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Summer with my gran part 1

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That unforgettable summer I spent with my gran

After my gran was widowed at about 65 I used to go and stay with her for weekends…she stayed in a creepy old house and at first I didn’t like sleeping there but gran used to cuddle in to me at night so after a while it was alight.
This went on for a while…weekends turned in to school holidays until after about five years…my gran now about 70 I had the best summer holiday ever.
After about two weeks there was a heat wave…up until now I had been sleeping in pyjama’s and gran would wear a nightie but on this night gran said that because it was so hot that if it was alright with me we should sleep naked…I was a bit shocked at first but nodded my head and said it was alright with me…I was just at that stage in my life when I was getting a bit curious about the female anatomy so the thought of seeing my gran naked got me quite excited.
The back of the house looked on to field’s so there were no blinds on the windows so the room was quite light even at night…I was already in bed….naked…when gran came in to the room and began to strip in front of me….normally she would change in to her nightie in the bathroom…it was light enough for me to have a perfect view of gran undressing…as it was summer and hot she wasn’t wearing much anyway…she pulled her thin dress over her head and there she was in only her bra and granny panties…I could feel my little cock began to stir at this point….I was about to see a grown woman naked for the first time in my life…gran the unhooked her bra and her ample tit’s dropped almost to her waist…I knew she was well endowed but was shocked at how big they were…not only her tit’s but her nipples…dark brown in colour and about three inches across…I couldn’t take my eyes off them….gran must have caught me staring…”alright” she said as she stood before me wearing only her panties…I nodded my head as gran put her thumbs inside the waist band of her panties and pulled them down over her knees and all the way off…Oh wow….I just couldn’t believe this was happening…gran stood there for what seemed like hours but in reality was probably only a few seconds but long enough for me to take in the beauty of my naked gran.
Gran was quite short and squat….by no means fat but as you would expect of a woman of her age she carried a few extra pounds…she had a bit of a tummy…her thighs were flabby but now my eyes were totally focused on her fanny…it wasn’t as hairy as I thought it would be…just a light covering of nut brown hair….gran smiled before getting in to bed with me and wasted no time in giving me my usual cuddle…but this time was different…this time there was no material between us…this time it was skin on skin and oh how good it felt…I could feel my cock which was now rock hard pressing against her tummy…”oh…what’s that sticking in to me” gran cheekily said before putting her hand down and taking hold of it….”nice” she said….”has your old gran got you excited” she went on as she began to gently stroke me…before I knew it she had the thin cover off and we were now naked together….my face buried in gran’s tits…her nipples were now rock hard…gran skillfully placed her left tit next to my mouth and before I knew it instinct had taken over and her nipple was between her lips…this was heaven….gran continued to massage my cock which by now was feeling like it had never felt before…I could feel it tingling….throbbing…almost painful but at the same time I was feeling pleasure like I had never felt before.
Gran continued to slowly and gently caress my cock before I had the most beautiful sensation as she pulled my foreskin back and for the first time the head of my cock was fully exposed….my body twitched at first as it hurt a little…gran must have sensed this….”ok” she sexily said before she continued to massage me….but what was to happen next took it to a new level….gran got up and put the light on….now I was able to see in glorious technicoler….as she came back towards me I could now clearly see the shape of her fanny….her slit now clearly visible….”I’ve noticed you looking up my skirt lately” she said…”well now you can have a good look at gran’s cunt if you want”….she lay down next to me….spread her legs and invited me in between them….oh wow….this was amazing…in between the hairy mound…the beautiful and delicate folds of pink flesh glistening in the light….I was just awestruck at it’s beauty…”touch me if you want” gran said in a soft seductive voice…in a flash my fingers were running up and down the soft , warm and moist flesh of my gran’s fanny…this was just the most pleasurable time of my young life…and gran was clearly enjoying the experience as well…her head arched back in to the pillow….her mouth opened wide and her breathing changed….she was almost panting like a dog as I continued to explore her sex….before long my finger found gran’s cunt hole and soon two fingers were buried in her…it was so soft….a bit like a damp sponge….and hot…what a feeling…gran continued breathing heavily….”kiss me….oh please….kiss gran’s fanny” she said before guiding me down….my face was now inches from her holy grail…her most intimate and special place….the odour of her sex was wonderful…musky with a hint of pee…beautiful….gran took the back of my head and pressed me down on to her cunt…awesome….I didn’t know what to do but gran soon had me where she wanted….I licked her fanny before gran guided me to where she wanted…right at the top of her slit where I felt a little hard ball about the size of a small peanut…at the time I didn’t what it was but now know it was her clitty…gran’s body began to tremble….to twitch…all the while her breathing was getting heavier and the panting louder before she shouted out….”OH YES….OH FUCKING YES…YES…YES….YES” before she went limp and let out a sigh before coming down to normal…I could now feel a few drops of warm liquid on my face…it tasted beautiful….I didn’t realise at the time but gran had lost control and had leaked pee on to my face….I eagerly lapped it up.
Gran asked me to come up before she told me that she hadn’t had an orgasm for about ten years….at that time I didn’t know what an orgasm was….she went on to tell me that it was by far and away the best she had ever had.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I hope you write more about fucking your gran . I used to wank into my grans big knickers when I was younger