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Carrie’s Little Sister – Part 2

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Carrie’s Little Sister – Part 2
By Jessy42
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Chapter 3….

Two days passed and Carrie was starting to feel horny again, and Doug was still in the same foul mood. She knew that her feelings were wrong, but she wouldn’t have had to feel that way if Doug would take care of her needs. He was her husband. He was supposed to make her happy and keep her satisfied. He was supposed to give her enough cock so that she didn’t have to look anywhere else.

“God Damn It!” Carrie said out loud when she came in the family room and saw Doug was sitting on the couch drinking a beer and watching a college football game.

“Did you say something?” Doug asked.

“No,” Carrie answered, “I didn’t!”

“Well, God Damn It, quit acting like you’ve got ants in your pants or something,” he growled. “Stand still or sit down.”

“I’m feeling restless,” she replied. “Couldn’t we go for a walk or something?”

“No… the games on and I’m too tired,” Doug replied.

“Maybe I could go by myself,” she suggested.

“Go the hell on,” Doug groaned. “Now quiet… the commercial is over.” His attention was full tuned to the ball game again. Carrie remembered a time when he wouldn’t have suggested she go out walking by herself. Walking together had always been one of their favorite times. She couldn’t even count the times they had kissed and fondled each other during one of their long walks, something they liked to call “Doing a Wild One.” She could remember a few times when they had been brave enough to make love in park up against a tree.

“Couldn’t you go with me, Doug?” Carrie asked. She sat down beside him on the couch, and started to stroke his arm. “I mean, we could have a wild one if you went with me.”

Doug just wasn’t interested. He took a sip of his beer and put it down beside him. “Goddamn it… can’t you see I’m watching the game?”

She got mad. It wasn’t fair for Doug to treat her this way. He couldn’t still be that upset over her little sister. She was sure it was something else, something deeper that was bothering him. Perhaps it was another woman. That would make more sense. He had to be getting pussy from somewhere. He’d always had such a powerful sexual appetite. But Doug having an affair was hard to believe.

Carrie slammed the backdoor on her way out. She wanted to sure he knew that she had left the house. The late summer night air was cool. She didn’t see anyone on the dark streets as she started walking down the sidewalk. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to go. She just wanted to walk. Perhaps a little exercise would help the burning itch between her legs, she thought.

She had gone about a block when she heard the sound of breaking glass, and then a woman’s screaming voice. She saw a woman come running out of a house nearly in front of her, and jump into a small car. Carrie stopped, and it was good thing she did. A moment later the woman jerked the small car back out of the driveway without looking. She might have been run over, if she hadn’t been standing there.

Carrie watched the red taillights of the car disappear up the road, before she looked back at the house. The door was still open and she could see the lights were on in the front of the house. Then a tall, gray-headed man was standing in the doorway, his hand wrapped in paper towels with blood dripping. He wasn’t a bad looking man. He was still young, even if he did have gray hair.

She knew it was probably the wrong thing to do, but she was curious. She had problems of her own, she didn’t need to get mixed up in anybody else’s domestic issues. But she could see the man needed help.

From half-way up the walk-way, she said, “Hello… do you need help?

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I see you’ve been hurt,” she replied. “I can help… I’m a nurse.”

“Well… it’s not bad,” he replied. “At least not physically. There’s a lot of emotional hurt around here, though.”

“Was that your wife I just saw leave?” Carrie asked.

“Yeah,” the man answered. “I was going to go after her, but then I decided what the hell. A night of peace might be good for me. Damn it!”

She came on to his porch and looked closely at the cut on his arm, it wasn’t deep, but it was long. He was holding it up with a wad of paper towels so it wouldn’t drip blood on the carpet.

“I’m Carrie,” she said. “You’d better let me help with your arm; you’ve been cut quite badly.”


A few minutes later, the gray-haired, blue-eyed man sat back on a kitchen chair with his arm freshly bandaged, and watched as Carrie picked up the last of the glass from the broken mirror on the kitchen floor. He liked what he saw… her round ass looked really good in her tight blue jeans. She was a real redheaded bundle of sweetness. He wondered what she had on under her jacket. He also wondered why she had come to his door in the first place. Not many women would have.

“I’m Jason Rand,” he said. “I like your name, Carrie.”

Carrie saw in his eyes that there were a lot of things he liked about her. She began to get a little nervous. She finished picking up the shards of glass, and dumped them into a waste basket. He’d been watching her the whole time, and she imagined a flickering of hunger in his expression.

“Thank you,” he said, then paused a moment. “You’re not leaving already… are you.” Carrie had started for the door, but he got there before she did, and shut the door. “Let me make you a drink first… it’s the least I can do.”

“No… no… I really have to leave,” Carrie said. “What if your wife comes back? She wouldn’t understand my being here.”

“She won’t be back, tonight,” Jason assured her. “She stays gone… when she leaves like this. At times she’s been gone a couple of weeks, she’s never come back the same night.”

“I still have to go,” Carrie replied.

“Just one drink,” Jason insisted.

Carrie shrugged her shoulders. “All right. Just one… then I really have to go.”

Jason grinned; he knew what kind of game this sweet thing was playing. She had probably been lonely, and her curiosity had led her to his door. Now she was getting nervous. Well, that was all right. Jason was used to dealing with the nervous types. That was one of the problems with his marriage. Jason had far too much experience with other women, and he was still playing at getting even more experience. His wife would throw these fits every now and then. She did it only to prove that she still had a backbone, and that he couldn’t treat her any way he wished.

It never worked, she always came crawling back, and he would go on with his scampering ways. His wife hated the way he used her, but she couldn’t stay away. She loved his cock too much, and she also loved the things he did to her.

Jason fixed Carrie a rum & coke, then he made her sit down on the couch, before he gave it to her. He watched her sip the strong drink. She was nice looking. He could see the outlines of her small pert tits underneath her jacket. He wished she’d take it off. He wanted to have a good look at her body. He appreciated what he saw, but it wasn’t enough.

“Do you live around here, Carrie?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “Just down the street.”

“It’s awfully dark for a pretty woman like you to be walking alone,” he replied.

“I’m all right,” she said. “This is a nice neighborhood. Nobody would dare bother me around here.”

