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I got caught stealing and got turned into a boipussy

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I was a boy of 13, caught stealing at a mall. The security guy took me into his office and locked me in. Then he made a deal sex or the police.

I was 13, slim, not very boyish really, never have been. The boys wouldn’t play with me, because I wasn’t into sports. In the showers after gym class, they all teased me about how small my cock was. It did grow finally to a pretty thin but 5 and 1/2 inches long when hard. I did finally get hair on my cock but no other body hair except under my arms. This day I tried to steal a leather jacket. It wasn’t even my size I don’t know what or why really. Before I could leave the mall, the security guard caught up with me, he’d been alerted by the store manager. He took the jacket and went with me while we returned it to the store, then off to the security room. In the room there was another room with a door where he put me and locked the door. There was only a chair and a cot. I guess sometimes he slept there.

He opened the door and came in locking the door behind him.
“So, kinda young to start stealing aren’t you son?”
“You wanna give me your name, and address and phone number of your parents so I can call them?”
“Then I guess I’ll call the police”
“No, please don’t. Don’t call anyone please, can’t you just let me go? I won’t do it again, I promise I won’t do anything again”

He explained that it wasn’t possible, I needed to be punished either the police or my parents. I was begging him not to call anyone. He asked me
“What will your parents do?”
“They’ll whip me, spank me, ground me, and probably give me spankings with the belt everyday”
“Well you deserve some punishment don’t you?”
“I guess”
“I agree, I won’t use a belt but only my hand and spank you here where no one can see, OK?”
“Do you have to?”

He explained that he didn’t have to, but he had to do that, or call my parents or call the police and have be arrested. I stood up from the chair and said I’d rather he do it. Then he told me to pull down my pants. I protested but he said it’s his way or the other way. I pulled down my pants. He made me turn around and show him my cock and my butt, then told me to take off all my clothes, he only gives naked spankings. I asked why and he picked up the phone to call the police. In a flash my clothes were off and I was naked from head to toe. “That’s better, now lay across my lap” he was sitting in the chair and I laid across his lap. I felt his hard cock through his cotton pants. He explained that he could do it hard, then showed me with one slap that hurt. Or he could do it nice and soft. He softly patted my ass a few times, then rubbed my butt cheeks, even down between my legs, I felt electric as he touched my little balls. “which way you want it?” he asked. I asked for the soft and he explained that since it was soft it would take a lot longer. “Unless you want it hard” with a hard swat on my bare ass which hurt a lot, “But it will be over quick and you can leave”. I opted for the soft version.

Basically his hands started playing with my ass, some light slaps and he also put his hand between my legs, telling me to open them up. He was softly rubbing my balls, and my cock was getting hard. he made me stand up and show him. He took it in his hand and it felt really good to feel him moving back and forth on it. I was getting super hard now. “I think you need some more punishment OK?” I agreed and he told me that what he was going to do was to show me that I was still a nice boy and that stealing one time didn’t make me bad. Then his mouth surrounded my hard cock. I exploded in his mouth and he swallowed it all. At that I was weak in the knees and had to sit down on the cot. Standing up and over me, he started taking his clothes off. He was muscled, really built nice, and his cock looked huge to me. It was very thick probably an inch and a half at least, and I was to find out later it was 7 inches long.

“I think since I showed you how good you are, you should show me. . . to thank me for not sending you to the police or your parents”

I was scared, not knowing what he wanted he told me to take it in my mouth. He wanted me to do what he just did to me. I asked him “Are you going to shoot your stuff in my mouth?” His answer “Probably?” unless you don’t want it. “I don’t” I said.

With that i opened and I sucked on him, obeying his instructions. Then he pulled away and laid me down on my back. He got on top of me and was rubbing against my belly and my cock. “What are you doing” I asked him. “Making me feel good for not turning you in, you’re a cute piece of asspussy baby” I knew then what he wanted. I asked to go and he said no, it was too late for that now, he was going to cum and if I didn’t want it in my mouth YET, then I’d get it in my “pussy”. I was scared, I didn’t have a pussy, but he told me I would have one soon, just as soon as he put his cock in it and came inside my new pussy. I started to get loud, and he put his and my underpants in my mouth and lightly slapped me on my face. “Just roll the fuck over bitch, this is the real punishment you get for stealing in my mall”

