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Author: Mike

My Girlfriend is kinky

To say the least my girlfriend Barb who is married .to a truck driver. Hooks up with me from time to time. Well the other day her husband was two states away and she called me to come... # #

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Mom said no part3

Dad soon came out of shower and mom got up and went to bed with him it was getting late. She looks back at me as she was walking down hall give me a You better stop look. I go to bed... # # # #

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Mom said no part2

It was afternoon mom had drifted off to sleep after sex and was sleeping peacefully in my arms. I didn’t want to move and wake her so I lay still admiring her naked body. Her little... # # #

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Mom said no

I was a senior in high school. Dad was gone to work it was Saturday morning and an unplanned , spur of the moment action changed moms and my relationship forever. Mom was going shopping.... # # #

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Fucked my sister

I was 15 my sister was 18. It was 10 years ago today. We were home alone our parents was on a get away weekend. My sister had broken up with her boyfriend. And was doing nothing all... # # # #

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Moms love

I was 11 when I wreak my dirt bike broke my wrist on my left hand and elbow on right arm. Mom would have to give me baths. Had cast on both arms. So the first time I was so nervous... # # # #

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Wife and my step son

My wife had a son when we got married Jenny my wife was a petite short curly haired brunette and her son was 6 when we got married Jenny had nice perfect 36 c tits 4 years later she... # # # #

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Wife cheating with Father inlaw

So my dad has Alzheimer’s. He was 66 and instead of having him in a special care facility we took him in our home. My wife quit her job and was cheaper alternative to do. So on weekends... # # #

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Revenge on wife

My wife was a cheater. I caught her many times with a neighbor, her boss, her best friends husband. It really seriously turned me into a cuck. It opened our relationship and made our... # # # #

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Caught my wife2

So that weekend I said nothing about it except I asked the boys if grandpa came over very much when I was at work. They said a couple time a week. I asked the oldest what he does. He... # # # #

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Caught my wife

So not proud of my reaction to this thinking back about 20 years ago. But I got home from work a day early Just before we had cell phones so I didn’t call my wife to tell her. I was... # # #

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Mom’s fault

Mom married my step dad when I was young. I only rent him as my dad . My real dad I never met. I rent dad and mom fighting a lot when I was younger. Now that I am older. I realize most... # # # #

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Wife caught

So short a sweet I came home from work 35 years ago. Yea 35 years ago and I was a hour early. I pull in to drive it was 10 at night. How many guys ever dream of this or suspect their... # # #

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Drunk and crossdress

I was drinking at a bar in a small town passing through I met a older local we started talking and drinking time goes by we had shots and laughs then I tell him it’s time for... #

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My uncles cock

I thought I would share this with you from my childhood fun with my uncle . I was 9 at the time went stay at my grandmother’s my uncle was 22 one day I was in the shower and he... # # #

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