“Oh… I don’t know,” Jason said. “There’s a lot of lonely husbands around. They might not be able to resist you. A woman like you doesn’t come along very often.”

Carrie brushed back her thick wavy red hair from her eyes. She gave him a nervous smile. She could feel the alcohol working in her, spreading its warmth through her body. Doug would probably be missing her soon. This was not the time to start thinking about sex. Yet, she couldn’t help but think about sex when she stared at the slender distinguished looking man. She’d never really met a distinguished looking man before. Jason had the quality of a gentleman about him.

“Do you like your drink?” Jason asked.

“Yeah…,” she answered.

“I hope I didn’t make it too strong,” he replied. “I don’t drink much, but I like a good stiff one to begin with when I do. It kind of makes the blood boil, but it doesn’t make you drunk. Don’t you think so?”

“I suppose so,” she answered.

He was staring at her, and Carrie got the sudden, uncomfortable feeling that she was a tasty meal ready to be devoured. Jason was no frail old man on a hospital bed. Jason would not fumble. He would take charge and she had the feeling that he really knew how to love a woman.

“Take off your jacket,” he said.

She didn’t like that… she suddenly didn’t want to be alone with him. It was too dangerous. Jason knew too much. She wouldn’t ever be the same, once Jason had finished with her. She put her drink down and got to her feet.

“No…,” she said. “I really can’t stay. My husband will start to worry.”

This time his eyes were ugly and hard. She felt weak. This wasn’t a man who liked to be refused. She had the sudden feeling that he could get violent. She found herself starting to unbutton her jacket.

“That’s better,” he said, smiling slyly.

She unbuttoned her jacket and shrugged it off. She was dressed in a tight black t-shirt and blue jeans. She hadn’t bothered to put on a bra, the points of her small tits pushed at her clinging t-shirt.

“That’s much better,” he said. “You’re a beautiful woman. You shouldn’t try to hide yourself.”

Carrie couldn’t think of anything to say. She picked up her drink again, and sipped at the rest of the strong drink. She wanted to leave, but she wanted to stay also. She was so confused. Hell, she really didn’t know what she wanted to do. She was both afraid of… and attracted to Jason. He was a different kind of man from her wimpy Gen Z husband. He didn’t get his strength from working with weights. He got his strength from somewhere within; he had an aura of always being right and in command.

“Yes,” he said, after his eyes had swept over her lush figure. “Very nice. It’s a shame your husband doesn’t appreciate you like he should.”

“How do you know that?” Carrie asked with suspicion. She could have bitten off her tongue almost as soon as she had spoken. He couldn’t have known about the problems she was having with Doug. He had only guessed. He had trapped her… now he was really grinning.

“I can tell when a woman’s not happy,” Jason said. “I can tell when a woman has to look somewhere else for attention. That’s why you walked in here tonight.”

“No…,” she said weakly.

“Sure, it is… you were looking for something… well, you’ve found it. Why be afraid? A good-looking woman like you needs to be appreciated. Just like every other fine thing in life.” He had put his drink down and he was walking toward her. He bent down and kissed her very gently on the cheek, then on the lips. His lips felt so soft. He didn’t pressure her at all… except by his sense of presence.

“Stand up and put your arms around me,” he said.

She did as he asked, her arms wrapped around his waist as he kissed her again. This time she opened her mouth to the gentle probing of his tongue. She felt hot and weak as she tasted his saliva and she wiggled her tongue against his.

“You’re so very nice,” he said softly. “So very soft and nice. A woman like you needs to be appreciated.”

She knew exactly what he was doing, but she couldn’t stop it from happening. It wasn’t like the decision she had made with Alan.

That had been completely her idea. She had been horny, and she had reached a decision that she was going to fuck him. She didn’t get to make the decision this time. He made the choice for her. Jason wanted her and he was going to fuck her… it was as simple as that.

“Come on,” he said, as he took her hand, and led her through the family room and into the hall. The bedroom was decorated in a southwest style as was the family room. There was a huge round bed. Carrie had never slept on a round bed before. She had somehow thought that was something normal people didn’t have. It was a bed made for Hollywood movies… or porn movies.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Carrie admitted. “The bed looks so… so wicked.” She shivered deliciously as he slid his hand down her back and stroked her ass. She could feel his fingers clutching her left ass-cheek. Then the other cheek. She was starting to feel a little… Horny.

“Yeah… it’s wicked,” he replied. “Very wicked. I’ve done a lot of wild fucking on this bed.”

“With your wife…?” Carrie asked.

“Yeah… with her… and with a lot of other women. Sometimes my wife joins me when I fuck them.”

Carrie felt her heart pounding. This was not the kind of man she was used to. She was getting a vivid mental picture of herself, and the pretty blonde she’d seen leaving, and Jason on the same bed. The thought made her sooo Hot.

Jason stroked her ass for a few moments before he left her side. He sat down on the bed and laid back with his head cupped in his hands. “All right, honey,” he said. “Let’s see what you’ve been hiding all these years. Take if off… show me your pussy and those pointy tits.”

His vulgar talk only made her… Hotter. She grasped the hem of her tight t-shirt and tugged it over her head. He gasped, as he saw her small firm tits poking at him. Damn, she had a nice pair of tits… he liked them small and perky. Her pinkish/brown nipples were already hard he could see. He knew her supple creamy-white flesh would taste sweet in his mouth.

“Now the rest,” he said.

She slowly peeled her tight jeans and panties down her slim legs, then stepped out of them… she stood naked before him. She had never been naked in front of a man who looked at her in the way Jason did. He both judged and appreciated her. She had the feeling he was comparing her to hundreds of other women he’d known.

“Yes… very nice,” he said. “You didn’t fake anything… you’re all real, baby. Now come over here. Let me watch you walk.”

She gave herself an extra swing to her hips as she went to him. He reached up and caressed her nipples with both hands. She felt her hard nipples grow taut and aching. She gave a little sigh as he pulled her closer, then his lips touched the valley between her firm tits. She felt his tongue licking her. He moved his tongue up the sides of both her creamy pale breast. He held them together and licked at her nipples. But he didn’t take them into his hot mouth. He only rolled them beneath his tongue. It was enough to make her squirm.

