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Dr’s medical at his home PT1

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Encounters with MFMFFbg Although this is fiction some of my writings happened enjoy this, It will be in a couple of parts

After being at the Dr’s again and having a wonderful time I was hesitant to get my parents involved, I was shaking and so nervous walking in and Mum was in the kitchen cooking dad was watching golf on the T.V.
“Oh here he is after your Medical how did it go” said my dad
“Yes good all is in working order”
My Dad laughed, and said “Your mum’s cooking and she wants to talk to you”
I swallowed hard and walked into the kitchen thinking what did Dad mean when Mum wants to talk. I went into the Kitchen and there all 5ft of her was mum.
“Hi Mum you want a word with me”
“Yes I’ve changed your sheets on your bed and the Dr has phoned”
All I could think of is was there any mess left and what the DR has phoned why would he phone, Oh no I wonder what was said.
“Well the phone call was very interesting He told me all about what happened last week and today”.
“We errm oh errm I don’t know what to say” standing there bright red in the face looking embarrassed its not something I should be talking with my mum.
“He’s a VERY good friend of ours and there is nothing to worry about, He told us about the BBQ your Dad and me have been round to theirs quite a few times and the party’s can get quite good if you catch my drift”
I just stood there mouth open.
“Stop catching Fly’s and go sit down for tea”.
With that I went back into the living room and looked right at my dad he had a big smile on his face, I watched the T.V. till tea was ready we all sat in silence not saying a word eating our food, I had some thoughts as I will see my parents naked and them me, I finished my food did the pots washing and wiping them then went for a shower.
I was only in a few minutes when the door opened and there Naked stood my Mum she had a great body with D-cup breast dark Areolas and big nipples sticking out, trimmed Pussy hair in a strip about 3″ long I could see her lips underneath, I just stood there getting hard then Dad came in Naked His Dick hard and sticking out about 7 1/2 Inches long and fat, Mum came over and got in the shower took the shampoo and started to lather up my body playing with my nipples making my cock twitch then down to my cock soaping it up playing with my Balls making a Moan escape my mouth, she gave me the shampoo and asked me to do the same to her, Nervously I poured soap out and moved my hands to her tits rubbing all over them soap bubbling and then her nipples which were rock hard down her belly to her pubic hair and lower to her pussy lips splitting them and pushing in 2 fingers it was warm and wet, I moved them in and out whilst rubbing my thumb over her clit which was huge then she put her head in my shoulders and cried out “I’M CUMMMMING” as I felt her juices flood out, I took out my fingers and looked over at Dad he smiled and wanked his cock, Mum turned around and said “Fuck me Now” I didn’t waste any time and slipped my cock inside her It was warm and felt wonderfully tight I could feel her Pussy clamping my cock inside, I was fucking her for a good couple of minutes when I felt Dad’s fingers part my butt cheeks and soap up my hole, I stayed still and felt his cock at my puckered ring push in a couple of inches then pull out a bit before going all the way in, feeling his balls slap my arse cheeks. I knew I wouldn’t last long so kept fucking Mum with Dad’s cock rubbing my prostrate It made me shoot a load inside Mum, Dad still fucked my arse and Mum turned around taking my deflating cock in her mouth, I heard my Dad Grunt a few times and then felt his cum shooting up my arse, Mum stopped sucking and turned me round told me to clean Dad’s cock I took it in and sucked as much as I could while Mum got her tongue right inside my Hole sucking Dad’s cum from my arse, after that we all showered together got out and went to our own bedrooms.
I was just about to put on some tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt when Mum came in and said “Do you really want to wear those were not and come down In a minute we need to talk”
I went down Both parents were naked so I just sat down in the chair and looked at them both.
Me “Well That was interesting”
Mum “We needed to make sure your not going to be embarrassed tomorrow when we go to the BBQ, every one will be naked as they are our friends and we have had fun with them before, but not the Daughter I’m sure your Dad will love fucking her”
Dad “Oh yes and as you have already had fun with her in your bed I’m sure there are things we can teach you, we are thinking this will be a long term thing as we have been doing this for over 10 years, we mentioned about the Paper round to The Dr and he said he will do the Examination, I asked about his Daughter, she Dosn’t do a Paper round It was all set up to get you 2 together and it looks like it worked, you use to play together when you were toddlers naked then touching and feeling each other then we would have fun between us not doing anything with you 2, You both use to climb allover both sets of parents while we were fucking getting your hands all over and in some places as well, but as you got older we stopped you comming in the room and let your Auntie babysit you”.
Me “So tomorrow we are all going to be enjoying each other”
Dad “And maybe the dog as well, he’s got a thick cock, I’ve had it a few times and so has your mam. I think it’s time for bed as we have a long day tomorrow”.
I went to bed and slept nude as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep, I must have been restless as I was in and out of sleep part of the night getting 10mins here 20mins there, at one point I sat up in bed and went through all the stuff that had happened over the past week, waking up with a hardon at times, I went to the toilet to pee and saw the time, 3:23am back in bed I sat there dropping off and then thinking I was dreaming what a lovely feeling my balls being tickled and my cock being sucked, then I woke up and There was Mum naked between my legs doing exactly that, It wasn’t long before I was shooting my cum down her throat, after I finished I told my mum I had to do my round as It’s 7am.
I got dressed had my breakfast and shot out the door, I got to the shop and told the owner I might be late tonight, He said “Don’t worry your round is covered tonight and tomorrow”, I ran the whole way delivering the papers some of the home owners came out as I passed them their papers, I thought some of them had a wry smile which got me thinking they all know what’s happened, I got back to the shop and dropped my bag said bye to the owner and ran home.
