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My first dog knot

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Dog day afternoon in Texas can lead to some very special relationships.

I was raised in the country, rural Texas, normal country boy. I was no stranger to watching animals fuck. I was always interested in the many different sizes and shapes of their dicks, especially dog dick.

We had a number of dogs through the years, a few males. I loved to jack them off and try to get them to mount me, but never got them in my asshole. I would use all sorts of items to fuck myself in the ass. It really made me cum so hard having something in my asshole while I beat my meat.

When I was about 12, met a boy that lived about a mile down the road. He had 2 dogs, Whiskers was a medium sized shepard mix,and Scooter was a little smaller, short brown and black hair. Scooter liked to hump your leg and from the first time he humped mine I knew I could get him to mount me, just didnt know when.
A couple of months went by, my friend and his parents were going on vacation for a week. They asked me to feed and water the dogs while they were gone. I immediately said yes and started fantasizing about Scooter. That night I was so horny, I fucked myself with a miniature baseball bat i had gotten at the state fair. It was just the right size.

The next day I walked to their house to take care of the dogs, they had left the side door of the garage unlocked so I could get to the food. Scooter and Whiskers followed me inside, I got in my knees to pet them and grabbed both dicks in my hands and started rubbing back and forth. I just kept thinking “this is really going to happen”. Whiskers started pulling away so I focused on Scooters dick which was already coming out of the sheath and squiting dog juice on my hands. I quickly pulled my pants and undies off and Scooter started humping my leg. I kept playing with that beautiful red dog dick and using his precum as lubricant to stick a finger in my ass. Oh how excited I was. I got on my ass turned toward him and he waisted no time mounting me and digging his claws in my side. I could feel his hot dick jabbing against my butt cheek, I wiggled from side to side a little and pow, he hit the hole. Owwwee, I moaned as he began to thrust his hips against my ass faster and faster. The feeling of him fucking me in the ass was more painful than I imagined but the pleasure of it soon took over. I put my head on the floor and arched my back so he had full access to my asshole. Yes Scooter yes, fuck me good, oh my god the warmth of his cock and cum inside my ass was driving me to orgasm. My dick was harder than its ever been before, I stroked it a few times and started to cum on the floor. Scooter was going at my ass with all he had. It was then that I felt his knot trying to push in, I tried to relax my asshole to take it in. Oh shit it hurts, with only a few more thrusts, it was in. Holy shit, I thought that I was going to pass out. His hot cum pumping inside me was so satisfying, it didnt matter how bad my ass hurt. I knew we were going to be stuck for a while. He managed to get his back leg over my back, we were now butt to butt. I was having a hard time catching my breath, I could still feel his juices filling up my belly. Scooter began to pull out, oh no not yet boy. I grabbed both back legs and pulled him tight against my ass. Just another minute or two, please. It was then i seen Whiskers standing beside me, his dick was out and throbbing up and down. I let go of Scooter, he pulled his knot out, pop. The cum was running down the inside of my legs, hot and sticky. It was an amazing feeling.

I didnt think that I could take another fucking at the moment.
I wrapped my fingers around Whiskers dick, it was bigger than Scooters and had big veins that gave it a rougher texture.
I rolled onto my back with my head close to that hot dog meat. Whiskers started licking between my legs, lapping up Scooters cum. I decided to put my mouth on the tip of his boner. It tasted warm and salty, every time it moved, it squirted in my mouth. It was unbelievable, I took almost all of it in my mouth and could feel the splash in the back of my throat. My own dick had gotten hard again and was bouncing up and down against my belly. Whiskers was licking and nipping at it. Oh man, I’m going to cum again. His knot was out of the sheath now, it was the size of a peach. I grabbed it with one hand and pushed it down between his legs, then it was sticking straight out under his ass. I sat up and started slurping on that big boy. He was shooting stream after stream of cum in my mouth. I was jacking off at the same time. The sperm came flying out of my dick so hard it hit my chin and chest.

