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Mom said no

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I was a senior in high school. Dad was gone to work it was Saturday morning and an unplanned , spur of the moment action changed moms and my relationship forever.
Mom was going shopping. She was in bathroom when I got up getting cleaned up. She had just gotten out of shower the smell of shampoo in the air.
Mom was petite 5 foot 120 lbs curly hair Brunette .
I had a morning hard on.
My looks over her shoulder standing in front of mirror putting makeup on,and said good morning sweetheart.
Something in me clicked. Idk if it was mom’s smile or the smell of her shampoo and her ass sticking out as she leaned forward towards mirror applying makeup.
I pull her towel up and may cock out pinned her against sink
Mom lets out a shocked hey what are you doing and I was shoving into her pushing her up against sink. Mom’s grunts from the shock it took her breath as I slammed my cock I to her. Oh mom as moan. No finally gets her voice back and tells Dave!!! Oh mom I say as I thrust my hips slamming my cock I to her over and over like I jackhammer. No Dave stop!
Please mom hold still stopping her from turning around hold her tightly against sink.
Holding her hips I pick her up so I can straighten my legs.
Mom pushover my hands with hers.
Standing I am out of my mind. I had to be to do this.
Using her weight I was picking her up slant her down on my cock. I was so hard I could rake her weight.
Mom kept trying to twist around finally I let her quickly sitting her on sink pushy her back pinning her legs up and wrestled her wrist down holding on tighter I slammed back into her her.
Mom was weakening. Looking down at her she looked back at me pleading almost snapped me out of whatever took me over. Then it hit me out of nowhere. My cock exploded I moan out a long drawn out mom!!
And my cock pumped my load into her. God mom I can’t stop as a second wave washes over me making me lightheaded.
I loosened my grip and pull out watching my cone chase my cock out of mom’s pussy. Mom had loss all will and I figured out later was more ashamed and embarrassed and I broke her fight she had in her. She looked so cute. Her towel falling off around her legs dangling off sink her body looked more sexy more perfect than I had imagined. Her tits had freckles and were ski slopes pointing up at ceiling. I am still standing in front of her reach in and hug mom feeling bad and sorry for what I did. Mom lays her head on my shoulder and was trembling hugging me tightly.
I pick her up like a child. Holding her naked body up her towel falling to floor as mom cried on my shoulder softly.
My room was across hall not thinking I just took her to my bed laying down with her I kiss her forehead then her cheek and then moved to her lips tasting her tears on way down.
Mom was at my control as I felt my cock growing the smell of her wet hair and the tenderness we was sharing was too much. I climbed on mom missionary. Mon looks at me not resisting and asked why? I had no answer. I kiss her as I shoved into her. Please is all she said weakly as I pull her legs up and tenderly this time start make love to mom. Gently pumping into her. She felt so amazing soft yet tight.
I keep kissing around her neck nibble on her ears.
Mom just lays turning her head letting my have my way.
I felt myself building in intensity . Then I felt mom spread her legs and her feet go behind my ass. She reached down slowly and pulls my to her holding my ass. Her breathing was
Controlled. I feel her shudder as I kiss her neck. And when I ran my lips over her ear I whispered to her that I loved her and she shuddered again raising her hip rocking them with my movements. I move to her lips and she slips her tongue in my mouth . Feeling her tensing up. Her breathing quickening.
Oh Dave she murmured and a few rocks of the hips she thrust up tight against me moaning into my mouth our lips locked together as we both climax together. After we relax she keeps her legs around me as I roll over on my side holding me we lay in bed till afternoon not saying a word just resting in each other’s arms.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Very hot story. Yes not perfectly written. So what. Very enjoyable hot story.

  • Reply Lord of the Flies ID:1csy2ddoyumn

    People complain about your grammar, but it’s actually one of the more bearable stories on here.

    Great story, 👍

    • Mike ID:v8nu1234hpr

      Yes a couple auto correct mistakes people need to get over themselves

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Very hot fucking story but you have to proof read your stories .

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      Imagine fucking your & dad at the sametime. I did & now I do. Incestuous relationship. 10 years & fucking strong.

  • Reply TruthSayer ID:2pdv84jbm1

    Any chance of spelling? Looks like it’s written by an illiterate baboon

  • Reply Jerry ID:2px1mmwn4hs

    Awesome story keep it up and enjoy mom