“You like having your tits sucked?” he asked.

“God yes,” she groaned. “Oh yes!”

He made her stand straight while he popped one of her lust swollen nipples between his teeth. He bit down on it gently. Again, she felt that tongue touching, caressing, arousing her like she had never been aroused. Jason seemed to know something about sucking tits that her husband, and Alan hadn’t known. He used his mouth differently somehow and it really made her pussy quiver wildly.

He licked his tongue down her chest to her flat belly. He kissed her navel. That tongue of his darted into the tiny hole again and again. He then moved his lips lower to the top of her trimmed red bush.

“There’s nothing I like better than having, my nose in pussy,” he said. “I like the smell and the tangy taste of pussy. Especially housewife pussy. Sweet horny housewife pussy!”

He made her step back as he kissed her soft thighs. He caught some of her red pubic hair in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it until it was wet with saliva. He seemed to be enjoying himself in a way she couldn’t understand. She knew she was enjoying it. Her cunt was getting sloppy wet from her seeping pussy juice. She moaned and her head fell back as he moved his face between her thighs. He was good with his tongue. He pressed closer and his tongue rubbed the wet entrance to her cunt.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “Oh God in heaven!”

“Okay,” he said. He pulled back his head. “Lay down on the bed, baby. Lay back and spread those legs. Don’t be shy… your pussy is beautiful. Spread your sweet legs open wide so I can put my tongue there.”

“Oh Christ!” she moaned.

She lay back on the bed just as he had told her. She spread her legs open wide so that he was looking directly at the pink folds of her pussy. He grinned and licked his lips. He moved close to the bed and put his hand on her pussy mound. His fingers parted her juiced up pussy lips.

She moaned, as she felt his fingers parting the folds of her cunt and slipping into her inner slit. He moved his fingers around so that he was touching all parts of her cunt. She groaned again. He was doing funny things to her. She could feel a hot sensation crawling up her spine. Doug had never made her so hot so quickly. Jason really knew just what he was doing.

“That’s a beautiful cunt,” he said. “Really luscious looking. I can hardly wait to get my tongue in there. I’m going to eat the fuck out of you.

“Oh yes!” she whimpered, as she watched him strip down to his boxer briefs. He had a good body. He wasn’t muscular like Doug, but he was in good shape and golden-tan. He didn’t take off his underwear and he laughed at the disappointed look in her eyes.

“That’s all right, baby,” he said. “I’m saving that for you to take off and it won’t be long. I promise you that.”

She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the bulge in his boxer briefs. It looked big enough. She wondered if she was right, thinking that he would know how to use her. Then she looked at his face again, and saw the confident way he looked back at her… she was sure that he knew how to use his dick.

“I’m going to make you happy, baby,” he said. “I’m going to make you really happy.”

“Oh yes,” she sobbed.

He dropped on his stomach at the edge of the round bed. He pushed apart her thighs and looked into her pussy. He licked his lips again. “Beautiful,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He kissed her soft thighs, moving his lips up to the juicy mound of her cunt; he kissed a little higher. He took some of her short pussy hair into his mouth.

“Ooooohh!” she moaned.

He probed the tender petals of her pussy with his tongue. Gently he tongued them until her pussy-lips had been covered with his saliva. He kissed her lust swollen mound again, pressing very softly against the lips until she could hardly stand it.

“Oooohh, eat me!” she begged. “Eat my pussy! I’m ready for you to eat me!”

He pushed his tongue into her tight hot pussy and tasted her musky, tangy pussy. She was good. He liked the sweet taste of her. He could taste her pussy juices flowing between his lips and he knew he was really getting her excited. He moved his tongue around in a wide, hot circle. She moaned and thrust her ass off the bed. She was trying to get him to come closer, but he had patience. He wanted her to enjoy this, he wanted her to remember it for a long time. He knew the value of taking things easy, of allowing the stimulation to build until it would blow her mind. He had eaten enough pussy to know how long it took before she would go out of her mind with need.

“Oh, please eat me,” she moaned again.

He touched his tongue against her tender hard clit and he felt her shudder. He swirled his tongue around her sensitive button. She was nearly squirming off the bed.

“My God!” she cried. “You’re making me feel so strange! My God!”

He sucked the tender little button between his lips and bit gently on it. A flood of sensation went through her. She buried her fingers in his curly gray hair. “That’s nice!” she cried, as her fingers dug into his hair as his face pressed closer to her pussy, and he began eating her for real. He lost all his gentle touch. He began to suck at her juicy pussy like he was trying to suck her into his mouth. His fingers cupped her ass and lifted her half off the bed. His tongue went deeper.

“Oh, I’m coming!” she cried. “You’re making me come! I’m so hot! You’re making me come! Oh, I love it! I love it! OOOOOOOooooohh!”

Her hot pussy juices flooded his mouth and he started to swallow quickly. She came with a lot of hot juice and he loved every swallow. He gobbled her delicious flesh as she humped up to meet his hungry mouth.

“Oh baby,” she moaned.

He moved his face from between her thighs as her body relaxed. He could feel his, rock-hard cock trying to force its way out of his underwear. He was ready. He moved up beside her and kissed her lips. His hands stroked her small firm tits.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Oh God… yes,” she moaned.

“Now you’re going to do something for me,” he said. It was not a request, but a command. Carrie felt her heart pounding. She knew what he wanted. Something she did frequently with her husband. He took her hand and placed it on his hard bulge. She could feel the burning heat of it through his underwear. He had a big one. A great big dick just waiting for her, and she knew what she had to do. She couldn’t argue with him. And there was a hot excitement building in her as she thought about it.

“All right,” Jason said softly. “Let’s see how good you are. Hurry up. Get down there and wrap your mouth around my cock, baby. Hurry!”

“I’ve only done this with… my husband,” she said. “I might not be good at it!”

Jason stared at her incredulously. Well, he was a good teacher. He would show her what he wanted. He was a little excited by her innocence. “Okay… I’ll show you,” he said. “I’ll tell you what I want. Just do like I tell you.

“All right,” she agreed with trepidation. She went down on him. She let her long red hair brush against his belly as she went lower. She kissed his navel just as he had done for her. She kissed the top of his boxer briefs. She could smell the strong musky odor of his sex.

