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Wrong Semester In Uganda, Chapter 3 (interracial, forced orgasm, oral, anal, deflowering)

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Banana Beer On White Girls — the rape orgy continues in the prison’s courtyard. Comfort Girls Inside A Cell — the white girls are taken inside…

Banana Beer On White Girls!

The prison’s inner courtyard was now a full-fledged pandemonium where nearly a hundred policemen and soldiers were systematically raping dozens of Ugandan girls along with the three British girls. A few of the male students were given “special privileges” in the form of homosexual dicks shoven right up their ass as they had their faces flat on the brick wall and screamed and begged as the relentless punishment was dished out. No escape!

Corporal Mukiso Okello had watched his commander raping Julia with immense satisfaction! The precious moment where the huge man ripped Julia’s top off and left her small breasts freely moving for all to see… Priceless! He had then watched Assistant Superintendent Mawejje Natukunda raping this cute girl and filling her up!

Then, he had decided to only watch the two guards relieving themselves inside the yapping bitch as he himself masturbated. As soon as the second guard had emptied his load inside the sobbing, deflowered girl, though, Mukiso Okello rushed forward and grabbed Julia.

He forced her up on her knees and said that “she had the right to remain silent” as he ordered her to open her mouth to take his dick. As she refused and cursed at him through her tears, he made a threat…

“Listen Briton girl! You will open your mouth and swallow my cum like a good girl, or else I can assure you that you won’t see England again in a very long time!”

Julia kept her mouth shut. She closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side in refusal. Corporal Mukiso Okello pulled out his bowie knife and pointed it at her left eye…

“You suck dick! Or you lose an eye! Choose! You don’t believe I’ll do it? Try me!”

Deeply sobbing, Julia caved in. She opened her mouth and the Corporal gleefully started face-raping her. After putting his knife back in its place, he grabbed Julia’s hair and used it as handles to force her face back and forth along his throbbing shaft. Julia fought for her air as she felt the massive invasion choking her with rancid taste and its foul, slimy contact.

Julia was overwhelmed with the man’s powerful musk as she was forced to work his dick. He accelerated the movement, closed his eyes and envisioned Julia when she sat, fully clothed, inside the military truck and frantically tried to use her iPhone as there was no signal. Her face! Her sweet little face! It was meant to receive full loads of cum! African cum!

Mukiso Okello felt a powerful jolt of carnal joy that forced his mouth wide open as he accelerated his pace to a complete frenzy, making Julia whimper in muffled forced sounds of distress mixed with disgust. Grabbing her hair, he mercilessly fucked her face as hard as he could. Julia was nearly choked.

Julia felt his meat twitching against her girly tongue one fleeting moment before his cock blew up! Mukiso Okello let out a forcefull growl that sounded like a sick otary as he quickly pulled out of her mouth and generously showered her pretty face with Ugandan cum!

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU GHGHG… Here you are! Fucking yapping bitch!”

At that point, a small circle of soldiers and policemen had organically formed around Julia’s rape and many of these newcomers were masturbating their black dicks as they eagerly waited for their turn! Julia had a long day ahead of her. Her pretty face was now wearing three distinct smears of glistening cum that majestically displayed her debasement under the Ugandan sun.

“Way to go, Corporal!” a Sergeant cheered, tapping him on the shoulder before having the men positioning Julia on all fours, after what he knelt behind her, cupped the firm curves of her teenage butt and began raping her doggystyle! That Sergeant was a tall motherfucker. He looked like a pro basketball player who didn’t make the team in the NBA and enrolled in the Ugandan Army instead. The job came with its perk, but the NBA players were the ones who saw the most pussy, by far.

“Let’s go, Sergeant! Rape that white slut! Africanize her! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

A couple of soldiers started to chant U-GANDA as they watched the contrasting rape between the Sergeant’s coal-black dick and Julia’s pale butt with its subtle haze of light bronze…


Private Jendyose Muhindo had chosen Samantha as he was guarding the arrested students inside the truck. He had impatiently waited for Bbombokka to finish dumping his load inside the raped virgin to enjoy his own turn. It was organically understood that the police officers who made the arrests had a right of priority in rape order.

