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My cousin sucked my dick!

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My cousin sucked my dick, thinking I was sleep.

I was 14 when I got the surprise of my life. My cousin Lisa was 17, with a very nice body. Lisa my first cousin spent the night with my older sister often. But this Saturday night was very different from any other time. Lisa was acting a little strange this time, she would push me, then turn around and hug me. I didn’t know what to think of her frisky behavior. I must admit it was cute but not like her. And the fact that the things she was doing was specifically directed at me.

My sister event thought she was acting a bit strange, I would see why she was acting so frisky later that night. Everyone was in bed around 2:00 Am the door to my room opened briefly and closed just a quick I lifted my head to see who it was, to my surprise it was my cousin Lisa. I watched her get on her knees and crawl to the foot of my bed. I laid my head back down on my pillow, and didn’t say one word.

The fact that she was in my room, crawling on the floor, made me horny, I was beginning to rise oh yes! Then I felt her warm soft hand touching my feet, then on to my leg as if she was looking for something, her hand moved up my leg until she got to my dick. Lisa rubbed my dick through my boxer shorts for a few seconds, the she seemed to be searching for an opening so she could access my dick better.

A few seconds later her hand entered through the leg part of my boxer shorts. Lisa had found the prize she grabbed my dick and stroked it softly, as to not wake me, I could feel Lisa breathing on my legs as she softly caressed my dick, and balls softly. Still not wanting to alarm her I laid as still as cat, not moving any.

Lisa began to attempt to pull my boxers off, seemed the task was a bit difficult for her to manage so I raised my hips and turned slightly so she could remove them better. Not once did she ask if I was awake
But my dick was exposed and ready for her to do what she wants. And yes I’m ready as well. I feel my cousins soft firm lips touch my dick. She opens her mouth, and with both hands shove my dick into her soft, wet mouth. She sucks, then licks, leaving her mouths wet moister all over my dick, and I’m loving it.

Lisa then grabs my hips and opens her mouth wide trusting my dick deep into her throat, so far that she choaks and gags a bit. She was sucking my dick like it was her last meal. Sucking and smacking and squeezing my balls. She sucks for mins when I stretch and pretend to wake up lol. She crawled up to me and laid next to me, she said I’ve wanted to suck your dick all day. So I asked her why she stopped? She replied, because I wanted you to be awake when you nut in my mouth. I then asked if I could eat her pussy she said hell yes you can.

I always wanted to try the 69 position, so we did, my tongue deep in her wet pussy and my dick in her soft wet mouth after awhile her body began to shake hard and went stiff. Lisa was cumin in my mouth she wanted to scream, but couldn’t because we would wake everyone in the house, but she grabbed the back of my head opened her legs as wide as she could and pushed her wet dripping pussy as hard as she could while Cummin that was so fucking hot.

Feeling her body shaking out of control made me pretty much cum at the exact same time as well my nut was cuming fast. Just as she did I grabbed her head pulled her and held her head as I thrusted my dick as deep in her throat as I could, she sucked harder, she was trying to talk but my dick was so deep her words couldn’t come out, I whispered I’m going to cum in your throat, you ready, you ready, suck that dick I repeated over and over. Lisa said cum, let me have every drop! She squeezed my balls slightly and I released my nut in her mouth. So much of it, it ran out both sides of her mouth and down her chin, yes she wanted every drop as she said. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and watched her roll my nut around her mouth with her tongue for a few seconds before she swallowed it. Then she opened her mouth to show me, she swallowed it all down.

Let me tell you that was the best bj I ever had. Can wait to ya’ll the next story, the day my cousin gave me her pussy, ya certainly don’t want to miss that story.

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