“Go ahead, honey,” he said. “Take my underwear off. Take it off and take a good look at what I’ve got. You’re going to like it. Every woman does. She knew he wasn’t just bragging. Somehow, she knew that every woman had liked his raging cock. She peeled his underwear down his solid legs, and he kicked it off. His cock was a monster. It was big, thick, and had a large purplish mushroom head. There were a few drops of pre-cum oozing out of the tip.

“I don’t know if I can,” she said.

“Sure, you can,” he said. “Kiss it. Show me how much you like a man’s cock.”

She brushed her hair back from her eyes. She bent her head and touched her lips gently against the bloated head. She tasted his seeping love juice. She rolled a little drop on her tongue and she decided that it really didn’t taste bad. She swallowed and felt the thick seminal fluid going down her throat.

“It’s not bad, baby,” he said. “You can do it. Go ahead.”

She touched her tongue to the tip. She tasted more of his salty flavored juice. She wasn’t sure what she should do and he wasn’t giving directions. She opened her wet mouth and took the head of his cock between her lips.

His thick cock filled her mouth. He tasted so strong as she rolled his cock-head from one cheek to the other. She used her tongue and she could feel his dick growing larger.

“That’s the way,” he groaned. “That’s it, baby. You know how to do it. That’s sweet!” She sucked more of his cock into her mouth, still swirling the tip of her tongue around his hot shaft. She sucked his dick in deeper until she could feel his cock-head against the back of her throat.

He gave a low cry and held the back of her head. He pulled her face closer against him, until she had all of his thick cock in her mouth. He was so damned excited. She could feel his dick-juice leaking into her mouth. She left him deep in her mouth for as long as she could. There was something that satisfied her in having his dick in her mouth.

“You sweet bitch,” he groaned. “You sweet fucking bitch! Suck it! Suck my dick!” He grabbed both sides of her head and he began to guide her movements. She had her red lips moving up and down his bloated cock, tasting more and more of his thick pre-cum leaking into her wet mouth. Jason was getting really excited as her hot mouth worked on his stiff cock, but he wanted to fuck her more than he wanted to come in her mouth. His balls felt hot and heavy, and he could already feel the liquid fire starting to churn in his balls.

“That’s enough,” he groaned. He had trouble pulling her up from his cock. She wanted it too much. Finally, he had to grab a handful of her hair and jerk. “That’s enough!”

Her eyes showed disappointment. “Didn’t I do all right?” she timidly asked.

“You did fine, sugar,” he answered. “You did real fine, but I can’t wait to sample some of your tight pussy. I want to put my dick in your hot box.”

“Oh… Yes,” she softly said.

He let her kiss the tip of his cock again, and he allowed her to lick his dick and kiss his swollen balls. But he was getting too damned close to let her do much more. He finally tugged her head back up again. “All right,” he said. “Get on your back and spread apart those beautiful thighs. I want to put my cock in your tight cunt. I’m going to fuck you hard, baby!”

She scrambled around and stretched out on her back. She spread her legs and lifted them slightly so that the pink lips of her pussy puckered like it was winking at him.

“Yeah,” he said. “I like that. You do have a beautiful fucking cunt!”

He kneeled between her legs with his stiff dick waving at her. She saw the stiff organ glistening with her saliva and throbbing with lust. The purplish head leaked a drop of pre-cum. It made her pussy ache with a throbbing hunger.

“Uuuummooooohh,” she sighed. “I love that! I want to be fucked! I want you to fuck me!” She took his hand away and wrapped her own fingers around his throbbing tool. She moved her hand up and down, getting her fingers wet from his oozing pre-cum. She remembered how hungry she’d been for his dick juice. It seemed so obscene, but she had actually wanted to suck him until he came. She’d wanted to swallow his cum. She’d wanted to taste the flavor of it and feel degraded when he squirted it down her throat. Now she wanted to be fucked as badly as she’d wanted to suck his cock!

He moved between her legs and her dainty hand directed the head of his cock snug against her aching pussy-hole. “Uuuummoooohh,” she sighed. He stretched out on top of her and mashed her tits against his chest. His mouth crushed hers, his tongue jabbed between her willing lips.

She spread her legs a little wider, and his thick cock-head thrusted inside the tight interior of her cunt. He moaned, as he felt the friction of her cunt-lips surrounding his cock-shaft. She felt so damned good and fight. Her husband had to be a god damned fool to let stuff like this go to waste.

She sobbed as he moved into her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his hips. She humped up to meet his thrust, and she felt his thick cock stretching her cunt, filling her with his throbbing thickness.

“I love it!” she cried. “I love your big cock!”

“I know you do… you hot little bitch,” he grunted, as he started to move into her, his thick cock starting to get well lubricated with her juices. He moved quickly. She closed her eyes and listened to the hot wet sounds of their fucking. She loved the squishy sound each time he thrust into her.

“You little bitch,” he grunted. “You hot little bitch. Christ, I love your sweet cunt!” He fucked her harder and faster while his hands mauled her tits, and his mouth kept pressing hungrily against hers. She couldn’t remember ever being so excited. He was a man who really knew how to use his cock.

“Jason!” she cried. “Oh Jason, Jason!”

He sensed her rising excitement, and he knew it was too soon. He slowed a little. He got into a steady rhythm that felt good, but wouldn’t make her come too soon. He liked the feeling of her urgency as she tried to make him move faster.

“Oh, fuck me, Jason!” she moaned. “Please fuck me! Fuck me faster and harder!”

He took his cock out completely, and he heard her soft cry of protest. He only laughed, as he made her turn over onto her stomach. He reached around and fingered her tits as he pressed his cock against her snug pussy-hole from behind.

“You ever had it like a dog, baby?” he asked. “You ever had it like the bitch you are?”

“No…,” she groaned.

“Well… it’s about time that you do,” he groaned. “This time you’re going to have it like a bitch in heat. Get ready for my cock, baby. It’s going to be deeper than you’ve ever had it.”

She turned her head so that she could see what he was doing. He was half kneeling, half standing. He pressed his dick against her pussy-hole again and gave a brutal thrust. She was bent double and she’d never felt a cock go so deep inside her.

