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Mom missing dad 3

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If you haven’t already read parts 1&2 first.

So my wife was asleep when I got home. I was horny all day from just thinking about what mom and I had did. No wife was up at 4 pm we sat around and watched tv and ate dinner together she had to leave about 7 to go to work on another 12 hour shift.
So I told her I was going to visit mom again it did her good with kids around.
So when she left I couldn’t get to moms fast enough.
When we got there mom was in kitchen visiting with my sister.
Ugg. I was thinking. But my sister couldn’t leave fast enough when she knew someone else was there to keep her company. Mom was having a good day. She knew who I was no miss calling or mine lapses .
As soon as my sister left she looks at me and says we need to talk. We go down to basement where th kids can’t hear and she says we shouldn’t be doing what we did. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed by it and she started crying. I hug her started to feeling guilty my self now. But feeling her warmth and smelling her hair as I hug her my other head had other feelings..
I say it’s okay mom what we did was unbelievable but if you are not comfortable with it I understand. And I kiss her forehead. She said I just was so lonely and missed your dad.
I I just. She trailed off I was rubbing her back still holds her looking down at her. I spoke up.

I know mom we all do. And she laughed. That’s not what I meant. I hug her again putting my head against her shoulder
And without thinking I kissed her neck and then her ear.
She didn’t say anything and I pull away realizing I was pushing the issue. She looks up at me and I just lower myself to her lips and she and In started kissing like lovers. I instantly was ready to bust mom was breathing hard into my mouth
I jerk her sweats down she had on panties with and lifted her to edge of pool table. I was thrusting into her in seconds
And her and I both was in the heat of moment were
Both instantly in a orgasm bodies tensing up and she collapsed back on her elbows catching her breath me hovering over her feeling my cock softening inside her.
We both wait a moment gathering myself I pull out of her. My cum dripping out onto edge of pool table
She said what are we going to do?
I said. Keep it between us and not let something so intense and exciting make us feel guilty . If no one knows
Who cares.
She laughed then. Which was a huge relief for me.
I had been so horny all day when we finally finished I was exhausted and mom looked it also.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    This story is really hot Dave, but too short.
    Thank You for all of your wonderful stories.

  • Reply NawtyMom ID:1ex3754qgu5u

    I find your story to be so beautiful and so bittersweet. I wish we could chat sometime.

  • Reply 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

    This one was way to short

    • 123imcoming ID:ghfylvt0a

      Probably from him having sex in a rush