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I love sending nudes to strangers!

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Ever since I first sent nudes to someone online, it’s became a hobby of mine

Hello! I’m currently 14 and I love sexting people. Every day after school I get on my phone and look for people to sext or sext people I already know. My best experience, though, was with my closest friend.

It started with a few dirty jokes, and then he started sending sexual messages to me. It turned me on so much, so we would talk for a while, and then after a few weeks he asked if I could send him a picture of my naked tits (I’m a D cup btw), and I provided. Then he wanted pictures of my plump ass, my pussy, my fully nude body, and one thing led to another. Now we fuck in the school bathroom every time he gets hard. Some other boys caught us a few times, and they joined in. Now I’m practically his sex slave, and anytime he comes to my house, we go to my room and lock the door, and I get naked for him and let him use me however he wants. He usually records us fucking and sends it to his friends. Sometimes his friends come by too and we have a huge orgy just on me. They all call me so many names, like cumdump, whore, sex slave, and a lot more.

They’re all my masters and my body is free for them to use, anytime they want.

I’m actually looking for some more people to sext. I only sext on Discord, so if you want my username, you can ask me. I will gladly provide you with anything you ask! I’ll also be sharing more sexual things as they happen, or maybe even some of my most personal of fantasies that I want to happen in real life. See you soon!

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  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Yearslave my discord account got disabled again email me if you can 😭

    • 15y/oTrans ID:phfgucpgu6s

      Given by how old the post is it doesn’t seem like she’s coming back :v

      I would’ve loved to be part of this so I could’ve gotten some masters too, though lmao

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Oh it’s you trans 😋 I was trying to find your posts I thought this was it but you commented pls email me lol my account got disabled I’m 16yearslut and Yslut 😆

    • 15y/oTrans ID:phfgucpgu6s

      Oh shit- Well alright lmao, I’ll email you then!

  • Reply Chris Hansen ID:1e02mvalfq67

    Please take a seat…

  • Reply Bob ID:mvsahdp41

    Im 14 male if you want to sext me OMG927

  • Reply tim ID:29kbofsdv1

    whats your discord

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hk

    All of them will shut you down. it seems if someone would open up a group chat invite only on proboards. net that all of this would go away. I am not even sure if that will fly. It would be nice to have a place to safely swap pic and vids. I think the safest is to have someone with a server that can set up invite only chat room that of course has fast internet. with the proper security this can be pulled off.
    I would of loved seeing MakeMeYourSlave getting fucked, telling stories and swapping pics. Fuck my cock gets hard just thinking about it.

    • Josher ID:fx7i93qrc

      Yea if you know any text me

  • Reply Emoji ID:5qw95w3e49b

    Hey, I’m 14 and would love to see you, discord is:

  • Reply A discord pwrson ID:bo2qeow8l

    M or f?

  • Reply Looking for some ID:8p6jyc1k09

    Still available?

  • Reply Just a person ID:n4nsdrk09

    What’s your discord?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:94sp9kd2

    What’s your discord account?

  • Reply TheRebelGreaser ID:21c72i1p43

    I liked the story and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding me on discord my username is TheRebelGreaser#8488

    • discord ID:d05xfyb0b

      i added u on disc mines the texas username

  • Reply mighty A ID:aeex4knh

    hey little slut, how about you add me on discord and maybe we can have some fun too, maybe i should fuck your tight little body

  • Reply Cruxxx ID:4ke8ubizj

    damn sad I missed out, would love to check out a gc full of pervs to share nudes with sometime

    • [email protected] ID:1dahs3fxzl

      Cruxxx, make a kik, discord banned us real quick last time. I still want to hear your summer camp story BTW.

    • 15y/oTrans ID:phfgucpgu6s

      I’m also sad I missed out! I would’ve loved partaking in something like this!

  • Reply Ramón:420 ID:14s6ae2z20d

    I added you on discord my username is Ramón#4850

  • Reply add me please ID:13621dk9qj

    discord is xan#1706

  • Reply 17 male ID:o6m8j2iv1

    Well, my discord is hornikiddo#4333 if any girl/lady wanna add. I am 17.

  • Reply Hollandjames1234 ID:4glka2iv2

    If your having issues with discord accounts being banned, all you have to do is create a new email account and then make a new discord account tied to that new email.