“Oh Lord!” she groaned. “That’s wonderful… hat’s so fucking fine. Oh Lord!”

He really gave it to her then. He started to thrust his thick cock into her pussy like a piston. He was tempted to take it out and shove it into her ass, but her pussy just felt so good. He would save for her ass until another time.

He fucked her faster, as the hot liquid fire began to churn in his balls again. “Oooohh… you little cunt!” he cried out savagely. “You little bitch cunt! I’m going to flood your pussy with my cum! I’m going to fill up your fucking pussy.”

“Oooohh… Yes!” she cried. “Yes!”

He reached around her again, and groped her small tits as he fucked her hard. The hot fire was coming. He felt the first squirt make his cockhead tinge with excitement.

“I’m coming, you little bitch!” he groaned. “I’m Fucking Coming! Move your ass. God Damn, it feels good! Oh, it feels so fucking good! God Damn!”

“Ooooohh… Yes!” she cried. “Yes, fill me up! I can feel you squirting! I’m Coming Too! I’m Coming with you! Both of us are Coming! I can feel your hot cum flooding my pussy. Ohyesitfeelsgoooooddddddd!”

Her orgasm shook her body violently. She ground her spasming pussy against his dick as each shuddering pulse went through her. Finally, she could stand no more. She had no more strength. His wet dick slipped out of her cunt, and she slumped exhausted to the bed.

He lay beside her, stroking her back and her soft round ass cheeks. Her skin tingled at each touch of his strong fingers. He bent his head and kissed her shoulder. “That was fine, baby,” he sighed. “I know it was fine for you, too. You’ll have to come see me often. I can teach you many things. Maybe next time I’ll let you swallow my cum. I know you wanted to!”

She jumped up from the bed like she’d been bitten. She started to realize just what she’d done. Perhaps she hadn’t felt so guilty with the Alan, the old man. That had been one time of being unfaithful, and she hadn’t thought much about it. But this man made her feel guilty. Jason had used her, and she had enjoyed it more than she should have. She felt tears stinging at her eyes, as she picked up her clothes. She dressed hurriedly and he never said a word. Perhaps he knew that he left her with a feeling that no other man might be able to give her.

Jason didn’t have to make demands. All of his women came back for more, and he was sure this sweet young housewife would also.


Doug was in bed when Carrie returned home. He never said a word about how late she had been walking, and that hurt Carrie most of all. It was like he didn’t care anymore! She turned and left the room, she decided to read a little until she felt tired enough to sleep. She sat on the family room couch and turned on the end-table light and picked up her smutty romance novel.

She had found the romance novel in a box with about a hundred others in her mother’s walk-in closet, they were all vintage books from the 60’s to the 80’s. It reminded her of the book “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” but it was far more pornographic. The character, Lady Stacy Hargrove, was only 11, but she was very promiscuous, loving to play the naughty maids, and older men suitors looking to take her hand in marriage.

She was very surprised her mother had such a large collection of clearly pornographic books, but very well written, she would have to admit. Of the six she had already read, the “Hargrove Affair” was her favorite. Doug would have been very surprised to know she was reading porn, the cover of the book didn’t look any different from any other romance novel, it just looked old.

Chapter 4….

Carrie got up early Sunday morning a week later, she had arranged to pick-up Kyler, and her things from the Thompson’s home. She had been anticipating this for a long time… she didn’t care anymore what Doug thought about it. Kyler was only eleven, her only sibling, she was looking forward to having her live with them. Her husband couldn’t go to help because of a sudden problem at a construction site, Doug was the engineer in charge of the project. She was upset, yes… but understood.

After the Thompson’s and their 10-year-old daughter, Anya, greeted her, they chatted for a while. Then, it took the three adults about an hour-and-half to load all of Kyler’s stuff onto Doug’s old truck, while the girls talked like they would never see each other again.


Once they were done, the women sat around the back deck drink lemonade, cooling off after the strenuous work.

“Kyler… I promise, you’ll still be going to the same school. You’ll see Anya there in a few weeks.” Carrie groaned. “And in a week or two, Katy will bring Anya over to see your new home.

“But why couldn’t you move back home… then we could live next door,” Kyler pouted.

“Oh sweetie… I already explained that. Doug and I looked into trying to do that, but it wouldn’t work out. We just couldn’t afford the mortgage payment.

“But…” Kyler started to say. When Katy interrupted, “Sweetie… you’ll only be moving a few miles away. It’ll be easy for you to visit all your old friends… and you’ll meet new ones around your sister’s neighborhood.

“Well… we better get going. It’s only going to be me and Kyler to move her stuff into her new bedroom,” Carrie said as she placed her empty glass down on the picnic table.

“Carrie, I could drive over and help,” Katy said.

“Oh No… you and John have done enough already. I’m so glad you could have Kyler over the summer. It gave Doug and I the time we needed to settle our parents’ affairs.

After some tears and hugging all around, Carrie and Kyler drove down the street. Kyler sat silently in the passenger seat, tears streaming down her cheeks the whole way. Carrie didn’t know what to say to make her feel better.


Once Carrie drove up their driveway, she quickly parked the truck, then got and went around to the passenger side and opened the door for her little sister. “Come on out… I didn’t get a good look at you, while we were moving your stuff!” My goodness… how you’ve grown,” Carrie said.

Kyler stepped out of the truck and twirled around. Carrie was suddenly aware of the changes in her sister’s youthful figure. Her burgeoning titties were just a slight swelling of pointy nipples pressing against her tight t-shirt, and she could see her hips were beginning to flare out in the tight shorts she wore. Her clothes accented her figure well, and her golden-tan legs looked shapelier. Kyler was very a pretty little girl for her age of 11, she was small and very slender. Carrie was overcome with a sudden rush of desire that she didn’t anticipate at all.

Where had that come from? She felt her cheeks flush with a mixture of slight horniness, embarrassment, and shock. Then she remembered she had been reading a smutty romance novel last night, about the sexual escapades of an 11-year-old girl. The story had brought her to the point of masturbating, although she hadn’t reached an orgasm due to an unexpected phone call from a friend. After the call, she’d been too sleepy to finish what she’d started, and didn’t see the need anyway, since she had calmed down considerably. Maybe that had been the trigger for her sudden lustful feelings for her little sister.

