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It finally happened Ash and Ambers revenge

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Ash and Amber had trouble with a bully. So I decided to help them get back at her.

Well I will fwd a few months. I have showed my 10(Ash) and 11(Amber)year old nieces quite alot. They have learned to fuck each other with a strap on and that is sooo hot watching preteens fuck each other’s pussy. Lots of S@M. One day I find out that one of thier classmates had been bulling the younger Ash for a couple months now. Her name is Holly and she lives accross the street. She has been spreading rumors and telling everyone that Ash is a whore and fucks anyone and boys started harassing her. Amber tried to help as I reached out to the school but nothing worked. Well I had an idea. Her and her mother lived right across the street and so I invited Holly to a sleepover so the girls could work out thier differences and her mother was happy because Holly was a very angry little 10 year old girl. Little did she know she would be the only guest. Holly is beautiful little girls and so sexy. She takes gymnastics and her ass looks yummy. So the time comes and Holly comes over and she is wearing a cute little skirt and halter top and notices she is the only one so far. I tell her they’re running late. I gave her some drink with a mild sedative. I wanted her mostly awake for this. About 20 minutes Holly gets groggy. I lay her on the bed and tie her arms to each side of the head board and call the girls in. I untie her cute little top and expose her barely developing buds and nipples. I kiss her neck and lick her face leaving a trail of saliva down to her flat chest and suck her nipples. The girls remove her skirt and panties and she has a plump hairless pussy mound. I lick her pussy folds and she starts waking up. She starts yelling and I cover her mouth and tell her to shut up. I pull out my already throbbing cock and shove it in her mouth. She is choking and gagging. Ash comes over and takes a picture of my cock down her throat and says who’s the whore now bitch? I continue my assault on her tiny throat and Ash and Amber open her legs and start fingering and licking her pussy. I pull out warning her if she screams I will gag her again. Shes crying and begging is to stop and she was sorry but its to late. I pull her on top of me and Amber sucks her pussy and gets in really wet. I kiss her and bite her neck and suck her nipples hard and she screams stop please it hurts.I push my cock inside her ooohh so tight pussy and start pushing. I feel her hymen and I pull back and push through hard all the way and she screams soo loud ooohh it hurts ooh it hurts soo bad. I kiss her and continue to fuck her without mercy. She was soo tight and felt so good I couldn’t hold it and came inside her pussy and pushed her on her back and Amber and Ash sucked all my cum outt her pussy. She was crying and wimpering but she was gonna pay. Amber layed down with a strap on and I lowered Holly’s pussy on to it and she whimpered as it fully penetrated her. I came up behind her and licked and sucked her asshole and got it lubed and started pushing my cock inside her soooo tiny tight asshole she screamed as I violated her asshole and we double fucked this hot little piece of ass.Ash again took pictures. I told Ash to get the other strap on and I pulled Holly’s head back and Ash shoved the strap on down her throat. I pulled her head back as she was choking and licked her ears and neck and reached my head around and sucked her nipples. Wewere fucking this little 10 year old in all three holes. Ash and I switched and I shot my cum down her throat as she gagged and choked. We fucked her all night and filled her up with cum. We took many pictures of cum dripping from her mouth,pussy,and ass.

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  • Reply Bob ID:smlgq0deqxg

    How did you pull her on top of you when her arms were tied to the bed post? It’s little things like these little small mistakes like this that potentially mess up a story and make it less enjoyable… Otherwise you have a very enjoyable story I like it very much

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Verdammt die Geschichte ist so geil mein Schwanz ist Dauer steif mach die kleine Schlampe zu deinen fick Spielzeug lasse sie auch deine pisse trinken die kleine fotze hat es verdient wenn sie deine süßen kleinen Nichten moppt

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1ehm42he4hln

    I absolutely love the story. I hope the little slut gets pregnant. Keep fucking her breed that bitch.

  • Reply Buck ID:1ei03qh2vh9r

    Tell the story of your nieces fucking each other with strap-ons for the time. Love to hear it

    • Trickster ID:7zv2zyx3d3

      That story was just sent