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New Neighbours

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Peter Golt pulled the cord of the banker’s lamp that came with the apartment and stood up from the desk, closing down his new laptop. Another half finished paper getting the better of him. Guided by the flickering from the equally as new widescreen tv he bought himself last year as a graduation present, he left the office, took a quick look at the city through the floor to ceiling windows that he worried would provide little insulation in the winter, and continued to his room where a large queen bed lay waiting for him. Three months he’d been living there. But hadn’t made many friends. The neighbours were all either well established families or retired couples. No one even close to his age. No sign of any other new grads. No college students. In fact the closest he had seen at all, and he appreciated it, was an Asian family of a mother and her two teenage daughters, maybe fifteen or sixteen, who got out of the elevator one floor below. As such he had had little to no contact with any of his new neighbours. Which made moving to a new city a little more dull. Unpleasant thoughts, not worth dwelling on, he told himself as he finished brushing his teeth. Well, except the sisters. Petite, slim, pretty. often in their plaid school uniform skirt, white shirt and navy blazers. Frequently sharing the elevator was a challenge as he found himself hiding a developing situation down below. Especially if the 8 max elevator was full. And they pressed close to him in any way. The tops of their heads barely passing the elbows of his slim six foot frame. Again, thoughts that would achieve nothing. He needed to focus on his work and his research. Maybe get back onto a dating app again. It had been over a year. But every time he opened one these last few months, all he could think was…they’re not going to be on it. Anyways it was time to sleep. He set an alarm for an upsettingly early 5:20 to be at the hospital before the hustle to get some work done and be out on time for once to get to a presentation on the far side of town while still leaving enough time to pop home and change.

The train lurched again to a stop. Pushing between commuters he exited and rushed up the escalator. Checking the time. 18:24. Annoyed he wasn’t already on the way to the hotel and still had to shower and change, he sidestepped the less hurried mostly wrong-sided on the escalator. In the elevator he pressed a slightly worn 12 for home when Ms. Pho, as he had heard her referred to, entered the lobby and began speed walking to join him. With great power of will Peter held up his arm to keep the door open and offered a little half smile to communicate she needn’t panic to make the door.
“Oh thank you.”
“No bother.” Peter replied, stepping aside as Ms. Pho stepped in.
“You’re the new tenant in 121?” She asked, politely.
“Ah yup, three months now. It’s a lovely building.” Peter tried to make small talk as they started to rise.
“Mmm, yes, they do look after it. Better than a lot of management around here. I’m Kim”, she offered a hand, “we’re the floor below, but if you need anything please ask.” She offered.
“Oh that’s very kind, actually…” Peter recalled, shaking her small hand gently, then remembering, “Oh actually I do sort of need someone to housesit this weekend?! I have a conference in Boston and was going to book someone but I left it too late? Just to water the plants, feed some fish?”
“Oh say no more we can look after all of that.” Kim reassured Peter with a gentle smile.
“Oh that’s great, thank you, here can I leave you the spare key now? I’m just in a hurry.” He scurried to remove his spare key from the set and hand it to her. I’m heading tomorrow morning so no need to call in till later. And obviously take whatever from the fridge. It’ll only spoil.” He said.
“Of course, of course.” She replied smiling. “I’ll have one of the girls pop up.”
“Thank you so much. I should be back Monday morning.”
“It’ll all be taken care of Mr….?”
“Peter! Peter Golt.”
“Very good Peter, have a lovely weekend.” She finished, stepping out of the elevator.
“And you!” He replied as she walked away.

Peter beamed. Finally; human contact with someone who wasn’t being paid. And with the only family that had sparked any of his interest. He also beamed at the thought of the girls visiting his apartment. Better clean up a bit… He thought. But he was also sure they would be somewhat impressed. High ceilings and a large balcony and hot tub. He hoped they would enjoy their chore.

Peter enjoyed trains. He was productive on them. So he wasn’t upset when Sunday’s presentation was cancelled and he got to take an earlier train home. He also wasn’t upset that he might get to come home while the Pho girls are still there. He showered in the hotel before leaving the conference. Had a lovely warm meal on the train. And popped a mint in the elevator. Hoping, but not confident. It was already almost 11pm by the time he got to his door.

He knocked, just in case. But no reply. Heart sinking, he unlocked, pushed opened the door and walked in. Lights off. He took off his jacket and launched it at the couch as he walked into the apartment when in the corner of his eye noticed a light from the balcony and looked over to see two heads sticking out of the tub. And began to hear some gentle giggling. Chuffed , he coolly strolled over and leaned against the frame of the open doorway. A gentle breeze on his face. The girls facing the city lights, still laughing.