She realized that the precocious and sensual character in the erotic novel, that she’d been reading, had been described as having a youthful, nearly boyish petite figure, with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, very similar to the way Kyler looked, also they were the same age. Yes, that must be it. True, she found the book highly stimulating sexually, but the sudden rise in her libido at looking over her little sister was a surprise, to say the least. She dismissed the erotic nature of her thoughts as leftover tension from the night before, and the “Doug Situation.” She made a mental note to finish the job before she laid down for her nap, she was working this evening.

Kyler flew into Carrie’s arms, hugging her tightly. Then they headed for the house to unlock the back door so they could start to move stuff in.

“I have so much to tell you about,” she said excitedly. “I had some riding lessons at the stables where the Thompson’s are members… Anya’s getting a horse for her birthday next March!”

“Oh, really? That does sound like fun.”

“You don’t know the half of it!” Kyler exclaimed in answer. “I just love to ride horses. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

Uh-oh… her tingly feeling was returning, unbidden. The little heroine in the book loved to ride horses too, but for a naughty reason. She loved the feel of bouncing in the saddle, allowing her little pussy to slap itself against the leather saddle, until an orgasm approached, nearly making her fall off the noble animal. In fact, Carrie remembered being a little older than Kyler’s, when she had ridden horses at summer camp. She remembered that there was something wonderful about riding, that she had never mentioned to her mother, although she had told her 12-year-old friend, Annie, about it.

Fond memories of Annie swirled in her mind of sharing secrets and dreams. She remembered the night she had told Annie about riding horses at summer camp, and how good it had made her feel… down there. Her friend giggled, and said her older sister had shown her something that might feel just as good… that night she had learned about the joy of masturbation and orgasms.

Kyler was still talking animatedly about riding; she was horse crazy. “I can’t imagine anything that feels as good as riding a horse,” she continued rambling. “It makes me feel all grown up… or something.”

Carrie looked at Kyler, and silently wondered about the full meaning of what she’d been saying. Is it possible that she had discovered how wonderful it felt to bounce up and down in the leather saddle? She tried to read the mischievous glint in her eyes, as she spoke about riding, but she wasn’t sure. For some reason the idea of little Kyler bouncing her way to an orgasm, caused Carrie to blush again with returning excitement. She had even cut her eyes at her when she had said “or something.”


As they were moving Kyler’s things into her new room, they talked about a variety of things, mostly what they would be doing in their spare time.

“Maybe we can go riding, even,” Carrie said.

Kyler smiled broadly at that. That mysterious glint returning to her eyes.

Then she hugged Carrie again. Suddenly Carrie was noticing that when Kyler hugged her, she would press her pointy tit swellings to her larger ones, hard enough that Carrie noticed the pressure of the contact. She became aware that Kyler may be copping a feel of her breasts in a sneaky sort of way. Kyler certainly hugged more than Carrie remembered her sister doing just a few months ago, just before their parent’s fatal car accident.


Soon Kyler had her new bed covered with her favorite stuffed animals, and posters of puppies and kittens, and other little girl things adorning the room. All she had left were the boxes with her clothes. They were both sweaty and getting tired, they were almost finished.

“Do you want some help unpacking?”

“Sure,” Kyler said, still beaming.

Carrie put the largest box on the bed and opened it, on top were her sisters’ panties. They were adorable cotton panties of varying pastels. She found herself imagining Kyler putting them on after a shower… she wondered again at her imagination’s path. This was totally unlike her. Kyler began working with her toiletries, taking them to the hallway bathroom. Carrie began to fill Kyler’s dresser drawer with her panties, until she had a sudden vision of her little sister reaching inside them, to rub her small pussy in this very bed. Carrie actually shook her head to clear the image. When she got to her little training bras, she noticed her hands beginning to tremble. I definitely need to take care of some things, she thought to herself… and soon.

Carrie didn’t notice Kyler come back into the room as she held the little bra up for inspection, even holding it up to her small breast to compare. Kyler smiled to herself. “I think it’s too small for you,” she joked, startling Carrie, and laughing at her own joke.

“Oh, honey. I know that… I was just admiring it. It’s so pretty.”

“Hey, maybe I could model for you later? I want to be either a model or a horse trainer when I grow up, so that would be kinda fun, actually.”

Even though Carrie recognized the danger of such a thing, as having her young sister model for her, she found herself agreeing. Her voice sounded far away.

When they’d finished unpacking, they decided to go for a swim in the pool to cool off.

“Great! I can begin by modeling my swim suit.” Kyler giggled.

“Of course,” Carrie agreed, finding her breathing a bit difficult.

Kyler opened a box to find her bathing suits, of which she currently had three. Pulling out her favorite bikini, she immediately began to strip with Carrie looking on.

“Hon, don’t you think you should…” her voice trailed off as her young sister pushed her shorts and panties to the floor, with one swoosh of garments. Her tight t-shirt was next. Carrie found herself looking at an absolutely gorgeous, nude cherub.

She noticed the slight puffiness of the child’s hairless pubic mound, and her tiny tit swellings were more nipple than anything. Raspberry colored nipples that puckered into small hard bullets that looked positively mouth-watering. Kyler seemed unaware of the effect she was having on her older sister.

“Will you model for me, too?” she asked innocently.

Again, Carrie heard her voice from somewhere far off. “Sure, hon. If you want me to.”

“I do. Definitely.” Kyler giggled, smiling up at her sister. She then dropped her bikini bottom on the floor behind her. “Oops… clumsy me.” She turned and bent over, revealing the fullness of her small, but delectable ass to Carrie.

It was all Carrie could do to keep from leaning down and kissing that beautiful little ass. It was muscular, firm, and rounded, and she imagined her hands running over the globes, squeezing them and spanking them playfully. Then she saw herself kissing and nibbling on her little sister’s ass, her tongue bathing it before plunging into the cleft in between.

Carrie was suddenly aware that she was about to come in her pants. She’d never been this horny before, and had never thought about her little sister in a sexual way. She wanted desperately to get to the bathroom, or anywhere, and bring the orgasm that was threatening to bring itself to life.

