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My wife found my links

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My wife found my links and cheating wife photos and cheating wife stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship. However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has known. She likes the attention.

For weeks she has continued to ask me about what she found on my computer. In addition to her objections she has noticed and teased me about the fact that I get very tuned on while she talks with me about all the things she has seen on my computer.

She has continued to object to the cheating aspect of it all. But, I started to notice she had been checking out my computer more often. I could tell by leaving my link history uncleared and when I came back things are often out of order. A few times she had left open her own finds about cheating wives and even some cuckold stories and videos, including one with the wife taking a lesbian lover.

A few weeks later, I believe I discovered proof my wife had actually cheated on me with a friend of ours. We had planned dinner with him at our home when I got called away for work, which now I am sure she had pre-arranged. When I arrived home much later that night, she had “accidentally” left her panties in the living room for me to discover after I got home late. I also found a wetness in our bed when I joined her already sleeping. I think they know that I know. I got angry at first, then curious, and now I am constantly aroused by it, it’s the mental vision of her with him and the mystery and secrecy of not knowing it all. Lately, I have to work to avoid becoming hard when we are all together. They are becoming a little more obvious about it now, more openly flirting. I know, or at least I think I’m sure, she is becoming a secret slut for him.

She has also become increasingly close to a woman who is an open lesbian and a professor at a local private college. Her friend is an aggressive flirt with her, even when or maybe especially when right in front of me. It’s like the professor is showing off her influences she is having on my wife. She touches my wife, caresses her hair and they hug, very close hugs. They have spent several evenings out very late drinking wine and attending the theater staying out as late as three and four in the morning.

Right now she still insists that cheating is cheating.

Our relationship has always been very open and honest. I told her everything about my past. She knows that all my previous girlfriends and my first wife cheated on me. She asked me to be very specific. So I told her every detail of my cheating girlfriends and wife, a very hot large-breasted redhead, who was very openly seen with other men in bars and at private house parties with a tall, well built African American man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band. Lately she wants to know more and more about them and their cheating. She insists on me telling her all the details of how they accomplished their escapades. Every detail, including how I felt about it, which I think is obvious considering how turned on I get relating it all.

Last week while we were in a very nice restaurant at the bar when she asked me about my “cheating former girlfriends and huge boobs cheating ex wife.” The bartender, a very attractive large breasted woman who was wearing an oversize, nearly transparent white buttoned blouse with three buttons open showing plenty of cleavage. It was easy to see her nipple poking the front of her blouse. When she leaned over my wife noticed that her bra was completely on display. She was standing close enough that she could hear everything my wife said to me. My wife’s conversation with me went into very intimate details I had related to her. She recounted every specific detail I had told her. Details that I had told her thinking no one else would ever hear. I tried to answer her questions very quietly but I noticed the bartender looking over the top of her glasses and stayed close enough to hear our discussions. My wife then told me how much she liked my ex and that they had been meeting lately and “we’ve been ah… talking. You know, girl talk, comparing notes.” Eventually my wife asked me if I would answer a question for her, mind you with the bartender still ever so close to hear her ask me.

Finally she asked if I ever wondered if she was cheating too with any other men, or any of my friends, or even with that professor lesbian friend of hers.

I was shocked and stunned and it took a minute before I emphatically told her how much I trusted her. “Well, that certainly wasn’t a no,” she noted with little flirting glance to and the bartender. She then asked, “Do you want me to be like them, and cheat too?”

I couldn’t speak for about a minute. I was completely staggered.

The bartender had now stopped any pretense of pretending not to listen and looked right at me as she leaned into the bar top showing us her delicious breasts, waiting for me to answer. My wife clearly noticed then just stared at me grinning but impatiently waiting for an answer. I was only saved by the fact that we were called to our table. The bartender continued to stare at me and my wife moved in close to hand her a tip. I don’t think they noticed that I saw their hands touch, then held each others hands for a moment looking into each others eyes. Then I saw my wife give the bartender her business card as they both smiled longingly at each other.

We do have sex often, but I cannot get these images and notions out of my head. I think I need to let her take her time before letting me in on her secret life. Am I doing the right thing?

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  • Reply MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

    You and your wife both know that she cheats. You both have strongly hinted how you want this relationship to be like. I suggest that you both stop hinting and lay down ground rules for both of your behavior. And live a happy life together. If you don’t do this, you are going to encounter serious relationship issues.

  • Reply Bob ID:1czd2sromge4

    Cheating wives are awesome!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,


    • MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

      Wives who cheat with the loving support of their husbands and then share their cheating with their husbands, by telling them all about it or by letting them watch, are awesome and usually have super hot sex with hubby as he reclaims her. Adding more value into the marriage.

      Wives who sneak out behind their husbands back and hide everything from their husbands, I have no respect for. They are not bringing anything into their marriage, instead they are stealing it away from their marriage, leaving it, and the husband, empty.

  • Reply Becontree2001uk ID:16d43cyvoia

    Hopefully your wife cuckolds you and gives you the ultimate in cuckolding – getting pregnant to her lover and leaving you for him!

  • Reply Horneolman ID:4glp07499

    I’ve been leaving links open for my wife to read but she doesn’t seem to bother reading them. My ex use to go out with other men at least once or twice a week then come home and tell me about it then I lick her clean before fucking her but that no longer happens and I really miss it. Was scary at first when she would go out to get laid but after a while I encouraged it, was such a big turn on for me. Eventually I sort of craved the taste of cum and would find someone to suck off but even that seems harder to do now. I love eating pussy and sucking cock but would sooner eat the cum out of a woman.

  • Reply FH ID:hfmu2ahra

    Her searches on my computer have expanded. She leaves her history path undeleted. She works in tech, I know she is doing it purposely. Lately she has been reading cuckold stories. One story she reads frequently involves a wife, who discovers her husband is a cuckold, falls in love with a man with a huge cock; leaves the husband with his blessing and he even pledges to remain true and faithful to her forever. She left the story open a couple of times, knowing I would find and read it.
    Last night we were in bed and she was getting me excited. She was touching me and I got hard, very hard. She stopped suddenly asked if we could talk. She wrapped her fingers around my erection but just held me there, then… She actually asked if I was aware of men who were unashamedly committed to the happiness of their wife regardless of any mistakes and indiscretion she may have committed.
    I told her yes.
    She said, “You know, don’t you that it’s still cheating, right?”
    “Yes honey, I know.” I agreed.
    ‘But, you know sometimes, things happen,” she said.
    Then she let go of my hard-leaking cock and rolled over to go to sleep. Now what? – FH

    • MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

      She just told you that she is seriously sexually and emotionally involved with another person, and asked your advise. You could be a Stag, or Cuckold, or a Weak Loser Cuck, or a Sissy Cuck. Your choice. I think, and I could be wrong, that you will choose to be a Loser Cuck, and she will leave you. Your choice. Who do you want to be?

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmk0j

    Hot! She jusr made a connection and evenually you will get to watch!