I didn’t roll over, and he grabbed me and threw me around. Lotion on my ass, a lot of it, all over me, him on top of me sliding his big cock between the cheeks of my butt, then he pulled back and pushed it at my hole. It hurt in a blinding white hot pain, once all the way in, he paused for me to get used to it and then he started. “You’re getting fucked you little bitch, getting fucked for stealing” I was crying and he let me reach up and take out the gag just blubbering while I was getting my little ass fucked, my intro to sex was getting buttfucked by a grown man. After he was done he wiped me up, and cleaned me up all over. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” he asked. “It hurt, a LOT”

“You’ll get used to it”
“No, I won’t steal anymore” I said
“Oh I know you won’t, because you’re coming back her everyday, in this room, naked on this cot for me to play with”

“no please don’t, please don’t do that to me again, it hurt?” I pleaded
“I told you, after a few times you’ll get used to it, or I can call the police now, I cleaned all the stuff out of your ass, I can say you stripped down and asked if you could suck my dick to get away with it”

I didn’t want that, all I could do was ask what time. The next day I was there, he locked the office door, then we went to the other room and he locked that door. He sucked me off again, and I sucked him, he didn’t go soft totally, and I had to get him hard and got fucked again. He was right it got easier. One day after I was fucked twice and putting on my clothes so I could leave. He gave the the leather jacket I had tried to steal, only this was in my size. I wore it out and told my mom I’d bought it with some money from mowing lawns.

I went back after school everyday, and got fucked and also sucked his cock. He came in my “pussy” as I was now to call it, and in my mouth. He started fucking me with me on my back and him between my legs, kissing my neck and my sucking on my nipples. Eventually it came fully around, I was at his house, dressing in girls clothes, wearing makeup and he was sharing me with other older men. Within two months I’d sucked and been fucked by 12 different men, 12 different cocks. I was nothing but a boipussy anymore. Soon I even started letting some of the high school boys fuck me and I’d blow them too.

I am a gay girly boy now, all because I wanted a jacket. I got the jacket and many many cocks in my mouth, in my pussy, cum all over my body.

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  • Reply Derek B. ID:1ev5277xzxzb

    I got caught by a neighbor kid,15 or so,trying to steal his bike. He took me into his garage,tied me up and screwed me mouth and ass. He promised not to tell if I didn’t.

  • Reply Steve R. ID:2wcg8yx6id

    Holy shit! Almost this exact thing happened to me in real life! My friend and I got caught not stealing in the mall but going into a part of the mall late at night that they were doing construction on. It was easy to just walk right in. We were idiots not to realize a security guard would be in there but we didn’t until he caught us. Same thing as your story, he told us he was calling the cops, our parents, and everybody else. We knew we were in major shit. Long story short, this asshole then tells us, after all the threats, that maybe if we “showed him some love” he could see fit to “show us some love”. At 13, we had no fucking idea what he was talking about but it sounded like he was suggesting we could make some kind of deal. When he told us, we were like “HELL no!” What he had said was that my friend could suck his dick. He didn’t say anything to me specifically so I figured he had meant both of us suck it. Wrong. Finally my friend tells him to calm down, maybe we can work it out. I couldn’t believe it. Next thing I knew, he was actually sucking this guy’s dick. Reluctantly but sucking it anyway. I knew my turn was coming and I wasn’t sure I could do it. Instead, he tells my friend to stop and he was off the hook, but I wasn’t. I got ready to suck it. “Oh no”, he said. Then he said that it made no sense that I should do the exact same thing my friend just did. My job was different, he said. He told me to lean over the tabletop that was in the office. I was relieved not to suck his dick so I just did it. Then he pulled my shorts down in the back and there I was with my bare ass showing. Jerk off on my ass, maybe? Lick it? That’s when he said he needed to use my “boy pussy” for just a minute and we’d be done. I had never heard that phrase (at that time anyway). He got some lotion out of a drawer and smeared it in my ass crack. Then I found out what a “boy pussy” was. After he came he said we could go. My friend and I pretended it never happened.

  • Reply gayboyslut ID:4bn00en3fia

    Wirh this would happen 2 me (im 12)

  • Reply Bobby ID:2ljgkjqr9

    Fucking slut!