Kyler stood up and turned, sitting on the bed to put the bikini bottoms on over her feet. It was too much for Carrie. She stared as the little lips of the 11-year-old’s pussy spread as she lifted her left leg. She was actually drooling.

And then she came….

It wasn’t a huge orgasm, thank goodness, but it was an orgasm. She didn’t moan or groan; she just trembled ever so slightly. It was small by comparison to most orgasms she had experienced, probably due to the lack of actual touching, but it was enough that Kyler asked if something was wrong.

“No, honey… nothing. Just a chill. Nothing wrong at all,” she replied, and realized she was denying it too much, babbling really, and closed her mouth.

After putting on the skimpy bikini top, Kyler announced, “Now, it’s your turn to model.”

Carrie wasn’t sure what to do. She could feel her panties sticking to her pussy, and the moisture that had become a flood with her orgasm. But she couldn’t go back on what she’d said to her sister. She just hoped she wouldn’t notice.

They stepped down the hall into her master bedroom. Reaching into a drawer, Carrie withdrew a bikini, her sexiest, skimpiest bikini for the afternoon swim with Kyler, who had plopped down on her bed. As she began to undress, Carrie noticed that Kyler looked curiously at her as she stripped.

Kyler noticed especially the A-cup breasts that sprang out of the bra when Carrie un-snaped it, then she pulled her panties down. Carrie blushed profusely. Her juices had covered the crotch of her panties, and the odor of her horniness suddenly filled the room. She could still feel her pussy demanding attention, since the small orgasm had not quenched her fires, but had only fanned the flames of her desire.

Looking at Kyler, she noticed that her sister indeed saw the stained patch on her panties, the glistening wetness that was evidence of her excitement, and lust for the little girl. Standing naked before her young sister, she couldn’t take it anymore. “I’ll be right back, honey. Make yourself comfortable.” And with that, she went into her attached bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Curious, Kyler got up and picked up the soaked panties Carrie had left behind in her haste. Lifting them to her nose, she sniffed them. Yes… she had orgasmed. She thought she had, but wasn’t sure… until now. Of course, it could have been just a lot of wetness, but the shuddering and trembling were what she’d thought they were. She went to the bathroom door. She could hear the slippery wet sounds of pussy rubbing on the other side. And the unmistakable sounds of her older sister moaning.

Holy Shit! she thought. She’s masturbating!

The moans increased in volume a bit, and Kyler heard her sister have her second orgasm in the past five minutes. She continued listening until the toilet flushed, and then ran back to the bed and waited. Carrie came out of the bathroom looking satisfied, and still breathing a bit hard.


Kyler’s pussy, however, was on fire now, and she wondered when she would be able to have her own orgasm. She was no amateur… she’d been having sex with her parents for two years before the accident. She even had sex with Anya Thompson, and her parents over the last three months.

Now she found herself enormously attracted to her sister… ever since she had hidden under their bed about two months before the accident…

She had been in their bedroom snooping when she’d heard them coming down the hall, she had gotten under the bed because she didn’t want to get caught. Her brother-in-law, Doug, had talked dirty to her sister, and the thing that had gotten Kyler’s attention the most, was when he talked about Carrie bring another woman to their bed. The nasty talk had seemed to get her sister really going, because she’d said stuff like, “Oh, yes. I could lick her pussy while you watched.” It was obviously just grownup’s bedroom talk, like what her mom and dad said as they played in bed with her. Also, like in the naughty books’ her mom had stashed in their walk-in closet… sometimes she would sit naked in her mom’s lap, as she read the books to her. Her mom would be naked also, and they would touch each other.

She’d listened to them grunt their orgasms out, while she played with her little cunny, imagining Carrie taking her into the bed with them. To be honest, the thought of her and Carrie playing together with Doug had been a frequent fantasy of hers ever since. She just wasn’t sure how to get things started… she had tried starting with Doug, but she didn’t very far with him.


Kyler could see the moisture from Carrie’s steaming pussy on the outer lips and the fringes of her orange tinted pubic hair that covered her mound. She couldn’t help but stare at her sister’s gorgeous cunt. Carrie noticed the direction of her little sister’s eyes, and wondered what the youngster was thinking. What the hell, she thought. Might as well ask her.

“So, what are you looking at?” she asked, smiling slightly.

Kyler looked up into her face. A blush swept up her chest onto her cheeks, as she realized that she’d been caught looking at Carrie’s pussy.

“Oh… uuumm… I was just, uh, looking at how much hair you have down there.”

“Well, it isn’t as much as it could be. I trim my bush to keep it nice and neat. Of course, you aren’t in need of doing that yet.”

“You trim it?” Kyler softly asked.

“Yes, honey. I trim it about once every two weeks. In fact, it’s time to trim it now.” Carrie replied, as a sudden naughty idea occurred to her. “Would you like to watch me… so you can do it yourself one day?”

Kyler’s eyes widened at the thought of watching Carrie’s hands so near to her own pussy, pulling the lips wide to get to the hair down there. “Okay,” she said, almost in a whisper, her throat had become so dry.

Carrie had noticed the girl’s interest in her pussy when she’d come out of the bathroom. She may have only been noticing the hair, but the glint in the child’s eyes was unmistakably that of lust. Could this little minx actually be getting turned-on from looking at me, also? Her mind was dazzled with the sudden possibilities. In a mere hour, Carrie had become aroused by her little 11-year-old sister.

Now the idea that their future may end up becoming something more, made her heart skip a beat. She wondered if what she was about to do was truly a good idea. If Kyler wasn’t as turned-on as she thought, Carrie could be in some serious trouble. In the space of a few seconds, she thought about these things, and figured there was no harm in seeing whether or not the girl was interested in watching her shave and trim herself. Somebody had to teach her about this aspect of hygiene and appearance. She decided that if things went no further than Kyler watching her trim herself, there would be no trouble. There was an adequate explanation.

She looked down at her little sister, and held out her hand. Kyler took it and followed Carrie into the bathroom. She could still smell the scent of her orgasm that hung in the air, and hoped Kyler didn’t recognize it. She began to bring out her gear to trim and shave her pubic area. Kyler could in fact, smell what Carrie hoped she couldn’t as soon as they entered the bathroom. The scent of sister’s pussy filled the small room, and was enhanced by the smell that still emanated from her.