I was exhausted, i laid back, dog dick still in my hand. I had nver been so satisfied. I gave his cock a few more strokes with my fingers and could tell he was about done. Ill let u fuck my ass tomorrow boy, I told him. We all three laid there on that garage floor panting and cleaning ourselves.

Over the next 4 days, I made 6 more trip to their house. Each trip was more arousing than the last. As soon as they seen me coming up the driveway, they would start barking and jumping with excitement. We would go into the garage and all I had to do was remove my pants and get on all fours, they would do the rest.

Good boys

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  • Reply Lonely ID:1dseb2d7v4ds

    I remember watching the neighbors dog for a week. I was home alone trying to get a stain out of the rug when the pup I was watching jumped up and tried to mount me. I was like why not. Pulled my pants off and let this bad dog fuck my wanting asshole. Feeling the knot go in and have his monster cock pumping in my belly made me cum soo hard that I actually called a friend the next day to watch. Miss that dog

  • Reply Doug ID:1cobe11ewlsg

    I wanna a dog to knot me

    • Lonely ID:1dseb2d7v4ds

      I want to watch

    • Shagnasty ID:1cs5u1goooxd

      That’s so hot lonely. You should write a story about it.

  • Reply Doug ID:1cobe11ewlsg

    I wanna a dog to fuck me anally

  • Reply Shagnasty ID:fx72b7bqk


  • Reply Horse ID:fzq6hy5hm

    Can I fuck you

    • Shagnasty ID:1idz47cet0d

      Well Horse, I think it might be nice if u let me suck ur dick 1st

    • Jamzz ID:c0ko4zri

      Mmmmm that sounds hot 🥵 horse

    • Jim ID:1d7hpt3znl2o

      I will love u to suck my dick

  • Reply Dog lover ID:p9ata8fii

    I was 12 yrs old when I was bred and knotted by my German Shepherd. It was 1983, so I truly had no idea that this could or would happen. He mounted, started humping and had found my tight young asshole. He thrust like a piledriver, and his knot had started to swell, the third time he pulled out and slammed into my ass, I think that I tightened my sphincter, because he stopped buried in my throbbing asshole, I could feel his cock and, semen in me since they are 5 degrees warmer than a humans body. He was knotted for around 30 minutes and I swear that every 5 minutes his knot would throb faster and harder and he would squirt 5 or so volleys of puppy cum deep into my bowels. But almost before the knotting was done, I had stroked my cock slowly, as his knot was throbbing and spasming and filled my free hand with a huge load of cum. Which I enjoyed in my mouth and throat while I was pinned down by my dog. After his knot subsided and he dismounted, I was wrapping my head around everything and started to get to my hands and knees instead of ass up head down. My dog came over and licked my tingling asshole, which got my cock to start swelling back up.

    • Shagnasty ID:fx72b7bd3

      Thanks for your comment Dog Lover. For me it was a life changing event, nothing even comes close to man’s best friend pounding your asshole. I would love to hear more. HMU at [email protected]

    • Pacer ID:3nlad7c2oia

      I was 13 my collie started with licking my cock and balls to get me off and would eat my cum. One day I just got naked rubbed butter in my anus and Vaseline and bent over for him he mounted my back and jabbed until he hit the target omg it felt like a thick wet blunt knife but he went deep and pumped omg it sent waves through me that made me say more more harder and before I knew it he knotted me…..omg he shot a load in me and all the sudden all I wanted was for it to not stop I never felt like that before we were tied for almost 15 minutes .

  • Reply Shagnasty ID:fx72b7bd3

    I’m happy to see that y’all are still reading my story.
    Lost count of how many times I’ve been fucked by doggies, there’s no comparison when they rape your ass with everything they have.

    • sissyshirley ID:1cmgsy1is3fk

      I wonder if you could direct me to a location where I could secretly find dogs to make me a bitch.