“Enjoying the tub?” Peter asked with a grin.
“Oh, Mr. Golt, I’m sorry we didn’t realise you were coming home tonight?!” The elder, he guessed, responded, nervously.
“Oh it’s fine. Conference finished early. And I’m just glad someone’s getting some use out of the hot tub. You deserve it for looking after the plants so well”. Which may have been true. He had paid them no mind.
“I’m sorry we’ll get going.”
“No, no, please enjoy yourselves. Would you like a drink?”
They each glanced at each other awkwardly. And nodded. “Umm sure Mr. Golt.”
“Great, and please, it’s Peter.” He replied as he turned to the kitchen. Grabbing three champagne flutes, and the bottle of bubbly from the fridge he had bought to celebrate his new apartment, he returned and placed them on the edge of the tub. Pouring three healthy servings and handing one each to the girls. Despite the bubbles, their bikinis allowed a much improved view of their figures. He tried not to look but couldn’t help see their slim forms. Tiny waists. Flat stomachs. And when they stood to take a glass, their relatively impressive busts, he had to admit to himself. Especially of the older one… They each took a sip. The girls recoiled slightly. But thanked him and tried again. “Sorry I never got your names?” Peter asked.
“Uhh, I’m Emily.” The older responded and smiled, somewhat bashfully.
“And I’m Lisa.” From the younger.
“Oh I’m sorry did you want to join?” Emily asked abruptly making an exaggerated slide to make space, moving towards her sister.
“I’d love to Emily.” Peter exclaimed, making the first solid eye contact. He turned and began taking off his shirt. Then his trousers. He grabbed a pair of trunks he kept by the tub and replaced his boxers. He glanced sideways to see if the girls were watching and saw Emily bite her lip, writhe awkwardly and turn to whisper to Lisa. Once on, he sauntered back, much more confident now, with some alcohol on board, swung his leg over the side and stepped into the tub. He smiled a closed smile. “It’s a great view isn’t it?!” He asked as he stood and sat between them to join their view of the city lights. Throwing an arm around their shoulders.
“It’s very nice.” They agreed.
His new position gave him a wonderful view of their breasts and his erection could no longer be controlled. He threw his legs up on the far seat and both girls awkwardly placed their legs on his. They sipped again on the bubbly and gave him a shy smile.
“God you’re both so gorgeous.” Peter finally exclaimed. They both blushed and thanked him. And thanked him again for allowing them use the hot tub. “Anytime.” He replied.
“Is there anything we could do to say thanks?” Emily asked looking up at him with big wide eyes.
“Oh you’ve already done so much, looking after my fish, and now sharing your company. I could ask no more. !”
“Hmmm, I wish we could do something…” Emily trailed off as Peter started to feel a hand on his left thigh. And then again suddenly on his right. Both skowly sliding up. His arms wrapped around both girls tighter as their hands reached his trunks. Then sliding up to the top hem. They sipped again and he felt fingertips lifting the hem and sliding into his trunks. He grew harder still. His hands squeezed their shoulders. He heard their breath deepening and quickening. He saw lips being bitten. His hands moved onto their chests, his thumbs gliding over well defined clavicles. Onto sternums. As gentle fingertips pressed deeper under his tightening trunks and reached the base of his shaft with a tingle like he’d never felt. He quickly traced a line for their breasts. Pressing under the fabric of their bikini to grab a handful as their hands wrapped his shaft and began sliding up slowly… then back down again. He squeezed their nipples. Softly at first. Then harder as their hands moved in tandem along his cock. They moaned together gently to his touch and he felt them speeding up. Knowing he could not last long he stood up suddenly and grabbed the backs of their heads. With his right hand he pulled Emily in and pressed his cock into her awaiting mouth. Her hands landing on his buttocks and thigh to try gauge his depth within her. His left hand pulled Lisa in to his balls where she nervously began licking and kissing. He had been right. Within moments of penetrating her mouth, he felt the back of her throat and began ejaculating forcefully deep within her. He pushed slightly deeper again until she winced and pushed firmly back. He pulled out completely and finished his ejaculate on her chest where he redirected her sister’s head. Impressively she keenly began to clean her sister’s chest. He was further impressed when Emily grabbed her sisters head and pressed her lips to her own, tongue reaching and pressing deeper to get a share of the liquid Lisa had so gleefully slurped from her chest…

Peter stood watching the scene unfold. Lisa sat on her sister’s lap. Kissing and being kissed deeply. He watched Emily reach down and untie her sister’s bikini top. Which he helpfully removed once loose. He then watched as her hands slowly moved along her back. Down to her tiny waist. And up her stomach to her, again, rather impressive for her build, breasts. Lisa moaned, louder this time. And Peter noticed himself starting to get hard again. This time, he wasn’t going to be as gentle. He removed his trunks fully and grabbed Lisa by the neck. Lifting her from her sister and pulling her into him so his cock pressed against her ass. Her sister dutifully got on her knees and pulled Lisa’s bikini bottoms down. He saw her smile to her sister as she leaned in, placing her lips on her abdomen. Kissing down towards her clitoris as she reached between her legs and took Peter’s cock and pressed it to her sister’s introitus. Peter kissed her neck passionately, biting tenderly and nibbling her earlobe as her sister’s hand pressed the tip of his shaft into her sister. She let out another moan and squeezed the arm he had wrapped around her neck tighter. He felt her pussy squeeze him and he felt himself letting go and plunging his cock fully into her minuscule body for what he knew was her first time being penetrated. She panted and struggled to breathe as his cock sat deeply inside her as she clawed at her sister’s hair while she sucked on her clitoris for what he couldn’t know if it was the first time. As she continued to struggle he felt himself begin to thrust back and forth within her. He grabbed Emily by her hair and stood her up and turned her around, bending both over he grabbed their hips and in turns pulled them into him, plunging his cock into each sister’s throbbing, warm, soaking pussies. After a few thrusts on her third turn, Lisa began to spasm. He pounded her body a few more times until she began shrieking and struggling to breath before collapsing onto the seat. “Your turn…” he whispered into Emily’s ear and stood up, grabbed both hips and began pounding her harder and harder. Taking a few moments to spank her now bare ass. Again, after what seemed like s few moments, she also began to spasm. Struggling to stay up. But he offered no mercy. Pounding her again and again as she attempted to pull away. Only getting refuge when Peter felt he too was close to finishing and wanted to try something new with her, thereby relieving her cervix, before lifting the tip of his now fully lubricated cock half an inch up from her labia to her asshole. She panted again as relief was replaced with fear and excitement. She panted harder as he tried forcing himself into her tight hole. And inhaled sharply when he did. He grabbed her right breast and squeezed tightly as he pushed his cock deep into her… He liked his new neighbours.

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