really fucked up mindset

  • Reply matt ID:16ly6qws1415

    check out my story here in the gay section– being watched while i play with my toys–enjoy

    • [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      😋 I need toys tbh

    • matt ID:16ly6qws1415

      hey anders–i need toys, dick, cum, ass and more. and i need you–no restrictions. let me know

    • [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Email me I’d love to talk

  • Reply matt ID:16ly6qws1415

    practice all you want with that dildo. my dildo is 17 inches and very thick . i practice with it all the time and love being watched while i play