    • Bitch who knows ID:1ardd6tkqi

      Dogs are natural mounters. If you get naked and get on your hands and knees they will sniff and mount. If you are in estro there are certain chemicals in our pussy thats similar to a bitch on heat. Alternatively take a cottonwool ball or a ear budd and dip it into the pussy of a bitch on heat and keep refrigerated until u r ready to try. The rub the swab onto pussy. He will pick up the scent and instinctively know what to do.

  • Reply With a dog ID:bo2qeothl

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  • Reply Jerry ID:3nlad7c2oia

    Started my first experience with my collie I was 13 he used to get stuck in me a0nd I was in heaven

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:bf9ft80b0i

    I was no volunteer for my first dog fucking and it fucking hurt and hurted for days. I was ashamed,embarrassed, and felt completely humiliated. I was fucked in front of my wife and the dog’s owner.
    I must admit that after the pain I began to feel the pleasure and have became a bitch for more dogs. It’s a beautiful feeling to feel a knot stretching your asshole to it limits and then feeling the blasting of hot cum pounding your insides. Damn it gets me excited just thinking about it.
    Thanks for relating your experience. I most definitely enjoyed it.
    I use to think that all who indulged in animal sex, men, women old or young were some sick individuals, but now I apologize to all because now I have joined you all. KEEP YOUR FREAKISHNESS GOING AND OWN IT…

    • Cody Weaver ID:vzgchwqk

      This is crazy

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  • Reply Maverick ID:7zv3dr18rd

    Im from Texas also and have been with dogs all my fifty five years. Started at ten and im still a dog slut, we could have great fun if you want,

    • Fred ID:3zxit3ecv9k

      Hey like that u into this so long. Yea same here too

    • Davy ID:5srdj3i499

      I love you

    • Shannon ID:nnmnriiv2

      I am through tx a lot i drive truck never have had a knot but would love to

  • Reply Dinoduvh ID:5u100ta9qj

    I’m from Texas and I’m 19 if you want to talk message me on Kik. My Kik name is dinodubh

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  • Reply sal ID:yspcbtm1

    Yeah – reminds me of when I used to visit my neighbor’s two male dogs. Thanks for sharing1

  • Reply Shagnasty ID:x90lbfv3

    It’s such a relief to finally tell this story to someone, I never told a word of it to anyone. Really a thrill writing it too.
    Thank y’all for reading it.

    • AP ID:on8so7lk0i

      Damn, thank YOU for sharing it.
      My first k9 time was in a barn with a German Shepard, a rottie, & a lab-great Dane mix.
      Your memories sound as fun as mine.

  • Reply tvsally692 ID:fx7ita98l

    Ooooooo love to suck that daily. Love dogs fucking my pussyhole today.

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    • Joe ID:4mxdlbb0j

      Two dogs make for a great afternoon and will fill you with hot dog cum.

  • Reply Vince ID:29keevn49k

    Nastyfun.never got that far w my dog. Lucky you !

  • Reply Jamie ID:x90lbfv3

    Wow dude, is this a true story, I hope so. Got me going good.

    • Shagnasty ID:x90lbfv3

      Mostly true, some imbelishment maybe, lol

    • John ID:6e3wnqrb

      I always tried to get my terrier to fuck my ass dut he was always so excited that he kept poking at my ass with his pink lipstick. Although he never got into my ass I would suck the warm cum from his doggy dick

    • John ID:6e3wnqrb

      I now think about how it would feel to have a Hugh cock teenager squirting his warm cum in my ass. I would also like eating his asshole

    • John ID:6e3wnqrb

      It is true, I cannot even think about it without jacking a Hugh load on my stomach and then eating it with a plastic spoon that I keep on my night stand. If there is sombody out there that would like for me to drain their balls into my mouth please let me know.I AM CUM HUNGRY. By the way I think that the taste my my precut is as sweet as candy.

    • John ID:6e3wnqrb

      If you do not believe me leave me a message. I’ll be your puppy