Inside Mum and Dad were busy getting stuff ready for Monday. I was told to get things together but not many clothes in the bag just something to wear there and back as they have some stuff for when were there. I went and did my homework as we were leaving at 11am and it was only 08:30am. with that out of the way I grabbed a small bag and put in some fresh stuff to wear home, shampoo as I knew there was a pool, deodorant toothbrush toothpaste.
It Got to 11am and Mum shouted up the stairs were going, I grabbed my bag and just about jumped all the way down the stairs, out the door and in the back of the car, I sat there with a big Grin on my face as I knew we were about to have a lot of fun, it took about 15 minute’s to get to their house, It was huge with a drive way you could fit about 10 cars on, there was 4 already there in front of a big double garage at the end connected to the house, I asked if there was more than them and us as all the cars confused me.
Mum “No just the two family’s as they had to get the cars out of the garage to make room in there for later”
Me “4 cars must be well off”
Mum “1 is their sisters but they have 3”
Then I remembered the nurse my mind was racing as I got out, I was greeted by the lovely vision of my friend who’s name I didn’t know, but had intimate knowledge of, came running up to me and threw her arms around me giving me an opened mouth kiss, after we stopped.
Me “I don’t know your name but we have done a lot of things together I’m Paul”
Her” My name is Sarah and just call them Mum Dad and Auntie Jane when she turns up”
With that I was dragged up to Sarah’s bedroom where we kissed again for a long time feeling each other all over I had her ass in my hands hers over my shoulders when I felt another pair undoing my shorts and pulling them down, I was hard and poking her stomach when some hands pulled down Sarah’s shorts, fingers tickling my balls and cock rubbing it on her clit making her moan, I then had a look and there were both Mums Naked playing with both of us hands in all holes rubbing nipples and kissing each other, then they stripped us of all our clothes.
(M1 D1 is my Mum and Dad, M2 D2 is Sarah’s Mum and Dad)
M2 “Come on your not staying in here all day there is a pool and BBQ to enjoy”
With that we all went down stairs outside to the pool where both Dad’s were at the BBQ with aprons on but turned around so you could see their Butt cheeks not 1 tan line on either of them, they heard us come outside and looked our way smiling D2 “foods nearly ready everyone grab a plate” We all got some food there was plenty of stakes Burgers sausages Salad, There was beer but Sarha and me got coke the Mum’s had an alcoholic drink with the Dad’s. After the food was eaten we all cleared up, M1 said “Lets all choose a name out of the hat then we can get the party started and even better when Jane turns up in an hour”
I asked where jane was and was told she had an appointment and will be here soon, with that sorted we all sat around the table with a hat in the middle as this was my first time I got to choose first and pulled out her Dad, now I know what he feel like the last time he fucked me and couldn’t wait, I looked over and he had a big smile on his face moving his hand over his cock and balls, then Sarah picked out my Dad “YES” was all that was heard from him, that left the 2 mums together M1 “Shall we go and see Max” M2 “OOOh yes left me full last time but this time I want to try the other”. Both Mums left and we could hear giggling as they entered the house, I got up and went over to Sarah’s dad got on my knees and took his cock head into my mouth then started to bob up and down as far as I could without choking, Sarah got up and went over to My Dad and did the same Her small hand couldn’t get around it, wanking him slowly she was licking his balls then he lifted his legs and gave Sarah access to his arse which she got her tongue right in wanking his cock at the same time she used a couple of fingers to penetrate his hole making him moan loudly, then fucking him with the fingers, sucking his cock I could see the expression of Pleasure on his face trying not to cum but after 10 minutes he shot his load down Sarah’s throat she pulled back and let the rest shoot over her tits and face, My dad got up layed Sarah on the table and stuck his head right in her pussy slurping and licking all around, He did this for about 5 minutes while squeezing her nipples and tits, then She Erupted all over his face drenching him in her juice not just one squirt but 4 powerful ones then a few smaller ones, he had a hard time drinking it all down.
I was sucking Her dads cock and we were both watching what they were doing, my cock was hard and straining I hadn’t touched my self at any point, but was turned around and bent over cheeks spread and His tongue was rimming me then forcing it’s way inside making me squirm I was dribbling precum all the time, He then asked me to sit on his cock still facing outward so we could watch Sarah and my Dad, He stood up and placed his cock to her hole and pushed all the way in then start to fuck her slow at first then picking up the pace, you could hear the slapping sound of skin and squelching of juices as they fucked, Her dad had me hold my cheeks apart and lower myself onto his cock as he guided to my hole and sunk down getting that full feeling as he slid in, I then started to raise up and down fucking his cock in my arse hitting my P spot every time, Precum was in a long string from my cock pooling on the floor then I felt His cock shoot lots of cum up inside me and I was shooting all over the floor, at the same time My Dad did the same to Sarah as she had another orgasm.
Just then we heard a voice say “Well that was sexy as fuck” as we all looked over at Jane with a dog.

More to follow.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1dt2wzqeekjx

    Wow, that’s the best BBQ I’ve ever heard of. I’d love to cum over and enjoy everyone’s cock, pussy and ass!! So much to do there. Loved it.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply N ID:1dgwcbx7xpup

    Good chapter though I kinda wish his parents had been left out. I always like the idea that one set of parents are clueless to the sexual corruption of there child

    • SB ID:3oy015qk

      Thank you for your comments, if you read some of my other stuff, that happened, this was just a fantasie including my parents as some like it, my earlier stuff did happen and my parents never knew.