  • Reply RandomBS ID:dbj9nkg8l

    MakeMeYourSlave, mind making a new Discord account and telling us your new Discord account? Would really love to see you nudes of yourself and sext with you often 🙂

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:4mxdgy2v2

    Author please create a new gc not on discord

  • Reply Brad ID:1ah770lft0a

    I love u sweetheart

  • Reply Jeff ID:1ah770lft0a

    Please your username baby girl ?

  • Reply A'nt Telling ID:7zv2v6s5m0

    Discord is not a secure chat app

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:5u1d7cdxii

    I mean Wickr can work, it has a go setting

  • Reply Random BS ID:61mus5mxik

    Hey guys so.. Discord was quick to notice it and everyone’s accounts got disabled so FUCK
    Next time, we should make a gc instead of a server because Discord is especially vigilant to servers compared to gcs (group chats) so yeah.. contact Discord support to appeal to them to have it undisabled, hopefully that you are undisabled, leave the server and make a gc please MakeMeYourSlave?
    And for the record, if you don’t undisable your account in 14 days, Discord systems will automatically delete said account so badger them to have your account back if it’s like me and I only got 1 account so RIP

    • A'nt Telling ID:7zv2v6s5m0

      LOL, I was part of a KIK group and am now permanently banned by those yahoos 🙂

  • Reply Lolz ID:5u1d7cdxii

    I think discord has ban everyone

    • Wal ID:5u0xitakm4

      How long?

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:4mxdgy2v2

    Did anyone get disabled on her discord?

    • Wal ID:5u0xitakm4

      Yes. I did. You?

    • Wal ID:5u0xitakm4

      I didn’t even do anything but join.

    • Dontknow ID:nc515rhm

      Yep cant even log in mine now

  • Reply Denim ID:etysnny43

    Can u provide ur username I like to dominate

  • Reply Boo ID:457lii518

    Plz accepted it. Mine is booboo#4483

  • Reply WhosYourDaddy ID:3zaq0tuhd9k

    Has she added anyone?

  • Reply Jarno ID:2m8190pd9j

    I send a request

  • Reply Sagar ID:cxsmceo6id

    I sent you a friend request SagarRana#2807. Accept it. I want to be your owner too.

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:5u1d7cdxii

    It’s says it’s expired

    • Lolz4gags ID:5u1d7cdxii

      If not, I sent a request to you, name is lolz4gags

  • Reply Gionni ID:1coyoba4t0d

    Discord name please?

    • MakeMeYourSlave ID:28arg0549i

      My Discord is PersonalRapeSlave#6428

    • RandomBS ID:dbj9nkg8l

      MakeMeYourSlave, please accept my friend request
      It’s Kada$in#9544

    • Wal ID:5u0xitakm4

      Did anyone else have there accounts disabled after joining the discord group?

    • Ramón:420 ID:14s6ae2z20d

      I just added you baby

    • C4l3b ID:2v442xrq8ra

      What’s her discord?

  • Reply Sonic457 ID:6d0f704oik

    Can I get your discord?

  • Reply L ID:1ek2ksbd9i

    Just make a discord server for people to find you, and you can PM them after they join.

  • Reply Joby#2585 ID:1dahs3fxzl

    Would love to see those recordings, sounds so hot!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vzhs2mzm

    I started sending nudes of my self and my friends when I was a teen. Just me now. It was exhilarating

    • Des ID:5q897abv9j

      Can I email you Amy? Older pervy guy here.

    • ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qk

      Amy do you still do it?

    • M4 ID:1rou10zi

      Sending and receiving is a turn on for both

    • M4 ID:1rou10zi

      Sending and receiving nudes is hot

  • Reply Varun4yu hy ID:bj0cwpd9i

    I’ll give you the best orgasm with sexting… try once … snap me : varun4yu

  • Reply Tom ID:22lrenq20a

    I would like your discord

  • Reply Mary Sophia ID:571ovefq

    I also went through the same experience as you and most times I love meeting men in person so we could share lovely experiences

    • ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qk

      Do you still do it?

  • Reply J ID:3057mr1n43


    • Varun4yu hy ID:bj0cwpd9i

      Discord please : varun4yu#5501

  • Reply Wullieboy ID:2wcj1djj8m

    What’s your discord name?

  • Reply Lolz4gags ID:5u1d7cdxii

    What’s the discord name?

    • Jan ID:wy190uhri

      Hey I’m available love being a sex slave
      Mail me at [email protected]

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qk

    What’s your discord?

    • Anonymous ID:62953mjmv4

      discord name?