She looked at Carrie’s slim youthful body and made her appraisal. She looked very pretty, even younger than her twenty-four years. Her wavy red hair hung to her shoulders, seeming to frame her big green eyes. Her alabaster pale skin was lightly freckled, and her features made her look beautiful. She figured her waist to be about 25 inches and her ass was in perfect proportion to her A-cup breasts and the rest of her slim body, perhaps around 36 inches around the hips. As she hung behind Carrie they entered the bathroom, her eyes watched Carrie’s mesmerizing ass. Little Kyler could feel her desire beginning to well up in her pussy in the form of even more wetness.

Carrie indicated the toilet, and lowered the lid to give Kyler a place to sit and watch, then said, “Sit here, hon, so I can teach you about this.”

As she sat, Carrie noticed the darkening area on her sister’s bikini bottom, indicating a bit of wetness beneath her pussy. Yes, she thought to herself, she’s as randy as I was before I masturbated.

Carrie sat on the rim of tub and placed a swivel mounted mirror on the counter, propping her feet on either side of the tub rim, so she could gain easy access to her pussy and see it in the mirror clearly. She took the trimming scissors and began to trim the hair. Occasionally she would look over at Kyler to see if she was watching. Her sister’s attention was totally focused on what she was doing. And not only that, her hand would sometimes steal down and touch her pussy through her bikini bottoms, rubbing herself briefly. Because her attention was on the mirror image of Carrie’s pussy, she didn’t notice that Carrie would look at her occasionally. Apparently, she thought that in order to trim her pussy hair, Carrie would have to keep constant attention on her pussy. Of course, this wasn’t true, and Carrie was noticing that Kyler was getting quite turned on watching this.

Kyler watched as Carrie’s hands used the scissors to trim the hair around her pussy. She was getting totally turned-on. She could see the sticky juices of Carrie’s pussy clinging to the inner lips as Carrie spread her lips. She could smell the fragrance of her pussy as it filled the air around them. And when she looked into the mirror to see where Carrie was looking, she noticed that she was totally involved with her task. She began to reach down and stroke her pussy every once in a while. Carrie didn’t seem to notice, so Kyler’s strokes became more frequent, more intense. She realized that she was soaking wet in her pussy.

After trimming the hair close to her mound, Carrie began to lather shaving cream onto the hair, paying special attention to the hair beyond her bikini line. She looked into the mirror to see that Kyler had slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms now, and was gently stroking her pussy beneath the thin material. Carrie then picked up the razor and began to scrape the hair from her exposed bikini area. Then an idea occurred to her.

“Hon?” she said, while rinsing the razor in the sink. Out of the corner of her eye, Carrie noticed the quick motion of Kyler removing her hand from her juice-drenched pussy.

“Yes?” came the almost whispered reply.

“Would you like to help me with something?”

“Ahhh… sure!”

“I was thinking of shaving all my hair off. You know… then we could be twins down there. Whatdya think?”

“That would be so cool,” Kyler giggled, and smiled brilliantly, flattered that her older sister would want to be hairless like her. “How can I help you with that, though?”

“Well, you could come help me stretch the pubic skin tightly so I don’t cut myself.”

For a moment, Kyler was frozen to the toilet lid where she sat. That would mean touching Carrie’s pussy. Actually, touching it!

“Okay,” she said, standing up. She felt as if she were dreaming. If not for the pungent aroma of horny pussy, she might have been able to convince herself that she was.

“Put one hand here,” said Carrie, indicating an area on the left side of her pussy. “And another here below that spot. Then pull it tightly to make the surface smoother for me to shave it. Okay?”

Kyler followed Carrie’s directions, reaching trembling hands to her pussy. Carrie’s hand went to cover the most prized area, the inner lips and clit. She began to shave the hair off.

“Watch your hands, hon. Don’t let me cut you.”

As Carrie shaved closer to Kyler’s hand on the upper part of the labia, Kyler moved her hand to one side. As she did, she accidentally brushed Carrie’s clitoris. Carrie’s sucked in her breath at the unintended contact.

Kyler heard it and felt embarrassed. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“Don’t think anything of it, hon,” Carrie nervously answered. “It isn’t as if you haven’t touched one before.”


Carrie threw caution to the wind. She wanted this little girl badly. So, okay, she lusted after her own 11-year-old sister. As far as she was concerned, the whole world could just go fuck themselves. She just had to have this little girl. And NOW!

“I saw you, baby. I saw what you were doing to yourself while I was trimming myself. But don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal.”

Kyler looked into Carrie’s face in the mirror and blushed a bright red.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, honey. Of course, I don’t mind. Why would I mind you doing to yourself, what I’ve done to myself since before I was your age?”

Kyler’s eyes grew big. This was certainly news. Carrie had masturbated when she was younger than eleven? The idea made her even hornier than she had been. And what was more, she was openly admitting it.

“In fact, honey, you can do that any time you want around here. Of course, you shouldn’t do it in front of Doug, but if you feel like doing it when you are alone, or even when we’re together, feel free to indulge yourself.”

Kyler laughed at her little, “Don’t do it in front of Doug,” joke. Then she blushed at the full import of what Carrie was saying.

“You mean if I wanted to do it right now, I could?”

“Well, let’s get my pussy cleaned up of hair before you abandon me. Okay?”

Kyler laughed again.

“Does it shock you that I am okay with you masturbating whenever you want too around here?”

“Maybe a little, yeah. But I like the idea. It makes me feel like an adult.”

“Hey, I have an idea. From now on, our motto will be, if it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone, then by all means do it. Okay?”

“Okay!” Kyler giggled, and her smile was spread across her cherubic face.

They finished shaving Carrie’s pussy, all the while teasing and talking about masturbation.

“I know you were masturbating in the bathroom before, you know,” Kyler said.

“You did?”

“Yeah… I even listened. Does that make you mad?”

“Of course not, sis. I’m glad I could entertain you.” Carrie laughed.

With that, Kyler decided on something. She stripped her bikini off, and announced, “I’m going into the pool naked, so I can masturbate outside. Is that okay?”

“Sure, it is… and I’m going in nude, too,” Carrie replied, and the two of them went out nude to the pool for a swim.

Part 3…. Coming soon
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