Jendyose didn’t want to take her mouth. He wanted to possess her properly by raping her cunt. He saw a small dribble of virgin blood as Inspector Bbombokka exited Samantha’s entrance. A virgin, dammit! Fucking officer’s privilege!

As soon as he had the field for himself, Jendyose removed Samantha’s tennis shoes and took a sniff of her cute little feet. He then proceeded to bury his head between her slender legs and sniffed her hairy cunt. The sobbing girl was wailing in shrill despair, her arms restrained by the jeering guards, as Jendyose familiarized himself with her intimate scent. She smelled mostly like musky fish. This smell got his erection going and raging!

Jendyose listened to her panicked squeal as he pushed his cock inside Samantha’s destroyed virginity. He then lifted her butt off the ground and began raping her in that kneeling position, facing her and looking down on her small girly breasts that freely jiggled under the sizzling daylight as she kept squealing like a lost soul.

He was firmly holding her hips and driving her into him! Repeatedly. Relentlessly. It was delicious! Each stroke was a pure delight of virginal tightness. Raping this cute little whore was so much fun! These white girls thought the world belonged to them, like some sort of playing ground for them to enjoy. He was now teaching her an important life lesson — It was her who was there for him to enjoy!

As Samantha was being royally hammered in this manner, one of the guards, the one at her right, repositioned himself. He made Samantha squeal in pain as he pinned her arm under his weight while unzipping his uniform fatigues and placing his lap right against her face. His large brown dick was now straight on her face!

“Open your mouth, white slut! Open your mouth or we kill your friends, bitch!”

Terrified, Samantha opened her dainty mouth and she was instantly double-teamed! Jendyose kept raping her vagina while this guard began face-fucking her, but it didn’t work very well. There was too much movement. The guard had seen this being done in a porn video, but he learned that it wasn’t so easy to do in real life.

He reluctantly pulled out and forced Samantha’s hand around his dick. At least, this would keep him rock-hard while this Corporal took his turn.

Samantha was gasping and greatly relieved to be breathing freely again. As she felt that dick inside her hand, her body responded and escaped her control. She felt something deep and massive forming up within her core; soon enough, as the relentless pounding kept on unabated, her responding body forced Samantha to moan while the Corporal was grunting like a jungle baboon as he kept raping her.

“AAAhhrrrr… GGGGGHHH!!!”

The Corporal filled her pussy with hot seed! The guard who had tried to rape her mouth replaced him. As he mounted her missionary style, her body kept responding. At that point, just feeling her hands being held together, above her head, in the third man’s grip was enough to sparkle deep fires within her womanhood!

Samantha suddenly realized that she was now a woman. The Samantha she had been up to that day was no more. Gone was the cute little Samantha who had posted a photo dump on Teen Quora, with a message where she wrote “Hey! I’m Sammy! Rate me <3!”

She had become someone else. She was a broken stranger to herself. She suddenly realized that her rape had gotten less painful. Her predicament suddenly felt weirdly normal. She was now moaning like crazy, just like she did when she was intensely fapping, except it was getting incredibly more intense!

Suddenly, she screamed amid her tears…

She felt the ground hurting her tender back as she was bobbing back and forth under the Ugandan’s hammering punishment, as she looked up, she saw the small puffy clouds bobbing up and down inside her field of vision, while a galaxy of small timebombs detonated all at once all over her petite frame; she felt her swollen breasts jiggling in some strange sensation of painful bliss, and she yelped in forced bliss as she felt the third man cupping and sucking them while the rape kept going on, and on, and on, and on…

Samantha no longer needed to be restrained. She was panting and sobbing and whimpering, having her sensitive nipples taken care of by a pair of thick African lips and a tongue that forced her paleness into submission. Then, the guard raping her was vanquished by her tight walls and he blissfully ejaculated, adding his hot jizz to the cumulated rape sauce.

Then, the third man stopped playing with her breasts and violated her properly, in the good old missionary style. Samantha had lost control of her body. She moaned and whimpered as she tightly wrapped her legs around the half-naked policeman who kept pounding her with a steady rhythm while a bunch of soldiers kept cheering for him and chanting…


As they heard Samantha’s forced moans and whimpers, the Ugandan men exchanged knowing smiles. Here was another proof that all white girls secretly craved the African dick!


