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I own every girl in the house

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How many can one boy rape in a family of 11 girls soon to be sluts

I am still getting use to the grammar cheeker so yha. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WITHOUT PUTING BEFORE THE GRAMMAR CHEEKER

Story starts here. V
I was always put to a lower standard than my sibling. I was the only boy in a family of 10 kids, and I’m the middle child, which makes it 10 times worse. I have four younger sisters named Rose (4), Holly (9), May (10) and Flower (11). Ava (12) is my identical twin sister.Freya (16), Everleigh (15), and Vivian (17) are three adolescent sisters.Then he named his oldest Soleil (21) and Annabella (20). My mom (40) is a stay-at-home mom and teaches the girls at home when I go to school. Granma (60) also lives with us. She cooks and helps teach the girls. But of course, with so many people in one house, we had some rules. (Rule #1: NO DISOBEDIENT DAD)From the ages of 12 to 80: RULE # 2: No Staying Up Past Your Bed Time. Bed time is 8:30 pm for anyone under the age of 10. 9:00 for 10 to 17. 9:30 for anyone 18 to 39. 12:00 for anyone 40 and up. | RULE #3: Anyone over the age of 21 can call a family meeting. | RULE #4: Every girl between the ages of 12 and 80 is required to follow all of the rules and to listen to Billy.#5 Dad has the authority to change or add to the rules as he sees fit. can do makeup and do punishment as he likes. | 6 # If you are given “cageout,” you must act like a dog or cat until the end.You are not permitted to use the restroom inside Daring at this time.)My name is Billy, and I’m a 12 in a family of 13 girls.
Mom called a family meeting while Ava and I were playing outside three days after our 12th birthday.Me and Ava came running inside fast to see everyone standing or sitting there. Rose was in a different room, but that was not important. But my dad was not in there; he was at the store.
After a few minutes, my mom said, “Your dad i-s i-s…” My grandma quickly hopped in and said, “Your dad died at the store.” As she finished, she began crying along with Soleil and Annabella.
The next week, the funeral happened, and we all said our good byes. That night, mom called another family meeting after the funeral, saying, “We are putting in some new family rules.” She gave us a few seconds to think about what she said. We all knew this was coming, so we were already prepared for this, so none of us had anything to say. She then kept going, saying, “Now that your fare is not here, we now have a few new rules and here they are.” As she finished, she pulled out a big roll of white bore. reading “The new rules.” #1 NO DISSOBAYING BILLY between the ages of [insert age here].| # 2 Do not stay up past your bedtime.the same bedtimes not including Billy, who is now 12:00. | #3: A family meeting can be called by anyone over the age of [insert age here].Billy can change the rules or add to the rules as he likes. | #5 Billy has complete control over his makeup and punishment.| 6 # If you are given “cageout,” you must act like a dog or cat until the end.You may not use the rest room inside Daring this time.
After 2 minutes, Freya said, “Why did Dad have the opportunity to change rules and add rules and now Billy?” Mom quickly looked at her and said, “Because it’s what the book said we have to do.” You know the line I’m talking about, correct? ” Freya then said yes,””The man and or boy in the house is in charge. Every girl or woman must do as he says and sever his needs.””Yes,” Now Billy makes the ages for the rules. ” I slowly walked up to the white board and put “# 1 NO DISSOBAYING BILLY from the ages of 7 to 80.” | # 2 Do not stay up past your bedtime.the same bedtimesnot including Billy, who is now 12:00. A person over the age of 15 can call a family meeting. Billy can call a family meeting no matter what. Billy can change the rules or add to the rules as he likes. | #5 Billy has complete control over his makeup and punishment.given cageout, you have to act like a dog or cat till the end. You may not use the rest room inside Daring this time. ” “OK, mom, my done,” I said when I was finished.She looked at it and said, “Ok girls, look at the new rules!” After all the girls got done, mom said, “Okay, all of you now go to bed. It’s past 9:30.” I began walking to the bed rooms when I remembered dad would have punished them, so I looked at mom and asked “can I punish one of them mom?” Mom quickly said yes and called all the girls back. As they all lined back up, I said, “Soleil, Annabella, you can go.” But for the rest of you, line up and face me. ” Soleil and Annabella quickly walked away while everyone lined up. I looked at the line for a moment, thinking about who to punish. My eye locked with Holly. I slowly walked up to her and made her stand in front of the coffee table. I then asked my mom, “Who would dad punish?” Mom said, “He would make her get naked and spank slap or make her rub him off.” But there’s no telling if he never punished her. ” I said ok and turned and faced Holly, saying “Get naked and put your hands on the coffee table.” She did what I said and once she was ready, I asked Holly “How do you feel, Holly?” “Everyone is staring at my naked butt,” Holly said. I giggled a little and spanked her one time. She groans in pain, so I spank her again. I kept on till I spanked her eight times.
I then let them all go, but as they walked away, mom said, “Ava, stay up with us. We five need to talk.” Ava walked over and said, “Yes mommy.” “What does that mean, mommy?” Ava inquired. then said, “Both of you get naked.” We both stripped naked, and mom grabbed Ava’s arm and pushed her in front of my limp cock, telling her to “kiss it.”
Ava slowly kissed me till I was hard and my mom said, “Ok Ava, now stop kissing it and put it in your mouth and suck on it.” Ava then stopped kissing my cheek and slowly put it in her mouth. As she slowly began sucking on my hard cock, my mom yelled, “HARDER SLUT!” As she began sucking harder, I began feeling like I was going to pee, so I looked at my mom and said “Mom, I feel like I am going to pee.” As she heard this, she smiled and said, “Ok, Ava, stop sucking him and lay down on your back.”
As Ava did that, I began to walk away to find a restroom, but when Grandma saw this, she said “Do not walk away boy.” As I turned around, my mom garbed my hand and put me in front of Ava, who had her legs wide out to the sides. Ava attempted to cover herself, but her mother noticed and said, “Hands above your head, Ava.” Ava quickly placed her hands above her head. mom then quickly put my dick in her pussy and said “Start sliding in and out.” Getting a little tired, I started moving in and out. About 3 minutes later, I looked down to see my sister crying and blood dripping out of her pussy. I felt like I needed to pee again, so I said “mom, I’m going to pee.” As soon as my mom heard that, she said “push as deep in her as you can and pee.” Not wanting to argue, I quickly did what she said to do. After a minute, mom said, “You can get up now, ohh and put Ava in her room please.” I quickly took Ava to her room and fell asleep.
The next day, me and my mom talked, and mom said, “you can now do what I had you do yesterday to any of your sisters.” “The only one you can’t do that with is Rose. She’s too young.”
This is the end of part 1.

I think this is my longest part one yet.

This well be the first time my not putting before the grammar cheeker on with no before SO PLS IF IT MISSED IT UP LET ME KNOW.

I had a harder time then I normally do getting this to this point.

give me ideas

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