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1st time

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sex life changed after meeting neighbor. I want more

Ben and had i ad been married for 22years and lived in the same house. we have a daughter aged 20 but she has moved to uni and lives on campus. Our sex life is alright but would like it be a bit better.
We had new neighbors move in around our age but only got to talk to them sometimes on weekends.
About 2months ago i lost my job as the company closed down. Not long after i got to talk to Tegan the neighbor as she had lost her job as well. She invited me over for coffee one day so i accepted. I stayed for about 1hr and then left. As i was leaving she asked if i would like to come back on Thursday for coffee as she would be home all day. I accepted and left. I told Ben what had happened and he told me to enjoy until i get a job.
On Thursday after i did my home cleaning i went over to Tegan’s. Tegan opened to door and asked me in. She was wearing a towel and i asked if she had just got out of the shower and would she like me to come back later. She smiled at me and said she normally walked around the house in just her undies as it makes her feel better. She then asked me if i would be ok if she did. I told her if she was ok with me being there it was ok with me. She took the towel off and put it on the lounge. She had a nice body and firm tits. She also had on high side brief’s and hugged her tight. We had coffee and chatted for what seemed hours. I felt a bit turned on but i had never thought or been with another woman. Tegan asked if i would like to joiner her naked but i declined. When i was about to go i thanked Tegan and walked to the door. Tegan still in just her undies. She opened the door and asked if would like to come back next Tuesday and i said i would. She kissed me on the side of the face goodbye and put her hand on my left tit. When i got home i sat on the lounge and thought about what had just happened. I was horny and confused at the same time. My hand went down and lifted my dress and i felt my fingers go under my undies and play with my clit. It did not take long before i cum. I was so confused. I did not tell Ben.
The next Tuesday when Ben left for work i cleaned up and went and sat on the bed. I thought about what had happened with Tegan and i could not get it out of my mind. I then did something i had never done before. I stripped of naked and walked around the house. It felt so good and made me horny. I sat on the back lounge naked looking out into the back yard. I opened my legs wide and fingered myself until i cum. It was so good. I went and put on my brief undies, a dress and decided to go over to Tegan’s. When i rang the door bell Tegan answered only in her undies. She invited me in. She did not ask me i wanted to join her naked so i left my dress on. We had coffee and chatted for hours until i told her i had to leave. We walked to the front door and Tegan only had her undies on. She asked i would like to come back Thursday and i told her it would be ok. This time she kissed me on the lips and put her hand on my left tit again. But she squeaked it firm. When i was leaving i turned back and saw Tegan had taken her undies off.
Again i went home and sat on the lounge. Again i was confused and horny. I stood up and stripped off naked, sat back on the lounge and fingered myself until i cum 2 times. I stayed naked until Ben was just about home. I got dressed and made dinner.
The next day after Ben left for work i stripped off naked and spent the day horny. I worked up enough to go out the back door into the yard. It felt so good. When Ben came home all i had on was my dress. No undies.
The next day Ben had to go to work early at 6.30am. After he left a bit later i stripped naked and went out into the back yard. It felt so good and i went to the back fence and heard the neighbors talking. They live in a small townhouse and as i looked threw to paling fence i could see them in the kitchen talking. They were in there twenties and both naked. I watched for a while until they left the kitchen. I went back into the house and sat on the back lounge again. All i could think about was the couple i had just watched. I thought about them fucking and thought about what they would do. I fingered myself until i cum . I went and had a shower, put a short dress on, had breakfast and went over to Tegan about 9.30am. Tegan answered the door naked and asked me in. We sat on the lounge for a bit and talked. I was so horny i opened my legs a bit and saw Tegan look up my dress. She said she would be back in a bit and left to her bedroom. When she came back she asked if i wanted coffee. I said yes and she headed for the kitchen. Just as she got to the kitchen she stopped and turned around, and asked me if i wanted to join her ——- naked ——– smiled and went into the kitchen. I thought a bit, stood up and took my dress off. I was totally naked and horny as well. We sat and had coffee, chatted and i was horny as hell. I kept looking at her pussy and i could see she was wet, just like me. Tegan got up, took the cups to the kitchen, came back and put her hand out to me to help me up. I got up and she led me to the back door. She smiled at me and led me outside. We went around the side of the house, she told me to be quite and led me to the side fence behind some bushes. She pointed to the small hole and whispered for me to look threw it. As i looked threw it i saw two young women and a guy naked in the back room of the house. As i watched they were all kissing, the women were playing with the guys cock. I looked back at Tegan and she had a smile and whispered to me to keep watching. I was so turned on and it was not long before the two girls were sucking the guy. All of a sudden i felt a hand on my stomach and Tegan hard behind me. Her hand crept down and started to play with my pussy. I was so horny i let her keep going. I felt her take one of my hands and she took it to her pussy and she pushed some fingers into her. After i saw the guy cum i pushed back and turned around. I was face to face with Tegan. We kissed for what seemed ages and played with each others pussy until we both cum twice. We went back inside where we kissed some more, played with each others tits, and fingered each other some more. Tegan asked me come back again so i told her i would be back next week. Put my dress on, kissed her again at the front door, fingered her and left.

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