Private Ochieng Odongo was presently enjoying the fruits of his victory by brutally raping Audrey! After having spent all the truck ride watching her cock-teasing tank-top, seeing Audrey’s breasts freely moving under his savage dick thrusts was extremely liberating and fulfilling!

Audrey just kept screaming in shame mixed with forced pleasure. Ochieng Odongo had stripped completely naked, and he was a very athletic pugilist. The British found herself being raped by a remarkable specimen of ebony muscles and African manhood. She realized that she would have willingly given herself to him! Even better, she found herself wishing that her boyfriend was there and watching!

As that thought hit her, Audrey screamed a loud series of high-pitched whimpers as her body was electrified by another discharge of orgasmic fire, while her ebony rapist kept panting and intensely pounding her, his smooth boxer’s muscles displayed a bright sheen of moving sweat under the sun, while the primal fire of rage kept consummating their improbable union with the risk of an equally improbable offspring.

Sensing his climax very near, Ochieng Odongo quickly shifted his position. He propped Audrey’s short legs up and pinned them under his arms, before resuming the pounding rape while forcing her smooth thighs under his shoulders with her lovely feet pointing straight up toward the sky! Audrey kept whimpering in rhythm with Odongo’s steady pounding…

“OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH, OOAAHH…” her soprano voice spelled the African man’s victory over her English turf…

Ochieng Odongo urgently increased his rhythm as he passed the edge… He watched Audrey, her bouncing tits and light brown nipples, the cockteasing top, no longer there! Ripped off! Yeah! Victory! The British girl! Raped, just like the local girls… No protection! No control! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! The cute little white student…


Ochieng Odongo experienced an amazingly long and intense relief where it felt like his dick was going to spend a full hour spewing cum inside the British student! He felt down on the ground like a lump as his dick plopped out of Audrey’s Ugandized cunt.

Two fellow guards helped him back to his feet while joking and jesting about these little white bitches! Another man was already raping Audrey, who was forced back on her feet and bent over, so one man could fuck her standing, from behind, while another man was owning her face and sticking his dick deep inside her mouth so she got spit-roasted. She was thus shaken between the two smiling uniformed men and received their spunk from both ends at once!

The soldiers and policemen kept chanting their victory, drinking beer and, from time to time, splashing some of their beer on Julia’s, Samantha’s or Audrey’s butt, breasts or face. Everyone agreed that banana beer tasted better when licked off a white girl’s boobs.

The soldiers kept chanting while the now-submissive white girls kept being raped by one man after another, their lovely head of hair bobbing and sliding on the African dirt, under their relentless ordeal.


Comfort Girls Inside A Cell!

Assistant Superintendent Mawejje Natukunda ordered his men to take the three Briton girls inside the prison walls…

“Because, you know, the Ugandan sun strikes hard and I don’t want their porcelain skin to be ruined! And it’s so sweet to rape a milky white ass! So that’s what I’m gonna do!”

The jeering, laughing prison guards dragged and carried Julia, Samantha and Audrey inside the squalid prison and into a large cell, where Julia was cuffed to the bars with her arms up in 45-degree angles on either sides of her disheveled head. They bound her, Eve-naked, where she had a commanding view on the spot where they simply shoved Samantha and Audrey on the floor, next to each other.

Something suddenly popped inside Julia’s head. A few months before, she had stumbled on a site called Ravishu, and she had read a story where a girl about her age was also Eve-naked and similarly bonded to iron bars. The story was from a user named SoftGameHunter. It was really good! And she had fapped real hard over this. Now she felt utterly horrified! She knew that they were going to force orgasms out of her body and there was nothing she could do about it! She screamed in horror…


Mawejje Natukunda, along his two sidekick Inspectors, stood next to Julia and taunted her as she watched a pair of guards with dark, hawking faces, stark naked and lying themselves down on top of Audrey and Samantha. The two naked girls were allowed to hold each other’s hand while they were subjected to a new round of forced sex.

“Please… Please…” Julia begged. “Please, have mercy! Stop this! Stop… Stoohhooooohhhhoooo’p… Thsss…” Julia cried, streams of tears bathing her face where crusts of dry cum had formed. At the same time, the shadowy freshness inside the prison felt a lot more comfortable than being under the scorching sun.

