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Boyfriend’s Best friend -2

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Zander forces me to do it in the football field.

I was on my knees and his cock was hanging right in front of my face. I’d never been able to resist a good – looking dick when I saw one. The reason why poor Ryan thought that I was satisfied with having sex once a month was because I fucked guys from my cheer team on a regular basis. They had great cocks too, no doubt. But the 10 inch hanging before me was much bigger.

Zander looked at me staring hungrily at his cock and said, ‘ Tongue out whore! Your gonna take this shaft like the cumslut you are!” , with this, he rubbed his cock, which was already leaking pre-cum, on my lips. I licked the tip of his cock with such a gentle manner that he couldn’t help but slap me on the cheeck with it. “Mouth open slut!” ,he grunted out.

I smiled up at him and slowly, took in his monster cock all in one go with one hand at the base of his appendege. I slurped loudly, never once stopping to take a breath. Guess those underwater swimming lessons paid off afterall. I sucked and slurped as hard as possible making Zander lean forward to clutch my dark hair,trying to slow me down. He pulled back, ” As much as I like your mouth, I don’t wanna come just yet.”

At this I groaned with passion. “Get into the shower then!” I moaned still rubbing his cock with my hands. He looked at me for a minute and then pulled me up to me feet. “Come on”, he said,pulling his pants back up and taking my by the hand.

I didn’t bother to ask where we were going,knowing that he meant to fuck me senseless and so wherever we went, it just didn’t matter anymore. To my surprise though, instead of some vacant classroom or closet, he pulled my outside. Not where the cheer team was still practicing, but towards the football field. He lead me to the benches for try spectators and sat down with me in the last row. I looked towards the field. From where we sat, the cheer team wasnt visible. Instead, it seemed as if we were the only ones on the field on a slightly sunny morning. He then pushed me down on the ground and took off my cheer crop top. I was shocked that he had me on the ground and pushing against his chest, said, ” Let me ride you. come on!”

He shook his head, holding both my hands in between one of his so that I couldn’t touch him. “Sluts don’t get to choose how they gotta be fucked”. I smiled at that and pinched my nipples with my hands to turn him on even more than he was. He immediately took his cock out of his pants and started running his hand down his length. Then, with a quick move, he turn my around so that my face was almost touching the grass and my ass faced the air.

He smacked my ass cheek loudly and proceeded to push my skirt folds up so that he could push a finger in inside my pussy hole. His finger was so thick and my pussy,already being drenched with arousal, started squeezing out even more juice than before. Slowly he increased the thrusts and te amount if fingers in my pussy. Now, I had 3 fingers in my hole pistoning in and out of me speedily. I was in the verge of coming now and couldn’t hold back longer.

Just when I thought he was going to let me come,his hand retreated and he stood me up. I growled in frustration and tried to grind against him. He then laughed softly and bending me over the bench in front of me, he slowly entered my pussy with his throbbing member.

I screamed so load in satisfaction when he entered me. He then clutched my tits with his hands and started fucking me from behind. Continually whispering ,” you naughty bitch. Bet Ryan will cry his heart out when he gets to know about this. How fucking slutty his girlfriend is. Fuck Catelyn! Yeah your pussy is so fucking tight!”

I loved the dirty things he was saying. I felt like the whore I was just then. I loved that Xander was fucking me in an open field, with his balls slapping against my ass everytime he thrust I’m me. I could imagine Ryan coming in the field just then and catching us doing it. Just then, Zander groaned loudly, ” you need to come with me catelyn, I’m gonna fill the pussy! Come with me you 2 dollar whore!”

I felt my core tighten at his words and soon was shuddering my release, as he filled his sperm into me. I loved how that when he pulled out of me, his cum was dripping down my thigh and onto the ground.


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