The dick of the guard raping Samantha was also scorching its way back and forth inside her, plowing a sore and abused vagina that was no longer hers. Her world had exploded! She had thought that black men were inherently benevolent and white men made them evil. The leftist girl was learning that evil was independent from skin colour. The point was painfully hammered home inside her on each passing second as she repeatedly acknowledged the lesson with her whimpers and her bobbing head on the cell floor.

Audrey kept moaning and groaning in a series of out-of-control bursts arousal where she made everyone laugh by keeping her delicious legs wrapped around the guard while his ebony butt kept powerfully flexing as he kept plowing her deep and destroying the remnants of her pride with his devastating ram!

She kept clutching Samantha’s hand and did her utmost to give her a small measure of comfort under this unspeakable horror.

Audrey had crossed her ankles on top of him and her dainty feet gave a powerful erotic show to all men present who had a foot fetish. Private Jendyose Muhindo was such a case. His eyes locked on Audrey’s feet, he masturbated like a maniac, then he urgently walked right near and shouted a blissful cry of relief as he dumped two majestic gobs of semen on her feet.

“Ewwwww…” Audrey thought as she felt the revolting, slimy contact on her feet. Then, she forgot it and was hit by another powerful orgasm that forced her to scream in the guard’s arms as she tightened even further her legs around him, all this under a steady flow of jeers, laughs and lewd jokes from the numerous guards and soldiers enjoying the show.

“Fuck,” she thought, “I’m so ashamed! They’ve turned me into a dirty whore!”

Indeed, some of the Ugandan men cheered her and chanted…

Some others kept chanting “U-GANDA… U-GANDA… U-GANDA…” They kept watching the white girls getting too many black dicks for what they could handle. Oh Jesus! Raping these cute Briton students was so much fun!

The prison commander took another turn inside Julia. He loved her face. He loved her helplessness. Most of all, he loved the tightness of her vagina, which had been virgin until that fateful day.

This time, he raped her in complete silence, listening to the whimpers and moans of her defeat. Julia couldn’t control her body! She was hanging by her cuffed wrists, which was very painful, even though most of her weight was supported by the gigantic Ugandan man, who was cupping her butt and holding her in position as he raped her with his face buried in the disheveled, sweaty mass of her hair.

Mawejje Natukunda immensely enjoyed the scent of her hair! He loved the feel of her soft, teenage-firm butt under his cupping hands! He felt his gorilla-erection expanding even more inside her stretched pussy! He became even harder as he kept urgently raping her! Oh yeah! She was such a nice piece of pussy!

Julia felt his hot breath on her face as she listened to his animalistic grunts while her back kept being slammed repeatedly against the cell bars, in the same punishing rhythm as the one his giant dick imparted to her shaking body!

“Sir!” a voice said suddenly, speaking to the commander as he was raping Julia. “Sir! There’s a phone call from university! It’s an English teacher calling; she’s looking for three missing students!”

“UUGGHH… UGGH… UGGGH… Tell her… Tell her they’re here! UGGH… UGGGH… Tell her that… we’re… pross… processing their files… UGGH… UGGGH… Tell her… I’ll… I’ll call back… I’m Hrrr… Hrrr… I’m busy right now!!!”

The administrative NCO went away and carried the message to Miss Black, the teacher who was in charge of her students’ safety and well-being.

Shortly after this, Julia felt the commander’s dick twitching inside her and braced for the horror! His animalistic grunts and his pounding intensified; her shoulder blades were hurting from being slammed nonstop against the iron bars… Then, she heard his sickening growl and felt the hot sauce of his cum flooding her!

Amid her fathomless horror and sorrow, Julia experienced something evilly arousing as she felt this steaming pudding settling inside her womanhood and also spilling its heat in a polluting river down her upper thighs as he left her standing and panting, with her wrists painfully cuffed to the bars.

The next man on her was an inspector, Bazil, who took advantage of her position to gleefully suck her breasts. Julia had beautiful nipples that felt like healthy tabs to Bazil. She wasn’t all that sensitive, so Bazil started pinching and gently biting her nipples until she squealed in pain and begged him to stop.

Julia was borderline masochist, and this pain on her nipples awoke this aspect of her sexuality. She began moaning while still begging him to stop torturing her, but he kept pinching and gently biting the tips of her breasts!

Then, he started fingering her pussy and took immense pleasure in listening to her body as it went into a powerful build-up that eventally forced Julia to explode with an all-encompassing orgasm! Forced! Yet extremely intense…

Bazil kept going, his expert fingers knowing what they were doing!

Julia kept pleading and begging him to stop out of sheer pride, yet her body kept betraying her. No man had ever given her such intense sensations!

“All right!” said Bazil. “Now, the white girl is ready to be fucked!”

Then, the Ugandan Inspector raped Julia the exact same way his commander had, forcing Julia to scream another orgasm in the process, until he screamed like a banshee and relieved himself in a final explosion of fury! The next man, a young soldier about Julia’s age, came to replace the Inspector and also relieved himself inside her. He kept kissing her neck and telling her she was adorable as he raped her!

Samantha and Audrey had been “gently persuaded” to kneel on all fours, which was as of itself a very powerful show of British-girl nakedness that had the men as hard as an Uganda Ironwood tree.

Both girls were filling the cell with their shrill screams of agony! They were both being ass-raped! Side by side… Sharing the same unreal pain!

Inspector Bbombokka was owning Audrey’s beautiful ass! He contemplated her heart-shaped butt, all firm and tight with her smooth pale-bronze complexion, yet her butt cheeks looked rather curvy against her tiny waist! He kept urgently driving her lovely curves against his coal-black hips and impaling ironwood in a relentless rape frenzy! Audrey shrieked nonstop, as if she was being eviscerated, rivers of tears flowing down her pretty face as she looked down and prayed for the torture to stop…

Corporal Mukiso Okello was enjoying Samantha’s extra-tight anal fuckhole, pounding her with his punishing dick and letting the white girl know that dark chocolate, her favorite treat, could also mean a colour that dished out life-altering pain!

After the Corporal had powerfully shot his load inside Samantha, a soldier poured banana beer on her milky-pale butt and delightfully licked the wet, silky surface of her nubile curves! Then, she returned to her rape-receiving function, her main role in this play…

This man felt generous. He “only” raped her cunt!

Samantha surprised herself. She was almost welcoming his dick inside her vagina, as this rape felt a lot less painful. Her young body was in fact responding in a very unsettling way, and when the Ugandan soldier cupper her breasts from behind, she yelped with forced pleasure… Her nipples were extremely sensitive! She nearly orgasmed through this breast play alone. Oh… How shameful! How unpolitically correct! She was even failing as a victim! She was such a bad feminist!

The leftist girl then heard the man growling like a sick otary, similar to another man’s final sounds, and felt his hot cum becoming a river of shame inside her!

Samantha lost track of space and time. She was completely numbed and stunned by the massive abuse she was taking. Her teenage body was shutting down. Her mind was overwhelmed and shut down as well. The men’s jeers became a distant roar. She almost no longer felt the cold wetness on her butt whenever someone was pouring beer on it. Time stopped. Only pain and shame remained.

She just felt the cold cell floor as her face kept sliding on it sideways and she was kept on all fours, and receiving all these Ugandan men’s tributes of cries, groans and cum inside and on her white nakedness! Someone cummed on her butt. Someone else cummed on her lower legs.

Another man grabbed her head and face-fucked her as he knelt beside her, telling her he would cut off a breast from her friend’s chest if she only thought of biting him. She let him invade her mouth as she kept taking the doggystyle rapes. She quickly learned how to keep breathing under such duress as he kept groaning like a rutting baboon while using her twin ponytails as handles. At that point, his heavy load of cum didn’t have too much of an effect on her. She felt something very slimy on her face, but you can’t get dirtier when you’re already squalid and hopelessly polluted.

She was vaguely aware of Audrey sharing her fate just a couple of yards away. She faintly heard Julia’s groaning and moaning, her warm, soprano voice lost in a fathomless ocean of jeering and grunting horror!

Now she knew what the word “debasement” meant. She was even less than a slut. She was filth. She was filth’s filth.

After what felt like an eternity in Hell, Samantha became aware of the ceiling neons. She instinctively felt it was already dark outside.

Julia was finally uncuffed from the bars and escorted to the prison’s clinic to have her bloody wrists treated and bandaged. Samantha and Audrey were left lying down on the floor, naked, like the lifeless dolls they had become hours ago.

The men left and locked the cell door. They promised they would be back.


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